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  1. That's the usual Abacus in Oaky, Balance of Probabilities and hedging his his Bet;s !
  2. The blatant stench of corruption and bigotry from the equally corrupt SFA will allow Corrupt Fc to continue in the same way as before !
  3. Jist as well this Cnut was not a Member of SMISA/BtB, You would have a field Day John !
  4. Insecure, What You gonnae Do ! Bit of Advice , Learn the various Aspect's of Democracy and then Come back and Tell me that Foodbank's and Football Clubs are Fair ! You have the Classic signs of the political ass licker Persona with a Hint of S & M Tendency's ? Would get this seen to Gimp. You speak of Pain and your Interweb Persona in a Grooming Type Way. IMHO all you Need is Love ! Conclussion - More Shite than Dalmarnock and Shieldhall put together ! I Rest my Case..
  5. Please feel free to let Me know of you'r Accontancy Qualifications, And your Buisness Expierience. Take your Gimp mask off Brown Noser, And smell the shite. This is Democracy , You poodle, A wee Shite stained Individual who seek's Attention to Justify his Anal Diatribe on an Internet Forum ! Hope this Help's Shit Face !
  6. A £2 million pound increase on Playing Staff should be expected at this level of top flight Football in a Feegie Housing scheme ! Now the £ 77K profit for the year ended May 2018, Could and should this have been used for Ralston 4G surface instead of pillaging a Supporters Buy out Fund's for Easy access Cash !
  7. Oh Dear wee threat's from ah Fandan, I asked you a question on a Public Forum you Dick , Now reply without your wee Girly Pish !
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