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  1. It'll be fine. Don't panic, don't panic. Sent from my iPhone using Black & White Army
  2. I'd like to wish Danny Lennon good luck, but Alloa may be one of our main relegation rivals next season. Hopefully all his signings are Djemba Djembas.
  3. Does anyone have a link to where I could order that book online?
  4. Does the wages only include players, or is that everyone at the club?
  5. Never mind, there is always next year, and the year after that. And hopefully many years after that too!
  6. It'll be Colonel Mustard that finishes them off with the rope in the library.
  7. Like others only really knew Derek as SFS on here, but such a nice guy. Always good for a laugh. RIP.
  8. I'd hardly say that some of them have loose wiring. Mental is hardly the first word that I would use to describe Hendry.
  9. Seems to be based on where you live as well, I've got an advert to watch live Asian World Cup qualifying on the AFC website. Ironically it's not available in Korea.
  10. You mean like NSS and Toon in the Nightshift's heyday.
  11. Fiver says he already has. Any takers.
  12. I gave up after Semi-detached, it and Infernal Love are pish. Mellon collie is an OK album from Smashing Pumpkins but the one after that (Adore?) is pish too. Maybe a wee bit harsh about Weezer - most of their earlier albums are allright - Maladroit, Green, Blue album but Pinkerton is vastly superior - a great album. OMD are still brilliant
  13. OMD are one of the finest bands ever. I can't think of many bands that had just one good song, plenty of bands who made only one good album though Therapy? - Troublegum Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream Weezer - Pinkerton Pulp - Different Class (although His n hers is passable) Portishead - Dummy.
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