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  1. While he was in prison he appealed against the conviction and while the appeal was being considered he was released. During that time he played a few matches for Livingston including a league cup tie against St.Mirren in which he scored the only goal of the game.
  2. I see there’s a game on the tele tonight involving Newcastle United, a team who play in black and white stripes. And they’re out there tonight, playing in black and white stripes. I wonder if anyone at St.Mirren is maybe, you know, aware of this. Or perhaps even watching it.
  3. It was Craig Reid who played a few games for us in season 15/16
  4. Just watching this on the TV just now and I notice Darvel has 3 ex St.Mirren players in their team.
  5. Crusaders v Coleraine live on TV tonight. A chance for us to check in on our old pal Oran.
  6. My memory might be playing tricks but I thought that around that same time, the 2 of them plus Billy Thompson played in a Friday evening game against Northern Ireland.
  7. When we’re playing Hibs, why do we wear a red strip? Asking for a friend. A friend who is red / green colour blind.
  8. Is Gunni wearing both a long sleeved shirt and a short sleeved shirt?
  9. He gets the man of the match award.
  10. He’s having a great game. Still nil nil
  11. Did he have a boot sponsorship deal with both Gola and Mizuno.
  12. Just watching the Milan derby on the TV just now. What a player Zlatan is, and he is older than Jim Goodwin.
  13. I’m watching it. Turns out he’s a pretty lively player but a bit short in the final ball department.
  14. I think we we were pretty upbeat because we got a 0-0 on their ground in the 1st leg. We were quickly pretty downbeat in the second leg and scratching our heads wondering how did we ever mange to get a draw with these guys.
  15. Sign a couple of guys from Livingston. Weaken them before the semi final.
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