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  1. Is this Gus signing up members of his family (Hee Hee)
  2. uhura

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Ian Ferguson, front row on the left.
  3. uhura

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    That’s not true, there are plenty of small clubs out there but we’re not one of them. We’re not a big club either, we’re somewhere in the middle.
  4. uhura

    Lewis Morgan 2018/19

    I’m pretty sure McGarvey got his first cap after we sold him to Liverpool but before he got his first game for them. In fact I’m not sure he ever got a game for them.
  5. In other words, which of them do we have a better chance of finishing above next season, PT or L?
  6. Jim McIntyre, ex Ross County would be a better option.
  7. uhura


    Rooney from Aberdeen. According to a post on the Aberdeen fans’ forum.
  8. uhura

    Team Photo of The Champions

    Who’s going to be first to list all the names. (Not me, there’s a few there I don’t recognise)
  9. uhura

    John McGinn

    I’ve read there’s a possibility of him going to Celtic in a swap deal with Scott Allan with a few quid thrown in going to Hibs. How’s that going to work for us?
  10. uhura

    Winning the league

    Dry yer eyes mate. It’s a gentle wee thought experiment for a Saturday evening. If your in the mood for despair there must be more pressing issues than some piffle posted on a footie fans’ supports forum.
  11. We’re 12 points ahead of Livingston and we’re 10 goals better off in goal difference terms. That means if we lose our remaining games each by one goal and Livingston win their remaining games each by one goal we’ll finish the season on the same points and one goal better off resulting in us going up as champions. Going up as champions is what we all want so I imagine we’re all perfectly comfortable with that scenario. Remember this time last year we needed goal difference to dodge the relegation play off.
  12. uhura

    Prize Money

    And we get a fat wedge at the end of next season regardless of where we finish in the league.
  13. uhura

    Stephen Mallan

    He did apparently. Hooked at half time after being blamed for Millwall’s first half goal. Wonder if we could get him on loan when we’re in the top division next season. And I don’t mean who could do with someone who liable to give the ball away in his own half when under no pressure I’m confident he’d be great for us in the premier league.