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  1. Crusaders v Coleraine live on TV tonight. A chance for us to check in on our old pal Oran.
  2. My memory might be playing tricks but I thought that around that same time, the 2 of them plus Billy Thompson played in a Friday evening game against Northern Ireland.
  3. When we’re playing Hibs, why do we wear a red strip? Asking for a friend. A friend who is red / green colour blind.
  4. Is Gunni wearing both a long sleeved shirt and a short sleeved shirt?
  5. He gets the man of the match award.
  6. He’s having a great game. Still nil nil
  7. Did he have a boot sponsorship deal with both Gola and Mizuno.
  8. Just watching the Milan derby on the TV just now. What a player Zlatan is, and he is older than Jim Goodwin.
  9. Surely the fact that it’s seen better days and is a bit grubby is in fact is it’s best feature.
  10. I’m watching it. Turns out he’s a pretty lively player but a bit short in the final ball department.
  11. I think we we were pretty upbeat because we got a 0-0 on their ground in the 1st leg. We were quickly pretty downbeat in the second leg and scratching our heads wondering how did we ever mange to get a draw with these guys.
  12. Sign a couple of guys from Livingston. Weaken them before the semi final.
  13. Salford now in 6th position but their goals against tally is the best in the league, Hladky is an ever present. I thought he was outstanding for us, especially in the play-off against Dundee United at the end of 18/19. It’s a pity that we weren’t able to hang on to him although I wouldn’t argue with anyone who says that Alnwick is a top keeper.
  14. Anyone know, is the team travelling up today or tomorrow morning?
  15. What if the decision is changed to a 2 point deduction and play both the games. What do we think about that, is it better for us, maybe the same. Or might it be worse for us.
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