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  1. Craigyboy smfc

    Forget It

    Ayr away will do me pub crawl
  2. Craigyboy smfc

    2015-16 Home Top (1)

    I'd pick number one would be a cracker
  3. Craigyboy smfc

    St Mirrens New Strip

    Looking forward to seeing the template when ever someone manages to get it, jd need binned because there shirts have always been dreadful apart from the one for the league cup final which was the best
  4. Craigyboy smfc

    Alternate Strip Suggestions!

    great shirt , JD should listen to the fans cause after all were the numpties wearing their product
  5. Craigyboy smfc

    Pre-Season Your Choice?

    hope its ireland , decent piss up
  6. Craigyboy smfc

    St Mirrens New Strip

    Anyone got a clearer picture of this disaster , looks tacky as f**k
  7. Craigyboy smfc

    Our Club Banning Motherwells Drum

    Nice wee drum joke 👍
  8. Craigyboy smfc

    Our Club Banning Motherwells Drum

    Don't know what there giving but they should type a statement on the website. The most obvious one will be because you can smuggle pyrotechnics in the drum
  9. Craigyboy smfc

    Our Club Banning Motherwells Drum

    It's the kind of decision that is turning fans away from football stadiums because of the treatment people are recieving by the authority , not all people believe in the old fashioned football supporting way by chanting team songs but people tend to just shout and swear at the players for 90 minutes yes we are not happy but should be supporting our club at the same time
  10. Maybe some of you have already heard this but for the match on Saturday our club have banned motherwells drum from attending the match , what's everyone's opinion on this ? Mines personally is that it's a pretty bad idea to do because Scottish football is lacking atmosphere at matches fair enough you don't need musical instruments to create atmosphere but it's still something that they feel is right , I remember back in the day of being part of the Supras where the aim and objective was to create atmosphere at st.mirren games unfortunately it ended all sour and since then our ground has been pretty much like a graveyard.
  11. Craigyboy smfc

    Celebration Night

    Not even Photoshop could fix that photo Allan lol
  12. Craigyboy smfc

    Next St Mirren Manager

    Jimmy calderwood for our next manager he's been at 2 recent home games
  13. Craigyboy smfc

    Celebration Night

    Agreed , robbed from 2 points and we still won
  14. Craigyboy smfc

    Kenny Miller

    He would be brilliant , take him with a heart beat
  15. Craigyboy smfc

    Jd Shirts