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  1. Like this idea. We played 3-5-2 when we beat Rangers last season. Can't Barron play at centre-back, people keep saying so? Also JP is happier as more of a sweeper in the middle of a back three. Lets us play enough midfield scrappers when they are fit/not suspended and still play Dorman through the middle without losing cover in the middle. Would play O'Donnell or Brady wide left, I know it's not their natural side but their clever enough to compensate or Brighton as he looked useful on Saturday.
  2. Vampire Weekend - doesn't seem to have another name, damn good though.
  3. Who knows, maybe there isn't much of a difference at pre-season and that's why they have to go to Italy.
  4. Damn good pick - he was brilliant and nuts at the same time. Unfortunately never saw Abercromby play - alas too young. Would also choose: Vinnie Jones - forget the crappy film rubbish, in his day he'd nail anyone to the wall. McEnroe - one can't help feeling he missed his calling in a contact sport. Marco Pantani - the man who wasn't afraid to stick two fingers up at Lance Armstrong, but unfortuanately stuck a lot of coke up his nose too.
  5. Tried to use this link but the office IT blocked it due to "violence"
  6. You missed out "When Saturday Comes" with Sean Bean playing a boozing, womanising, Sheffield Utd fan......oh no, that would be Sean Bean playing um, Sean Bean. I saw it when I was 10. I thought it was good...when I was 10.
  7. You're signature is lol

  8. I like JP but that's damn funny!
  9. I don't think so. Either, he's got a sufficient sense of irony or he's man enough to handle it. But he probably is too cool to read a fans forum.
  10. Thanks to his handy media skills, there's seems to be endless supply of these at present.
  11. No actual stalking intended. The rush off blood to my head after Saturday still hasn't cleared.
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