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  1. I don't think that he is taking unfair abuse at all. He clearly has his own agenda. All of his questions and any point he has made has been written in such a way as to influence negatively on the CiC model. Others who have simply stated fact, he has claimed have been in support of the model, even though there was no evidence of this. This is to make people doubt the credibility of posts from the likes of Div and therefore think that there is something sinister afoot. He has a very clear agenda to make fans think that the idea is bad and is doing it quite cleverly. Probably because he knows the whole scheme relies on the fans to make it work. Also, comments like "I'm away to do my own company accounts" are an attempt to make him look more clued up and worth listening to than he actually is. And, honesty, is just pure bawbaggery. He isn't taking unfair abuse at all, he has an obvious agenda to see the scheme fail and is trying to infiltrate that agenda to anyone who will listen. If he'd rather the club went to the likes of Brearly, then he obviously isn't a true St Mirren fan and probably shouldn't be listened to.
  2. Everything that can be said has been, as far as I can see, from Div and Sid. However, it is probably worth adding that any loans that are taken on (most of the money from the Scottish Investment Fund is loan money as far as I'm aware) are loans to the CiC, not loans to St Mirren and therefore the club would remain debt-free. The SIF money is 'soft' and can't be recalled if defaulted on, that is partly why it is taking so long, the SIF people need to know that the infrastructure, facilities and plans are all in place to make the investment viable and able to return the loans. It is a good thing it is taking so long as it is evidence that if it goes through it will likely work. However, if it doesn't, the worst case scenario is that the club ends up in the same position that it is now, debt-free with 52% of the shares for sale. The CiC, made up of fans mainly, will own the shares and have the right to say who buys them. Hope that helps...
  3. To be honest, I am not the best at recalling information, stats, specific occasions etc, and so I will take what you say to be true... What I am quite good at though is remembering how I, and I am sure many others, felt at the time. I guess, perception has an interesting way of influencing reality! What I mean is, I don't remember any interviews in which Gus stated that the fans were the '11th man' or that he was 'proud of the traveling support and that performance was for them', or that he 'appreciated that the fans are passionate about the club and so are understandably voicing their opinion' or anything like that. I may be wrong and you may be able to provide numerous examples - if so, again I will eat humble pie - I enjoy that taste :-) And so the the perception that I got from last season was that Gus really found the fans an irritation, as opposed to Danny's method of, at least, weekly interviews on the 'fishal site, Q&A sessions and a very open managerial approach, which I think most fans really appreciate. Like I said though, my impression of Gus and last season could well have just been my perception.
  4. Definitely at the wind-up! You gave it away with this post - the irony of which is probably completely lost on you! One of the main reason, I reckon, that so many turned on him in the last few months was that he clearly stated that he couldn't stand the St Mirren fans and him and Andy Millen had absolutely no respect for the people who were, ultimately, paying their wages. Some of the "go to the pictures, then" comments were the final straw, imo!
  5. Not looked this thread until now. Taking a quick read over the pages, I am totally astonished by the amount of absolute cack that some people are posting. I've seriously not read so much utter mince since putting S*lent M*jority on 'ignore'! Danny Lennon is, what, seven matches into the SPL season, the team played the best that we have seen them so far on Saturday. Yes, the result was extremely disappointing and we'll have to see a change in defensive lineup and some better results coming our way pretty soon. But get an effing grip, Danny is the club manager and as St Mirren 'supporters' we should be 100% behind him, not harking back to previous managers and coming up with ridiculous suggestion like asking them to come back, when the season is only 7 matches old. It is pathetic and shows a complete lack of support, bottle and common-sense. It would also make us the laughing stock of Scottish football, which we aren't at present, despite what many of the new-knicker-wetters/gusophiles are suggesting. If you have to ask people why it is a stupid suggestion, when it is hinted at in more than two or three posts why it is a stupid suggestion and you still don't get it, then it's time to have a serious re-think about your status as a St Mirren fan. Bring back gus after 7 matches... FFS, what a ludicrous idea!
  6. No, missing players are the key. Gus was shite/average/good season after season - that's why excuses/reasons/praise never came in this form. He had a bigger wage budget - fact. He had Setanta money - fact. He was given time - fact. Danny Lennon has been in charge for 6 proper matches. He has a drastically reduced wage budget. He has no TV money to spend. People are calling for his head already. Gary Blues, you were so desperate for Gus to stay after a long time in charge in which there was no real improvement. Now you are so keen for Danny to go after no time at all. You make no sense whatsoever.
  7. Brilliant! What a bunch of wanks!!! :
  8. 2 absolutely brilliant posts! Flanders for president!!!
  9. thanks for this! I forgot all about that horrible Admiral one with the sponsor name going vertically from 96-97. That's probably my worst! Or the black & white halves from 94-95 Best: - last season's
  10. i live in the west end, just off Maxwelton, but i think i might go... after all, i'd like to 'air my views' about this pish. bunch of moaning n'erdowells!!! Probably most of them can be found along the road at Ibr*x on any given sat afternoon! Shameful!
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