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  1. we have to approach this game the exact same way the Fakes did. We have to press them back from the first whistle to the last.. Do not allow them any time on the ball
  2. In order to reach the promised land of the top 6, this along with the County games are must win IMO. Utd have Killy and Celtic away, then home to Dons. Fakes have Accies away, Hibs and county at home
  3. Hamilton the last couple of weeks have been anything but dross, this will be a hard game for us. They are looking to leapfrog Kilmarnock, we are looking to overtake Utd again
  4. poor game, with 8 mins left I would take a point and move onto the next game
  5. FFS, we have given up. 0-4 against a pish Celtic team
  6. need to improve our passing if we are going to get back into this
  7. Get Mcgrath and Durmus onto their natural sides
  8. If we play with the same lack of desire and lack of tactics it will be another defeat
  9. need to play the ball on the ground, big punts up the park is playing into their hands
  10. Agree with starting 2 up top, who would you drop to accommodate this ? PS I would drop Mason if Tait is fit
  11. poor showing first half, not a single shot at goal on target from us., 1 from Erahon well over the bar
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