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  1. wonder if we will suffer a hangover from Sunday's defeat. 7th place money would help the coffers for attracting new players next season.
  2. Game was lost in the midfield, Erahon, McGrath JDH, all offered zilch today
  3. Big Quaner looks as if he could be a good player for us IF he can stay fit
  4. All we are doing is lumping high balls up the park to nobody
  5. Poor attempt at a clearance from McCarthy
  6. surprised Tait is not getting much game time
  7. Think you will find a lot of Saints and Motherwell fan's will be interested myself included
  8. wouldn't hold my breath, Hibs not had a shot on target yet ( according to the stats )
  9. FFS Saints, can't even keep them out for the 1st minute,
  10. Mon the Hibs and Celtic next week. Would be great if we got our go to score of the last few games 0-0 at Castle Greyskull would be phenomenal
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