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  1. Really need to start pressing them. Allowing them too much time on the ball
  2. Too cryptic for me. I will just need to wait and see
  3. still no run out for Jack Baird
  4. really poor first half performance. Midfield non existent
  5. mines is the same, also watching with the sound muted
  6. Saints fans singing away outside the ground
  7. badly need a 2nd goal. Accies getting too many chances
  8. Find it a bit strange that we have 2 sub goalkeepers on the bench. Anyone shed any info on why
  9. I have still to tell my granddaughter her favourite player has left the club, was meant to get her top signed by him . Best of luck wherever Danny ends up
  10. I'm sure I read somewhere that he is signing for Motherwell
  11. Thought I read somewhere that he was looking to break back into the international scene and was looking for 1st team football
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