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  1. happened to me as well, 1 phonecall to the main office and Campbell Munroe sorted it in a couple of minutes
  2. Today's Sun has us linked with Toyosi Olusanya, 24yr old forward
  3. Sub Ethan for Ryan before he gets sent off
  4. Well done the officials, correct decision
  5. Spoke to him at the awards on Sunday night, he has retired.
  6. what's that disappearing into the distance. oh it's the top 6
  7. whilst I would love him to stay, rather he went down south than stayed in Scotland
  8. 9 goals in 11 games In the Lowland league
  9. don't know much about him, what type of midfielder is he ??.
  10. 340 + under SR without a goal, this is pish
  11. I am more concerned what the impact will be on the players out of contract at the end of the season. How many would follow Goody if he leaves to Aberdeen
  12. cant get the seats on my season ticket as system states they are not available,?. Can't get an answer on the phone, haven't had a reply to my email, can't get to the stadium during opening hours as I'm at work. Shambles Feckin useless, never had an issue with the old system
  13. Alnwick, Mccarthy, Miller will all leave, Erwin will be let go. The other contracted players will sign 1yr deals.
  14. I tried to purchase our 2 seats and the system says they are no longer available. ??. Any ideas folks.
  15. Offer him a deal to the end of the season and see how it goes.
  16. Good luck to Junior, the guy is moving to a job nearer his home and probably on a bigger wage
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