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  1. His passing has been alot better than Tansers
  2. Need to change it, Main and Brophy offering nothing, be it not a lot of good balls going into the box
  3. Giving away too many stupid fouls around the penalty area
  4. If Dunne is fit a place on the bench is the best he should open for. McCarthy does not deserve to be dropped
  5. Very quiet on signing news 🤔
  6. I wonder what the new catering partners link to the Kibble is?
  7. FFS, keeper palms it into his own net, then that wee cnut Gollum sends Power off.
  8. I would be surprised if Mcgrath 8s still with us at the end of this transfer window never mind January
  9. anyone know the starting 11
  10. Has this been released for sale yet ??
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