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  1. got out of the game what we deserved. Another bad away performance.
  2. Wonder why Shaughnessy is so far out of the picture under Robinson ??
  3. It was Shull who helped me
  4. thanks Shull, was doing my head in.
  5. Guys, can anyone help, when I load the url it does not show the different forum topics, only member stats and whos online. I have tried uninstall and reinstall still the same
  6. take it back, he played well
  7. Hope we can extend his contract soon
  8. ST. Peters have been going since 1984
  9. I thought Robinson said in his interview Fraser has the flu
  10. not often I'm right but wrong again only went with what I was told at the weekend.
  11. Been told its a done deal, going to Celtic
  12. Slowly reaching last years total, now at 97%
  13. happened to me as well, 1 phonecall to the main office and Campbell Munroe sorted it in a couple of minutes
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