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  1. Very disappointing if true. His speech at the end of the Utd game was brilliant. My memory may be failing me but in retrospect was thanking players, his family and the fans telling? As with most things doubt the real story will ever be known by those not ITK, but does it really matter where he stays? As long as the manager has a good relationship with the players, the players respond and play for them and the paying customers (us) buy into the plan who really cares where he or she stays? Once again horrible and very strange timing. I really hope he stays. Seems like an all round nice guy who has the players playing for him and the majority of the fans happy. There really never is a dull moment...
  2. Agreed. Where was the need to drive his shoulder forward just as Gary Mac’s head was passing if he was trying to get out of the way? Mullen’s was clumsy and deserved a yellow, but shoulder appeared deliberate to me...
  3. Not to spoil the agenda of any detractors but the senior team has 3 products of our Youth System in it. When was the last time that happened?
  4. Slightly off at a tangent, but hadn’t noticed Hladky taking free kicks with left foot then punting the ball with his right...
  5. Celtic - I watched the first half only. It was the worst of the last 3 league games. Hibs - first half good. Second half useless. Rangers - first half positive signs. Second half useless. That said when you think about fine margins and momentum in games. The Hibs game could have been very different if Kyle had not taken a horrendous first touch and messed up a gilt edged chance and if McGregor had been penalised for a high boot (at head height) as Jackson was about to head into an empty net. Equally today if Rangers has only been awarded the one penalty. No excuses. It needs to get better. Celtic game was a training exercise for them, but second half with 10 men against Alloa and both the first halves against Hibs and Rangers have been positive. Just need to hope the 10 new players gel quick enough to give us a chance. Not really much else for it.
  6. Penalties: 1. Haven’t seen it. 2. Looked like there was zero contact. 3. Definite handball, but it was outside the box. I can understand Oran’s comments. Tansey did look as though he was protecting his face. 4. Definite foul, but it was outside the box. First half we were relatively compact. Transitioned from defending to countering well and even held the ball in their half for long spells but the transition from midfield to upfront was hopeless hence no shots on target. Second half we either tired or lost the will to keep going after at least 3 injustices and 2 sucker punches. Definitely not as good second half. As above, points today would have been great but in all honesty unexpected. As a perennial optimist perhaps not the most critical analysis but there were some good signs first half but we need to do better going forward.
  7. Hopefully so... Cornwall - I think it was Tansey who was booked before second penalty. Baird listed online though...
  8. Whilst I accept that none of us are completely unbiased. My reading of that was McGinn got in front of Kent, no foul given, Kent then falls over McGinn... Equally the second penalty was at best Defoe anticipating contact, going down then getting straight back up and not claiming for a penalty... As for the football we’re doing alright. Nothing upfront so far though. Rangers are useful on the counter but barring the pinball in the box pre second penalty it has looked promising. Hopefully we can get back into it today, but perhaps some green shoots...
  9. Great so far. Well done Oran. As for the second half...hopefully Griffiths will be on the bench for as long as possible...
  10. It was an interesting interview. I can accept the analysis of fans of other clubs when Tony talks about Saints, but their scepticism, like Michael Stewart’s is completely offset by how much his love for our team exudes from everything he says. On top of that he is such a decent guy that he simply didn’t want to be anything other than positive and completely refused to stick the boot in with Stubbs. Not sure what others take on it was, but I took from his interview that: 1. It was Oran’s job in the summer if he’d simply spun things out by saying ‘I have as good an understanding of Scottish football as anyone else’. It sounded as though this was the only reason he was overlooked. The positivity with which Oran talked about the process of feedback and Tony comparing him with Jack speaks volumes. 2. Things have clearly not been right with the group harmony with Stubbs in charge. For all the new players may be ‘good players’ the undercurrent was that some have not settled. 3. Just wasn’t a great fit for Saints or Stubbs, sometimes you need to make a hard choice and stick with it. Essentially accepting that they got it wrong in the summer but hopefully now have got it right with Oran. 4. I don’t care if you need to have to filter what Tony says about Saints. As long as he is in a role where he is a positive ambassador for his and our club I’m delighted. Listening to contradicting statements picked up by the commentators post interview simply took the whole thing back to exactly what he said, something around talking about progress with his head rather than his heart... 5. It was interesting to hear about Jack essentially catapulting the business plan 3 years forward over the course of his 18 months in charge and the club trying simply to catch up. Anyway for all he takes a bit of stick from some, having Mr Saint Mirren talking positively about our club is great. Good luck Oran, hopefully you get all the time you need to get us moving in the right direction again.
  11. Lennon mentioned on Radio Scotland that a sell on fee has been agreed...hopefully Saints will be due a portion of any future Hibs share... Apologies if mentioned above...
  12. The sell on fee percentage being a perennial reward for future sales is a great reward as long as the the player is bought rather than moving on out of contract. It means we as fans have more of a vested interest in former players doing well and is vindication of our investment in the youth policy adopted by the club. Hopefully that is the case... I think he’ll go from strength to strength down south. If he does well with Villa you could easily see a £10million+ move in a year or two, specifically because of the cash in English football and because he has that potential. Celtic have lost out big time as he seemed the natural successor to Brown. In summary, great player, lots of potential, great move for him, Saints and Hibs and hopefully the gift that keeps on giving...well done Gilmour and co for your negotiation skills and to all those instrumental in his development in the youth teams at Saints as well as the managers who played him regularly and gave him time to develop.
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