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  1. Agreed. Wouldn't want others to suffer the same fate. Celebrate in style.
  2. You might think it is a place for celebration... Sadly, just as much chance of getting something stolen as getting lucky. Staff as useful as a chocolate teapot. Thanks for nothing. They'll happily take the money with no responsibility.
  3. Hopefully Viennas is next to get flattened.
  4. Ahh. That's what I heard (but didn't realise it was an ex). Good for Neilston Rd.
  5. heard a rumour there might be another one opening elsewhere - anyone heard the same?
  6. Pretty much the result I expected. IMO it excellently demonstrates the issue with fan ownership. That is precisely why I think it was irresponsible to put that kind of vote to the members. Professor John Curtice (a.k.a. Mr Pollster) would have a field day pulling apart this approach to polling. But SMISA are free to do as they see fit. Good luck and genuinely hope the make a success of it.
  7. Chapeau! Never mind the inticrate details of some constitution, this post sums up in practical terms why it is essential that the scheme is managed in a way that makes it simple and clean. The simpler it is the easier it is for fans to understand and the less likely for accusations to be levelled. Once you start cutting and carving what is happening to the cash (even if it is completely legitimate) it opens the door for all sorts of accusations, suspicion or misunderstandings to manifest.
  8. Again you didn’t actually answer my questions and continue spouting whatabouttery. Another question to add to the unanswered list: Do you consider putting out a proposal to spend the “ring fenced” cash (the cornerstone of the whole scheme) as being “sensible”? So now that the rest of your arguments have failed to be persuasive you’re resorting to “faith”. Unlikely to be the most convincing position. What’s your PIN number? You can trust me, I’m affiliated to SMISA! Nah, I didn’t think so.
  9. So every time the club ask for money, it should go to a fans vote? What about my request for £15k for a new Fiesta? What if the club ask for £100k for a new board room table (complete with beer taps), should that go to a fans vote as well? You continue to simply ignore the points raised and instead just keep spouting the phase "democratic vote" no matter the context of the question. That veneer rubbed off long ago.
  10. The “majority” issue is a complete irrelevance to the whole thing. This is not a political referendum that people must abide by. If people don’t like the outcome they don’t need to pay their cash. It is therefore incumbent on the SMISA board that they present proposals that are palatable (I.e.not necessarily what they want, but at least understandable) to as many members as possible. Controversial proposals (and particularly those that are not nesessary) will always result in ill-will. If SMISA loose members it is SMISA’s issue, no one else’s.
  11. If I wrote to SMISA asking for £15k for a new Fiesta ( it would benefit the community as I have lots of friends), would you expect the SMISA board to put that to a members vote? After all, the members might want me to get a new car. I’ll give you some credit and assume your answer is “NO”. That is because we all expect those in charge to exhibit a level of governance. It is of course subjective as to the level of governance required. That is the point you keep missing. Simply saying “it is a democratic vote” does not get round the public perception of the governance Expected.
  12. Factually, in your opinion, of course. I'm not sure that your opinion, or even the opinion of a legal advisor makes something 'factual'. For what it's worth, I have no idea if the proposal is constitutional and quite frankly don't care. But I do no it doesn't look very palatable from the outside.
  13. Your obsession with the budgets of other teams is misguided. SMFC projected income is "X", therefore SMFC should budget to having outgoings not exceeding "X". End of discussion. That's how business works and SMFC is a business. P.S. Forgot to say, if you genuinely think that 50K is the cost to employ of a decent first team SPFL player, then you are majorly misguided.
  14. Borrow? Who said anything about the club having to borrow money? I thought there was enough money available in the budget? Your position seems to be rather confused to say the least.
  15. With all due respect, that really is quite a pathetic and counter productive attitude. I seriously hope your views do not reflect the views of those involved in the management of SMISA, the second that kind of attitude is adopted the game is up.
  16. NO,NO, NO. That is not what I'm saying. In fact it is the complete opposite. HELP! Sorry to burst your bubble but it is just like any old business. If the business fails there is no football club. Business should be at the centre of every decision taken, the emotional side needs to be separated or things will go wrong - think Fergus McCann. He didn't make them successful by doing what the fans wanted.
  17. That's the problem. Right there. Acknowledging and recognising the concerns being raised and robustly disagreeing is one thing. Failing to even recognise the perceived issue, despite being spelled out by numerous independent posters does nothing for your position. Is it blindness or is it an unwillingness to open your eyes? As for the reasoning for requiring additional funding, that in itself is quite concerning. Businesses, clubs, individuals can ALWAYS 'justify' that extra bit of cash for a new computer, or new car, or new office. But that doesn't make it right. Businesses which fold often do so because they made bad decisions in the good times, giving them no room for error in the bad times (New Look is probably the most recent example but there are many, many more).
  18. I was playing 5's down at Power League last week, some of the pitches are looking pretty terrible. Fancy using some of the cash in the bank to pay for new Power League pitches? After all, a strong Power League is good for the community... Indirect benefit. Youths from community playing on pitch... Direct benefit.
  19. It is a pathetic state of affairs. At the very least the club could at least acknowledge the clusterfcuk that it is and provide an update on what it is doing to fix the issue. It is without doubt loosing the club fans and money.
  20. But I'd take it a few steps further. Why bother employers with the burden of holiday pay? Why bother employers with the burden of maternity/paternity? Why bother employers with the burden of decent working conditions? If folk don't have the requisite skills for a high paying job, let them feed on the scraps...
  21. http://www.rhcontracts.com/projects/maxwellton-paisley/
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