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  1. It is a completely pointless PR exercise identifying the No.1 ranked area of deprivation. There's nothing between the top 500 zones (for the purposes of the study the country was broken into circa 7,000 zones.
  2. North, South, East & West would work. Might be a bit 'out there' though.
  3. Guarantees that it satisfies regulations? Sounds reasonable.
  4. A hover pitch. Obviously. They seem a bit keen to spend money, which doesn't bode well.
  5. And is presented as a statement from "JD Sports". The club remain unapologetic. The club appear to EXPECT fans to support, rather than working for that support.
  6. And still no official comment provided by SMFC officials. It is extraordinary that JD are actually coming across more competent than our club. As I said least week, it is not possible to believe that none of our officials read this forum.
  7. I'd be surprised if none of the club employees or board members read this forum. That makes it even more baffling that they persist in putting out such atrociously poor press releases. After all the f**king about, is that ALL the club have to say about it? Really? I strongly suggests they don't actually care. A failing club on and off the field.
  8. You might know this, but at the very least the average fan at least deserves to know this. The St Mirren performance is every bit as bad as the JD performance. Piss poor.
  9. Time the club grow a set. Another pathetic statement that doesn't even attempt to explain delay, offer an apology, criticise JD or acknowledge that the situation is unacceptable. Just more of the same, meh. If the club genuinely can't get any sense out of JD, they are being walked all over. And quite frankly they deserve it if they don't have the bottle to do anything about it.
  10. *Hypothetically* And unhappy you should be. Unhappy that you bought into a scheme that was never going to be successful. If it has to change because it doesn't make money then tough, you need to deal with that. Think of it as being similar to creditors accepting a CVA when a company is on the brink... It might not be fair, but it would, without doubt, be for the greater good. Life isn't fair.
  11. An entry fee of any more than £1 is going to be completely counter productive. I suspect free entry would ultimately generate more cash. What's so difficult about first come first served? If the we/club (in the widest sense) can't find a solution to finance a measly £35k (?) fit out without subscriptions then the game is already over.
  12. Easy to say "we told you so". But it was always going to be easy given the absurdity of the initial set up. I know they are separate organisations but this is a small example of why fan ownership is not the way forward.
  13. Not exactly a Paisley eatery, but a fitting name none the less. Buddies burgers on the south side are top notch.
  14. Which doesn't bode well for it.
  15. Who's Rebecca? New owner or just a name change? Rather a quick turnover for a new operator to be opening. Or more to the point, what's Rebecca's? Guessing it isn't going to be an Italian :/
  16. Indeed. Hardly the council's fault that what was a good pub became horribly run down.
  17. Utter pish. Another 30 mins of an old Still Game would have been a far superior return.
  18. Really. Says a lot about the people running our game.
  19. Suppose Billy Mehmet has spent much of the last 5 years travelling the world (Turkey, Oz, India, Bankok, Malaysia to name a few) so no wonder he's confused.
  20. Bullshit Thomas. Exactly what was promised is being implimented.
  21. Being keen on it is the least of our problems. If this is representative of how Renfrewshire Council manage road safety across the area then we've got problems.
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