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  1. Brilliant news great player and he brings versatility to the squad which will be needed during the season
  2. Never knew tam personally used to see him all the time at the games i will always remember him up at dingwall standing up applauding as steven came off for ross county sad news indeed rip tam
  3. Goodwin is an experienced member of the squad and a coach now too what sort of example is he setting to the younger members of our squad. I hope now that he is not captain that tommy leaves him in the dugout for a while.
  4. Anyone know why the number 1 jersey hasn't been assigned
  5. The guy is a legend i wrote to him when i was in afghanistan asking if he could send me something out. I recieved a signed shirt a letter from danny and he dedicated the win against hibs to me live on the radio spoke to him when i came back to thank him and he remembered who i was such a nice guy
  6. Great bit of business by the club now get dilo tied down on a long term contract imho he has great potential
  7. Gutted i will miss it on holiday with the wife and kids looks a good day out too
  8. He hasnt exactly covered himself in glory so far but for people to be calling him a knobhead is just shocking Sent from my GT-S5360 using Black & White Army mobile app
  9. would love to see them in the spl just so we would have some derby games again but is there stadium up to the spl standards?
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