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  1. I see young Jack Smith scored for East Kilbride last night. I thought he looked a good prospect with us but was a bit lightweight. But you know how we can spot a player. Well done Jack.
  2. I see Vardy broke the scoring record today. He has really battled to get back from non league football over the last few years. Boy must have a lot of determination. Well done.
  3. Just need to call themselves THE Zenit and they can keep all the titles. Lol.
  4. At least he has been having shots at goal. Last year after Kenny left there was no one doing it regularly.
  5. Wasn't really into clubs as I had my trusty Vespa and scooted all over the country to dance to Ska and Northern Soul pissed in an old barn or seaside pub. That was nearly 30 years ago now. Where did the time go??
  6. Would you believe Wylde and Carey both scored for Plymouth today. Lol.
  7. No Jim the one I painted said Lnox Street supprters club on it.
  8. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone that travelled on the Knox Street bus in the 80s and 90s know what happened to the wooden Saints badges that used to be on the back bus window. I painted one of them and was chatting to a guy that remembered them and was wondering if any one still had them. Cheers Jim McSkimming.
  9. Just popped up to see the saints exhibition in the museum. Quite good stuff in it. Got me thinking about things I had and lost. I remember an old uncle giving me 2 pull outs on the 59 cup win from the PDE in the early eighties. I remember sticking them in my Saints scrapbook, but don't know what happened to it. I have never saw another one. Some cracking old scarves and tops too.
  10. I heard they sold Nicky Law to Huddersfield for £400 000. Are the rats jumping ship again??
  11. What are the SFA going to reply?? He didn't see it. They should go and play in England.
  12. Referee got it wrong. It's not cheating. This is cheating.
  13. Went on a cruise of the Med a couple of years ago. Got the tour bus in Barcelona. Went to the stadium with the brother in law on a free pass from wife and weans. I had my video camera on all the way around and hot some great photos with my Saints top on. Couldn't find the Saints poster either.
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