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  1. It would be great if St Mirren fans actually watched the incident instead of sticking the boot into Goodwin at every unwarranted opportunity. No wonder he is vilified by the officials and the press when our own supporters are no better. It's disgraceful.
  2. Terrific day. Well done Saints and Danny Lennon.
  3. Just leaving for the game now. Enjoy the game, everyone. Whatever the result today, Saints can be proud of the cup run (especially the semi-final) and hopefully everyone can enjoy a decent match and another non-Old Firm team lifting the cup. Also, if it doesn't go our way, history suggests we'll follow it up with a 4-0 gubbing of Celtic so we can't really go wrong tbh. COYS.
  4. Enjoy your day tomorrow, everyone. In Jim we trust.
  5. Ben Folds - Rockin the Suburbs, can't wait to see him on Friday
  6. Can you put my favourite on it: AW THE BAWBAGS ARE BLOOOOOOO!!!! Shull loves that one
  7. Thanks for that O'Tightwad, duly noted. Notice the thread title: 'Bye bye McGhee', not 'Well done *****'
  8. Obviously East Stirlingshire would be better but it's not going to happen. I'm not happy that Aberdeen lost 9-0 to Celtic: I'm happy that Mark McGhee lost 9-0 to Celtic because he said he wanted the Celtic job after he took charge at Aberdeen and he is a knob.
  9. Shull closed the thread again so... LET'S ALL LAUGH AT THE DONS EDIT: I am pissing maself at Your Call
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