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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to FTOF in St Mirren v Kilmarnock 29. 12.19   
    We're quite clearly playing a back four. It's working well so far.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to Sonny in St Mirren v Livingston, Sat 14th Dec   
    After being really poor at Hamilton last week I was surprised that McAlister started this match. I would have had Morias out wide when he was excellent last week when McAlister went off. And would have had Cooke starting up front with Obika which would also have given us another big guy for defending and attacking set plays. But I am not the manager and Jim got there eventually
    Good result in the circumstances. Not been a great fan of Waters but thought he done really well today and the rest showed some great character to come back from losing diddy goals. Onwards and upwards.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to DougJamie in St Mirren v Livingston, Sat 14th Dec   
    Obika 2 goals and an assist....... NURSE 
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to Big Yards in St Mirren v Motherwell, Wed 4th Dec   
    Are you having a laugh! Magennis was completely invisible all night
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to W6Saint in St Mirren v Motherwell, Wed 4th Dec   
    Probably the youngest player in the side, subbed on out of position, didn't play any worse than the more experienced pros...
    Every player was dross tonight and that's your gripe? Bizarre if you ask me
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to linwood-bud in St Mirren v Motherwell, Wed 4th Dec   
    90 minutes of watching Stephen McGinn pass the ball backwards and not attempt a single tackle the entire game.
    What exactly is his role in the team?
    Definition of a passenger.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to lenziebud in vs The Fakes 19 October   
    Honestly its total delusion. McGinn being in the team today had heehaw to do with us winning. We were the poorer side in the first half. The second half was different all over the pitch and the goal gave us a massive lift. Obika started to look like what he had been brought to the club for and the confidence in his game started to show. The second goal from Mullen was class but he looked poor in the first half much better in the second. Morais looked more positive too, probably to do with the fact that we were on the front foot against a very poor St J side who lacked fight and passion.
    There is no way that dropping Ryan Flynn for McGinn  is the way forward. I wouldn't drop Andreu either for him. Back on the bench Stephen and step in when needed, that's his role this season.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to Wilbur in vs The Fakes 19 October   
    KB was our MoM.
    Ridiculous that Obika got the award.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to TediousTom in vs The Fakes 19 October   
    Kirk Broadfoot
    Special mention to big Kirk today.  I thought he was magnificent in the centre of out defence.  The pass he played to begin the move for the second goal was subllime.  The big lad (and he is a big lad now, mind the twig we first signed?) not only failed to put a foot wrong his creativity was first class.
    Take a bow Kirk, take a bow indeed.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to santaponsasaint in St. Mirren v Dundee (March 2019)   
    Was disgusted to hear some of our so called fans boo and swear at Paul McGowan when he came on as a sub. Just for those who don't know he never asked to leave Saints Tommy Craig said he was over the hill and not good enough. And I was at the fans council meeting when he said it. So if you wanna boo anyone try Mr Craig. Disgusting behaviour. Guy is a legend at Saints MOM In the final.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to Kemp in St. Mirren v Dundee (March 2019)   
    Ryan Flynn was immense today.
    I'd call that a Murray-esque performance. He got himself involved in everything that went on the centre of the park in a way that not only reminded me of Hugh Murray, but may well have saved us from relegation in the way Murray did all those years ago in Stirling.
    In my personal opinion (not worth much, I know) Flynn has gone from getting punted out the door in January to be deserving of a new contract and a place in the middle of the park from now on. Tansey will be lucky to ever play for us again even if he does get fit.
    It was great to see all three home sides of the stadium up signing Oh When The Saints  as the clock ran down. I honestly think instead of making up bullshit stories and disgracing us in the national press the board should look at how they can use the energy of W7 and get those guys creating an atmosphere like that all round the stadium. We have a real chance to be the best support in Scotland.....
    ....On that note well done the W7 crew for chanting Simeon Jackson's name when he came on. f**k Allan Preston and the BBC knobs that made such a big deal of his penalty miss.
    Dundee were piss poor, we surely will not finish last behind them. If we do, relegation is the least we deserve.
    I'd love to see us playing with a bit less fear now. Kearney has done a great job steadying the defence. A f**king brilliant job actually, and Popescu is one of the best players in the league not just in our team.
    Oran - lets see what McAllister, Magennis and Duckens can do attacking this shower of shite we are up against for the rest of the season.
    Flynn, Magennis, McGinn - McAllister, Duck, Jackson: aye, I fancy our chances of winning a few points now.
    Well done all Buddies there today. Big crowd, kept supporting even when behind, good party at the end. We are staying up.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to beyond our ken in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    What a nasty wee forum we have tonight.  Some real and unwarranted vitriol alongside an unhealthy display of pack behaviour.
    Beating Livi is one of the hardest tasks in this league  beating them when their manager has clearly set them out for a draw or to steal a win is actually impressive given where we were  a month ago, however we did it. Well done saints and the fans who cheered them on.  
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to DLBud in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    Doesn’t matter what happened last season.

    They weren’t better. We created more chances. We scored they didn’t.

    They weren’t fitter. We kept going until the end and there wasn’t one single player that wasn’t driving us forward.

    They hoofed it up the park all day long. We arguably played better football in the last 20 mins of the first half once we got a measure of the conditions.

    Their brand of football if f**king painful to watch. That certainly hasn’t changed since last year. Thankfully they got what they deserved.

    We’ve now had three solid performances in a row that have given us a real chance of staying up. Just enjoy it for f**k sake.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to djchapsticks in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    Rubbish. Both teams didn't have a good performance today. But to say Livingston outplayed us is a fabrication. 
    I'm interested to know where your parameters are for being outplayed. It certainly want in terms of chances created or clarity of chances. They missed a first half sitter and erm.... That was it. 
    This isn't a defence of the St. Mirren performance as it was ugly a win as you'll see (and how we yearned to grind out ugly wins when getting rolled over), it's taking issue with the appraisal that Livingston were all over us. Which they weren't. They were shite.
    Oh and if this is relegation form sign me up... I'll take 5 points from every three games from now til the end of the season please. 
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to DLBud in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    I genuinely don’t understand this point of view. We’re playing a team that’s 20 points or so ahead of us, has a solid defence and we’re trying to play in the midst of a gale force wind and driving rain.
    We did more with the ball than they did and got the goal our efforts and persistence deserved.
    I’d take another 5 or 6 like it between now and the end of the season.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to buddies1877 in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    Ryan Flynn carrying on his good form and getting the winner today.

    Thought he was our best player today.

    I thought the conditions would have benefited Livy today but we defended well hladky I think had his quietest game in a saints shirt so far don’t think he had 1 save to make in the game.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to David Mc in St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals   
    Apparently so 
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to djchapsticks in Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019   
    In terms of chances created we definitely looked better than we have been. 
    Centre of the park is still soft as shite though. It's where we absolutely should be strengthening. 
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to BuddieinEK in January Exits   
    I'd much rather all those departing were gone before bringing anyone in, otherwise we could end up with a very divided dressing room.

    Clear the decks and from then on it is positive steps all the way and a squad being BUILT rather than divided.

    Makes complete sense.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to TopCat in Saint Mirren v Hamilton 1 Dec 2018   
    He’s the golden boy isn’t he. Next big thing and all that. Personally I don’t think he’s up to it at Premiership level and I hope he’s dropped next week.

    Today Accies had guys like Gordon, Imrie, MacKinnon and Keatings. Any of those four would be our best player.

    It’s all well and good bleating about the ref and their tactics. The reason they keep beating us is because they have better players.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to Qarsaan in St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October   
    Looking forward to it.
    My annual sojourn home to to see my Mum, and this time visiting Greenhill Road for their first time with the two wee Qarsaans. Wishing so much the team will turn in a win for my wee boys. They will be thrilled to bits.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to norman in Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18   
    You are making a fool of yourself.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to doonhamer in Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18   
    Thought Baird had a fantastic game today.
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to Kemp in Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18   
    Of course, he doesn't even mean the compliment towards Jamieson who was fairly quiet. He just wants any excuse to put the boot in to the guys like McGinn and Smith that did well under Jack Ross.
    He just can't help himself, already started his vendetta against Kearney. Thankfully going back to Tommy Craig he has called just about every single thing wrong, so hopefully a good sign we are about to turn a corner!
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    Gareth_Glasgow reacted to magnus in Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18   
    I thought Flynn was good defensively today particularly second half. Jamieson excellent. Plenty positives.
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