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  1. Extend the recent offer (vs Ross County & Livingston) for group tickets at a reduced price in the Family Stand for EVERY home game.
  2. From the BBC article: Dundee United have recorded a loss of £3.7m in the last year. An annual report for shareholders details a deficit of £3,759,220, compared to £218,993 for the previous year, although the 2018 figure was reduced by £1.4m of sell-on fees. Salary costs, including pensions and social security contributions, also came in at £4,159,060, 133% of an annual turnover of £3,124,236. That figure has been inflated by a 39% wage increase of £1.13m. That's £4m of debt over 2 seasons which would have been £5.4m if they hadn't received sell-on fees presumably for Andy Robertson. Given they've been down for 3 seasons they probably lost money in 2017 too. It's generally accepted wages to turnover ratio should be 50% - 60% so they're over double that. If Shankland gets injured for any length of time they're in trouble...
  3. Just when Darren O'Dea thought he'd seen the last of us...
  4. Don't think they sell the first 2 or 3 rows at the bottom of the stand to make it harder for folk to get over the trackside barrier after goals scored. Pretty sure it was reported Dundee gave us 2500 tickets for the stand. even although, as you say, the stand holds more than that.
  5. As Sonny mentions in his post Stephen McGinn was a guest on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound programme on Wednesday between 6:30pm - 7:30pm along with Kenny Miller and Gary Caldwell. The article on the website repeats a few comments made during the programme by el capitano. In my opinion Kenny Miller was grasping at straws when asked on what basis Dundee would avoid relegation, "we're due to a change a luck, need a break or two, take our chances, stop conceding, blah blah blah", nothing that would inspire Dundee fans. When asked the same question Stephen McGinn's response was that we're currently in the best place we've been all season with positive results recently at Tynecastle and Pittodrie, positive mentality in the dressing room, injuries clearing up, new recruits settling in then talked about some of the difficulties such as the language barrier which have been covered in this topic. Nothing to be alarmed about at all. Gary Caldwell repeated his statement about the league table being irrelevant at this point, Partick Thistle currently being tenth of 10, under after the final game of the season when everyone could then judge their club's season which caused me to laugh out loud at him for the second time in five days.
  6. Dundee fans will be fizzing. They should have had 4 home and 1 away in order to play everyone home and away twice but obviously that's not allowed so to end up with 2 home and 3 away seems harsh. If that had happened to us there would be smoke coming off this forum such would have been the rage.
  7. I wonder how many of the Dundee Utd fans throwing missiles on to the pitch i.e toilet rolls were identified by CCTV and were ejected from the ground for violating the stadium rules? I'd guess none since the white shirts in the wee CCTV room at the top corner of the Main Stand seem to spend their time looking at the pitch.
  8. Short sleeves and gloves. Ridiculous.
  9. Coin throwing mentioned on the BBC website and also on Sportsound - Morelos after the 2nd goal apparently.
  10. The latest Chairman's update notes: "The board have a vision of how they want the club to develop. At present we have a plan but not the man power to define and execute it. "Gus is someone I worked with closely when I was on the board previously and he has the experience and knowledge we are looking for in the newly created role. Sharing some of the details of this vision and plan with the supporters would be nice. Is there a job specification for the Technical Director role? Was a full recruitment process followed? What happens if we're relegated and the income available drastically reduces - is this role likely to be first to go?
  11. On a related subject I was walking home about 6.15pm on Friday past The Shed in Shawlands which is usually open before international matches for fans to have a drink. Outside on the pavement were about 40 Belgianfans, scarves, tops, that sort of thing and by no means looked sinister or threatening in any way mixing with some Scotland fans out for a smoke. Beyond the fans were 4 police vans with about 20 officers striding towards the throng plus another 2 on horseback getting in the way of the traffic. It struck me that it looked like a ridiculous over-reaction to a few football fans standing on a pavement probably wondering how they were to get to the ground as there was only 1 taxi at the rank. i was going to say something to some of the cops but thought better of it at the risk of being huckled into one of the vans .
  12. Hopefully the new manager will be able to sign us a decent player or two from over the water come January. Portsmouth signed a striker from Derry City who has already scored them a few goals this season and Blackburn Rovers signed a 21 yr old midfielder from Coleraine recently so perhaps Oran Kearney can sign us the next George Best!
  13. I would prefer to hear "We know we need to get better..." rather than "The players know..." as if it's nothing to do with him. That said he does come across as pretty frustrated in that interview.
  14. Perhaps, just like the players, Jimbo needs to improve his performance/questions to impress the manager...
  15. I'd like to think the board were drawing up a list of potential candidates when Barnsley starting sniffing about and have revisited the list when Ipswich came on the scene...
  16. Apparently it was their Chief Exec Warren Hawke that decided there would be no guard of honour.
  17. Agree with the original post apart from the move to the EPL. I'd love to think he might try Germany, Italy or Spain when he's outgrown Septic.
  18. If the figure of about 400 is correct then I think we should be serenading them with choruses of: "What a shite away support" "Is that all you take away?" "Your support is fkn shite" "Where d'ye park yer minibus?" "Come in a taxi, you should've come in a taxi" I'm sure you get the general point...
  19. Smallest support I remember them bringing to us was a rearranged Ne'erday game played midweek at the end of January about 1994 or 1995. It was the game we horsed them 5-1 having led 4-0 at half time (I think). Doubt there were more than 300 of them in the North Bank, don't think the Caledonia Stand had been finished which must make it 1994. I think that was a season of league re-organisation and they were needless to say relegated although if memory serves they finished bottom or second bottom and would have been demoted even without the league set up change.
  20. I raised an eyebrow when he said that but thinking about it there will probably be quite a few of the fringe players and those out on loan sent on their merry way that will need replaced to bolster the squad for next season's Scottish Cup win and top 4 finish.
  21. On last night's programme they mentioned commentary from the womens international against Poland at our grun with updates from the 3 Championship fixtures - might only be inserts when goals are scored.
  22. I wonder if the 150 tickets held back are behind pillars, the goals are blocked by pillars and such like. i remember Partick did something similar for one of our Friday night games there - kept the obstructed view tickets until all others were sold out.
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