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  1. Thanks to posters of reasoned replies. I understand the reluctance of some to believe bad news. I’m asking SMISA to step up but ask others to question what is going on instead of taking the club’s silence as a positive. Fabulous performances on the park will only continue if the team stays together. I hear, including from an academy parent, that we have to let players go asap and coaches have been quietly paid off. Players always leave but in our precarious financial state it will be by necessity.One comment here that £1.7 million is probably tucked away in a bank. Seriously ! Ask SMISA to demand a cash in hand statement. The accounts presented to shareholders in January will be a year out of date. If worse than previous then given Saints (reckless) spending it will be worse now. Michelle Evans has not been replaced. That fact is pertinent. That she has found another job is a moot point.No departing staff member was thanked by the club. The Dome vandalised. Exactly, that was my point. Its age isirrelevant. It has been destroyed. There was no vandalism under the previous security company. Accusing me of paranoia and poking fun is classic diversionary behaviour. Assuming all is well because of silence or that information is accurate from anywhere (me included) is what bites you later. I ask you to read between the lines. St Mirren’s website and press releases come from Kibble’s PR. Content is shaped by the very people failing the club. Why would they tell you otherwise?
  2. That’s it, ridicule. That’s what people do when they don’t want to believe something that’s staring them in the face.I mean no individual harm but if you can’t actually see what is happening then by the time you do it will be too late.Evidence? Michelle Evans and others arrive in a blaze of publicity and leave in a moonlight flit without even being publicly thanked for their service. Low level departures are now the norm. Look at the Dome, it’s been down a while with no explanation as to why it will not be back at all. Ironically Faraway got it right saying help in his or her response to my post. I accept boys will be boys and make fun of what they don’t understand or don’t want to believe but you lot have your heads in the sand. As for paranoia well you know the saying there. Maybe you people making fun of me are insiders yourself!
  3. Less than two years after Kibble’s promises I hear our beloved team is in financial freefall and someone has to point out why. I have it from a reliable source that we have used up all of the 1.7 million government loan and are now in very serious financial trouble. It is obvious to anyone who takes the time to look that the arrangement with Kibble is just not working. They seem to be the common denominator and there is no escaping the fact. Look at the crazy level of influence they have. Kibble pay our general manager who is a Kibble employee answerable to Kibble. Kibble supply food to the corporate hospitality at I am informed a dearer cost than previous supplier. Kibble also supply food at the academy. Kibble have taken over the accounting functions of the club, giving them access to all Saints financial accounts. A conflict of interest. Kibble connections resulted in a new Chief Operating Officer being appointed who did not even apply for the job and was not interviewed. Kibble connections have resulted in a £50,000 refurb of the as yet unfinished training ground hitting more than £350,000 with a supplier of their choice. Kibble has now taken over the ball boy and girl arrangements. Kibble have two members on the board. One of which (the vice chairman) has direct responsibility for the academy, with the other said to be now in charge of club finance. Kibble connections filter what fans are being told on the website. SMISA members who contribute every month to the team we all love deserve to know exactly what is going on. St Mirren has no club doctor. St Mirren has a weakened academy. Redundancies. I’ve just heard from a young player’s parent that only in the last couple of days a most experienced coach and goalkeeping head has been made redundant with not a word. He’s been with Saints for something like 8 to 10 years! Her son has been sent a good wishes message from the coach which I have seen. St Mirren has only one sports scientist. The assistant mysteriously gone in last couple of weeks according to the same parent. St Mirren has no well-being officer. Left mysteriously. Our stadium manager together with lots of St Mirren staff of longstanding have all been shown the door since Kibble came in. She claimed compensation and it cost the club £30,000 ! SMISA Stadium is now being vandalised after the old security firm was sacked. First the spray painting now the slashing of the dome. I have been told that word is it will not be replaced. Nothing like this happened under the previous arrangements. Our beloved St Mirren is in danger. There is a deafening silence from the board, SMISA and Kibble.I care about the team my great-grandfather supported. OPEN YOUR EYES AND DO SOMETHING SMISA .FACE UP AND BUY OUT KIBBLE.
  4. Just a comment on the several pages of recent chat about tranfers, sell on fees and the value of the academy to the Club. Please don't ignore the "value" of the talented players who have come from the academy and played in our first team.
  5. I will try and and find out how many remain but two, possibly now three have left.
  6. It, seems so. I heard that several coaches have now left the academy and the ticket office manager has also quietly 'left’.
  7. I have known Michelle for many years - she sadly left SMFC last Friday. I will let her know she needs to update her Linkedin profile. A telephone call to the club would confim what Animal says is true.
  8. I don’t like supporters belittling each other so when one or two point to worrying developments they should be at least properly considered as I believe every person on here cares about our club. Whistleblowers like animal and one or two others deserve a fair hearing if fans are being kept in the dark. Likewise supporters who accept everything coming out of the club as gospel are to be admired for their faith.Usually the truth lies somewhere in the middle. At the moment there are SMISA members who are really worried. Taking animals claims I would comment that Michelle Evans has left. It is common knowledge around the club and academy that letters have been received by a number of prominent employees. I have heard of no imminent departures but it would not surprise me one bit. St mirren leaks information easily both at the stadium and if you know the right people at kibble. The volunteers do a great job but normally a contractor would do this work. It does seem a bit over the top at times on social media but on the other hand it allows them to publicise their many hours of work. As for them working at the ticket office, I did find this very strange. We have a ticket office manager and I believe an assistant from kibble. The manager is well known and has been doing a good job, is very helpful and has a good connection to the fans. That’s exactly what the club needs. I have it on good authority that the works at the academy have been over spent by more than £200,000 with the original budget being about £50k. That may be why cuts are being made and why it’s taken a year to sort out. Living in Paisley word travels and I too have heard that behind the scenes the club is not a happy place. So for me most of what animal claims is correct. I understand people want evidence but equally understand why this would be hard to get. Nobody can doubt that people come and go at our club almost without acknowledgment or even a thank you on the website. This is the style of management that happens at a charity not so far away where I have good contacts. There is a lot of good going on at the club but I am worried that that is being undermined by what I am also told is a debt of over £1million.
  9. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/profit-of-private-companies-questioned-as-the-cost-of-care-revealed/ “Accounts show Kibble CEO Jim Gillespie was paid a £202,000 salary. Two years ago the charity paid £400,000 to buy 27% of St Mirren, where Gillespie is now a director. It added that its investment in St Mirren had allowed it to provide training and employment opportunities to young people in hospitality, retail and leisure.” Ask yourself - HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN TRAINED ?
  10. The directors are responsible for the running of the club. To put responsibility onto the fans regarding the family stand is an abdication of responsibility. To ask us to pay more to make up for their decisions is unforgivable. Since this was introduced home support in every section of the stadium has been dropping at these games. It is common knowledge. The directors set the budget and therefore it is they who should solve the problem. The impression given in pre-season ticket publicity was that the family stand season ticket prices would be adjusted depending on the result of the survey and that supporters would then be informed of the decision made. ‘We will be sending the survey to current Season Ticket holders, SMiSA members and fans who have previously registered for tickets by the end of May and look forward to collaborating with you on the best outcome for the club and the fans. Once we receive your feedback, we will consider it carefully and announce our final decision before the start of the season’. ‘The feedback will then be analysed and a decision made on the arrangements for the upcoming season. This will be announced on 17 June, allowing a further two weeks to purchase tickets at the early bird price once a decision has been made’. Only when the survey was opened did we find that any family stand changes were for the following season. ‘As such it is our plan is to change to allocating three stands to Home fans in Season 2023/24’. ‘We would also like to be able to give three stands to Home fans for all games in the coming season, 2022/23. However, doing so would leave a gap in the budget, which is already set, of £100k (each game we fill the family stand with away fans is worth around £35k)’. There has beenmisrepresentation of a decision already made. Supporters here rightly point out we are not filling the family stand. We never will if this continues.The directors should adjust the budget accordingly and begin to rebuild relationships with the supporters, instead they do more of the same and expect a different outcome, even stating they want to add a further 300 season ticket holders! I expect season ticket sales will drop this season. They should join us and buy season tickets at padded seat prices to help. In the pastdirectors paid for tickets and ties and suits. According to a Rangers supporting business colleague who was there, one ‘St Mirren’ director did manage to attend Rangers celebrations. Although I was unwell I am also informed on good authority that only two directors bothered to support the club’s annual dinner.If directors don’t bother, why should we and why should we be squeezed even more?
  11. It has already been stated that last year our (SMISA nominated) chairman stated that something would have to be done regarding the two stand situation.At the St Mirren FC online AGM the issue came up again with much the same comments. As a long-term member of SMISA I attended the SMiSA AGM where the club chairman to his credit accepted criticism and described the situation as ‘toxic’. He said ‘we are listening’, ‘we hear you’ and that the board had a ‘working party’ (members unidentified) reporting back to allow the board to make a decision. At the meeting it was as good as unanimous that one stand only should be offered to both the clubs who bring bigoted, sectarian and vandalism behaviour to OUR stadium, resulting in home fans especially those with young supporters staying away from OUR home. Passions ran high at that meeting and four or five speakers laid the situation out very clearly, including one who is now on the SMISA committee. It was pointed out by more than one person that a decision must be made before season ticket prices were announced Mr Neeham gave the impression that would happen. That’s what me and my companions took from his comments. Now look at where we are. Why has ‘toxic’ been so downgraded that we now need a ‘SURVEY’ to tell us what we already know?This needs sorted and sorted now. Supporters stuck by the club over two years, paid their money with no idea when they would be able to return, and are now treated with contempt. What kind of commercial decision is this? Where is the marketing expertise we have heard so much about from Kibble? Believe me, after all my years in industry and technology no company that has to actually earn money rather than apply for grant after grant would treat its customer base in this manner. I am certain no SMISA member would agree with this shambles. Supporter friends of other clubs like Killie and Motherwell I’ve told are gobsmacked we are being treated like this. Good, loyal supporters are being treated as though they are stupid. This is a classic situation where the board will announce that not enough tickets have been sold (due to a situation they themselves have created), so they have no option but to keep the two stands as they are and the fans can suck it up. It feels like this situation is being manufactured. Are we short of money? It certainly looks like it. Fans elsewhere in the ground hate this too and won’t buy in. Community club? Do you hear the supporters board of directors? They stuck with you. Now you have to stick with them. Fix this now.
  12. I have never condoned sectarianism.. That is a pathetic remark to make.
  13. 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 /18 Teams - I don't really care any more. This says it all -
  14. Sounds like a good idea. The BandW magazine has had some good - and original covers in the past.
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