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  1. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/profit-of-private-companies-questioned-as-the-cost-of-care-revealed/ “Accounts show Kibble CEO Jim Gillespie was paid a £202,000 salary. Two years ago the charity paid £400,000 to buy 27% of St Mirren, where Gillespie is now a director. It added that its investment in St Mirren had allowed it to provide training and employment opportunities to young people in hospitality, retail and leisure.” Ask yourself - HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN TRAINED ?
  2. The directors are responsible for the running of the club. To put responsibility onto the fans regarding the family stand is an abdication of responsibility. To ask us to pay more to make up for their decisions is unforgivable. Since this was introduced home support in every section of the stadium has been dropping at these games. It is common knowledge. The directors set the budget and therefore it is they who should solve the problem. The impression given in pre-season ticket publicity was that the family stand season ticket prices would be adjusted depending on the result of the survey and that supporters would then be informed of the decision made. ‘We will be sending the survey to current Season Ticket holders, SMiSA members and fans who have previously registered for tickets by the end of May and look forward to collaborating with you on the best outcome for the club and the fans. Once we receive your feedback, we will consider it carefully and announce our final decision before the start of the season’. ‘The feedback will then be analysed and a decision made on the arrangements for the upcoming season. This will be announced on 17 June, allowing a further two weeks to purchase tickets at the early bird price once a decision has been made’. Only when the survey was opened did we find that any family stand changes were for the following season. ‘As such it is our plan is to change to allocating three stands to Home fans in Season 2023/24’. ‘We would also like to be able to give three stands to Home fans for all games in the coming season, 2022/23. However, doing so would leave a gap in the budget, which is already set, of £100k (each game we fill the family stand with away fans is worth around £35k)’. There has beenmisrepresentation of a decision already made. Supporters here rightly point out we are not filling the family stand. We never will if this continues.The directors should adjust the budget accordingly and begin to rebuild relationships with the supporters, instead they do more of the same and expect a different outcome, even stating they want to add a further 300 season ticket holders! I expect season ticket sales will drop this season. They should join us and buy season tickets at padded seat prices to help. In the pastdirectors paid for tickets and ties and suits. According to a Rangers supporting business colleague who was there, one ‘St Mirren’ director did manage to attend Rangers celebrations. Although I was unwell I am also informed on good authority that only two directors bothered to support the club’s annual dinner.If directors don’t bother, why should we and why should we be squeezed even more?
  3. It has already been stated that last year our (SMISA nominated) chairman stated that something would have to be done regarding the two stand situation.At the St Mirren FC online AGM the issue came up again with much the same comments. As a long-term member of SMISA I attended the SMiSA AGM where the club chairman to his credit accepted criticism and described the situation as ‘toxic’. He said ‘we are listening’, ‘we hear you’ and that the board had a ‘working party’ (members unidentified) reporting back to allow the board to make a decision. At the meeting it was as good as unanimous that one stand only should be offered to both the clubs who bring bigoted, sectarian and vandalism behaviour to OUR stadium, resulting in home fans especially those with young supporters staying away from OUR home. Passions ran high at that meeting and four or five speakers laid the situation out very clearly, including one who is now on the SMISA committee. It was pointed out by more than one person that a decision must be made before season ticket prices were announced Mr Neeham gave the impression that would happen. That’s what me and my companions took from his comments. Now look at where we are. Why has ‘toxic’ been so downgraded that we now need a ‘SURVEY’ to tell us what we already know?This needs sorted and sorted now. Supporters stuck by the club over two years, paid their money with no idea when they would be able to return, and are now treated with contempt. What kind of commercial decision is this? Where is the marketing expertise we have heard so much about from Kibble? Believe me, after all my years in industry and technology no company that has to actually earn money rather than apply for grant after grant would treat its customer base in this manner. I am certain no SMISA member would agree with this shambles. Supporter friends of other clubs like Killie and Motherwell I’ve told are gobsmacked we are being treated like this. Good, loyal supporters are being treated as though they are stupid. This is a classic situation where the board will announce that not enough tickets have been sold (due to a situation they themselves have created), so they have no option but to keep the two stands as they are and the fans can suck it up. It feels like this situation is being manufactured. Are we short of money? It certainly looks like it. Fans elsewhere in the ground hate this too and won’t buy in. Community club? Do you hear the supporters board of directors? They stuck with you. Now you have to stick with them. Fix this now.
  4. I have never condoned sectarianism.. That is a pathetic remark to make.
  5. 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 /18 Teams - I don't really care any more. This says it all -
  6. Sounds like a good idea. The BandW magazine has had some good - and original covers in the past.
  7. Just saw this Black and White magazine cover on twitter. Great connection with the past. Brilliant to link the cover with Cammy Murray's era. Looking forward to a good read.
  8. That's gers, ict and now a strong Aberdeen side defeated. We are top of the league. Alan McManus and Ross Paterson are management team now. Good to see Ross and Alan continuing Longwells good work.
  9. In the council's latest winter issue of their Renfrewshire magazine, the Provost, you know the Celtic fan who put on a Saints scarf and hat and took centre stage in County Square when we won the League Cup (even though we beat her team in the semi-final) lists her highlights of the year. She rightly mentions the Mod, rightly mentions the Spree and a number of worthy causes, even the Olympic torch gets a mention. But the single biggest event in the past year... The event that brought joy to a community that needed good news... and thousands onto the streets, did she with her black and white scarf and hat pick the most obvious, major, unforgettable event in the town's and Renfrewshire's history in the last umpteen years? No. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Saints lifting the League Cup for the first time in History did not merit a mention. An event that brought worldwide publicity to our town and Renfrewshire? Not a word. It really is bad enough when transparent politicians like her jump on the Saints bandwagon. Maybe she'll make the front page of the Paisley Daily Express like she did when she was getting ready to vote AGAINST the club when we needed support for our new stadium and our survival. Shame on her. Next thing she'll be wearing a Falkirk scarf and trying to stand for Labour in Falkirk! No that would never happen???
  10. You really are a sad individual. Why do you persist in called fellow supporters of our Club 'corrupt'. I assume you have not met one of them. Some will probably be at the shareholders meeting tommorrow. Many have supported this Club for decades - grow up son.
  11. Question :- Did Mr. Atkinson give you all a hand to put out the leaflets or was it him I saw leaving the ground just before the game started ?
  12. The truth of the matter is that Stuart Gilmour and other members of the Board are very embarrassed by the latest amateur antics of Mr. Atkinson. You have ask yourself what is the point of Atkinson asking politicians to support this latest scheme. If the scheme is so good thousands of us will sign up without advice from politicians. Might I suggest that they are being lined up to take the blame when the scheme collapses, as no doubt are we, the ordinary supporters of the Club. I can see the headline – Atkinson says “I did my best but it all failed because the fans and the politicians did not care enough about their Club”. I hear the politicians are less than happy with the threatening tone of the e-mail sent to them by Mr. Atkinson. Which basically said support 10,000 hours or else. One told me today he could not honestly ask fellow supporters to put their hard earned cash in to this scheme no matter how much Mr. Atkinson threatened him. St. Mirren have received a lot of backing from the Council over the years – from planning permissions to the really good street football scheme, and the Board are very concerned that a whole lot of goodwill built up over the years has gone down the toilet pan today. In addition, several of the club’s sponsors are now looking at this shambles and wondering if they want anything more to do with it.
  13. The CIC/RA Report Card Worth a look at the young anklecicer’s report card as the October school week approaches. CIC Based on his research and presentations this should now be in place. Various critics/sceptics, Somner, Animal, Ted, seem to have been proved correct overall. while flagwavers, Poz, Div, Sid, TSU, certain journalists etc, despite their defence and belief seemed to have like so many fallen for the slick talk and promise of places on one of the many boards. Marks out of 10… 0 Sustainability Announcing in public that you will walk away if things don’t pan out leaving the club to be run by a collection of 3 committees is hardly the way to go about attracting public funding of around £1,000,000. Imagine the government department handing over the money and the main man walking out a few months down the line. Amateur. Marks out of 10… 1 Salesmanship See above. Stunts like pulling out a mobile phone saying that might be the final 1% calling right now while at a meeting called about nothing just to keep the punters happy have to be seen for what they are. Although to be fair turning the biggest section of funding into a mere 1% which is in turn believed by many has to be applauded. Some local businessmen who were initial backers of the scheme are now amongst its/his most scathing critics. Marks out of 10… 3 Commercial Director After so long no sign or announcement of any innovation whatsoever, save some crazy suggestions that attracted ridicule in the press. Laundry - a washout. Church services - don’t go there. CIC members’ bar - an easy sell, some may say beads for the natives. Marks out of 10… 2 Strip Strip in appearance is excellent as is the change strip. Quality while not great is commercially acceptable. Talk of a third kit is ridiculous. Trying to link it to 135 anniversary is window dressing, especially as that anniversary is October 2012. Availability is poor unless you go to the back rack at the back of JD Sports. SMFC brand presence on the ‘high street’ and throughout Paisley at its lowest since the early seventies. Marks out of 10… 3 Sponsorship Looks strange. Rumour amongst local businessmen is that very little if any cash benefit to club. The manufacturers putting an associated brand on the kit they manufacture and sell indicates that they would make no money if a decent cash figure changed hands. Marks out of 10… N/A Stadium The Yellow/Carbrini/JD St Mirren Park. Word on the street is that although paid for by Carbrini no real sterling passed hands. Even the Hall of fame boards are predominately JD. These will have to be replaced when the contract ends too. The St. Mirren brand is sadly relegated in favour of JD. Poorly executed overall. Marks out of 10… 2 Shop An unmitigated disaster. Story is that he has washed his hands of this. Shop is reduced to some leisure shirts, available in any colour as long as it’s grey, and first strips. Don’t ask about the change top. Almost nothing for children. Forget flags, hats, scarf selection. Cover stories of tight stock management are ridiculous. This is hardly Marks and Sparks. A disgrace. Must have cost the club thousands over the period. Marks(no sparks) out of 10… minus 100 Events A Paisley business that attends every function was disappointed that there will be no second dinner this year, usually November. One of the reasons being the uncertainty in the community. Another loss. The commercial manager must be going mad. Marks out of 10… N/A Communication An unmitigated disaster 2. A catalogue of missed deadlines, meetings dressed to suggest progress, information given to the chairman who is quoted in the press and tv that a deal is only a few days away; again, and again. A complete blackout of information for the (loyal) supporters (of the cic) on websites and the cessation of answering questions months ago. Marks out of 10… minus 100 Attendance Once never away from the place now never seen. Marks out of 10… 3 Understanding his subject A total lack of understanding. Referring to St Mirren FC as a ‘boutique’ football club must rank as the biggest mis-understanding of the pride and mentality of football fans and Buddies ever. We are a traditional but innovative club in our own right and have nearly always been in the top division of football. Marks out of 10… 0 Credibility Gone. Marks out of 10… 0 Prospects Even if the cic was to go through many, many fans would be worried! Marks out of 10… 0 TOTAL MARKS OUT OF A POSSIBLE 120… minus 186
  14. "Are you saying that not one single point mentioned previously was of a benefit to the club, not even of limited benefit?" In a word YES. Hope that is clear enough. Goodbye and Good night.
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