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  1. So obscure you got to love it. Broken Home first lp great, a hidden gem. To get back on topic, new guy is looking good. Welcome, new buddie.
  2. Popping up on other websites now. Stubbs.
  3. Haven't got the time right now, but I reckon it should be possible to put together a reasonable St Mirren Baldies side.... Good evening to you all chaps, the curry has arrived.
  4. to be honest I thought the guy that used to play for us was by far the best player in the Morton side when they played against us last season. O'Ware ok though.
  5. He used to pop into Ferguslie CC regularly where me and my pals played endless football kickabouts and was always great to us despite us pestering him. Met him few times as I got older and he was always happy to have a chat. Is he a Hall of Famer? Scandal if he isn't.
  6. McCoist played in the boys club and I remember him as a Saints fan.... like his pal Walter ;) (allegedly)
  7. Strange that McQueen doesn't get a mention, no? Copland best defender I've seen in the stripes though.
  8. on the chairman's wife or the till? allegedly mmm sorry, poor taste
  9. By the way I am currently listening to everything I can on the Neil Young Archives - currently streaming master quality recordings spanning his incredible career. Free until 1 June.
  10. 5 black stripes, white shorts, white socks with two black hoops. That'll do it.
  11. Could be much, much worse. But agreed sort the collar out, full stripes on the back, white shorts ( nane of that poncey piping) white socks, two narrow black bands. Numbers in red. That's it. As ever, I'd be willing to pay extra for a version without the sponsor's name on it. GIRUY.
  12. Never seen it but at least I now know which one's which. No, wait. I've forgotten already. I recall Bill Nighy's excellent line in some film, 'yes, thank you Ant or Dec' .
  13. Yes, I think that review pretty much hits the nail on the head. It all felt very overdone, e.g. sweary words need to be judiciously sprinkled to be funny/impactful, not repeated ad nauseum in every section of dialogue or it ends up tedious and self-defeating, like a Gerry Sadowitz gig. Another example of the overdone-ness would be that a partial sighting of Meena was so rare, with a sharp, rude, but not vulgar, one-liner which made her 'appearances' often very funny. This is lost when she's 'seen' three or four times a show, using language that we've not heard from the character before. I saw a bit of the latest episode and it wasn't any better. Not enough of Victor and Jack and too many ensemble scenes. No longer recording it.
  14. SG sadly v poor this time around. Turntitaff.
  15. Exactly who's 'ethical line' has been crossed here? Isn't the point about ethics that it refers to one's personal moral boundaries or principles so that one person's so-called 'ethical line' is by definition not necessarily drawn in the same place as anyone else's? And what business is that of anyone else? Law, on the other hand,offers absolute lines that (should) apply to us all. I'm no fan of Wiggo or indeed of a lot of professional sport in general, but if a rule or law was broken that's a different matter from whether an individual has followed a particular course of action in a given situation.
  16. He's gone 'up the stairs, Mister'... A true original, love him or hate him.
  17. I may be mistaken, but seem to recall that when I was a lad the term was extended beyond 'Jerry' and was fairly broadly applied to any enemy.
  18. A loss also of some decent commentary perspective to counteract the younger pundits who can only think in terms of players from the last 25 years or so as the pool for 'best midfielder/forward/defender etc. ever...'
  19. Good advice from saintnextlifetime
  20. Thanks for the replies. Well done, Lewis Morgan. Well done all. That goes down as one of the great St Mirren goals.
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