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  1. f**k. Why did I even bother looking at this. Brutal thread.
  2. Sorry haven't been on B&W for a while. Is it dead?
  3. It's now nearly winter which isn't a crack at bud77 but shows how kong this has been rumbling on. I've been impressed by the scirelines fir GCLFC this season, they've did well as have the Scorland Ladies. Anything more about their rumoured involvement?
  4. I do hope the mailing is done and there's some attempt at newspaper advertising or getting a person speaking on radio phone-ins. For me, seeing the CiC message broader than just on-line would be a major thing. It may not be vital to have more individuals in from the financial set up, but it would be 'the right thing to do' and get to those fans that don't follow saints online.
  5. Home taping is killing music.
  6. Of course they do. I feel sorry for the committee guys that tried to plug away buying shares from the current board to be snubbed at every turn. SMiSA's gig became damn near impossible when the tesco deal for the new ground went through. The club was 'saved' there was the perception in the support that nothing was wrong and the BoD no longer needed cash in. We'll soon learn if the CiC model actually delivers St Mirren to the fans rather than through a supporters trust. I think the CiC delivers St Mirren to the 'community' which isn't quite the same, but possibly it's close enough.
  7. Why would the St Mirren support bother? SMiSA never got much backing, the forums are but a percentage of the support. There's no organised supporters group. Yup there'll be a few up for shouting the odds, but your average St Mirren fan will have hee haw to do with the whole process, CiC member or not. We'll get told how it'll work and some brave souls will get involved in it and get end up getting utter pelters for being on the board or in with the CiC. Only if there's an emergency or if things look like turning to shite will there be any active agitation by ordinary supporters.
  8. What alternative is there? Would the BoD really call off the CiC bid at this stage? it's as good as done. Are the board still looking for offers, I doubt it.
  9. So animal's has smisa handing cash to sg and co AND giving it to RA to squander. SMiSA's cash is going a long way!
  10. doesn't it say SMiSA are meeting the CiC to discuss that? I'd have thought investing in the CiC means the money goes to the CiC? presumably anyone investing in the CiC gets a percentage share of it's assets if it fails - company law specialist would only really know that answer. zero. The current board aren't selling shares. No secret that SMiSA have been trying to get new issue shares for years to be rebuffed by the current board I've zero involvement in the CiC and can only say about smisa as a member. The smisa committee will do the right thing they're committed St Mirren fans and good people. I'm happy to see progress and we'll see the outcome of their talks with the CiC.
  11. Fair point. I thought the entities were separate? It's a fair point about the crossover between provans and JD sports selling stuff. I know nothing about golf, but do golf playing St mirren fans really spend that sort of money? Been some fantastic signings this summer. Do I praise mr gilmour and the BOD? How much longer til the cic takes over?
  12. 30 year old. 13 clubs? Theres something going on.
  13. Not a player, but the Airdrie Stomp boards are saying a member of their backroom staff coming to Saints.
  14. Saw that name meant by him on twitter as @hsslbnk today but it was in a stream of Dutch and I hadn't a clue what he meant.
  15. Same time Div, there's a couple of thousand shares already owned by SMiSA probably rendered worthless once the CiC deal is concluded. I dunno if the CiC would want SMiSA's shares to up their ownership percentage. I assume the CiC doesn't need it though. It'd make some sense for SMiSA to use funds to buy in to the CiC at a corporate level, but I dunno if all the funds held should be thrown in at once.
  16. I think I voted first time around, I'm certain I did the second time. Whether SMISA remains relevant now I dunno. I have my fears. I certainly would prefer to see SMiSA buying into SMFC Ltd, but it's a members vote.
  17. Ok, can you say what position the signing is for?
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