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  2. Some so called fans who use this forum for what can only be described as "their own agenda" ought to give it a rest. get behind the team and the current manager ffs it's the very least they deserve if you claim to be a supporter.
  3. He's probably finished at the top level and we would be nothing less than point and laugh material if we signed him.
  4. Good post Drew, all that I would add is we need cover up front as Dargo looks likely to spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch sadly.
  5. Wage demands would be far too high imo.
  6. Hi Drew, I sent you a pm on pie and bovril my old online mucker lol

  7. Danny Lennon's black and whitearmy !!!!!

  8. You have a new stalker lol

  9. What a lovely gesture from Billy Mehmet an absolute gent.
  10. I didn't know him personally but from all the tributes on here tonight you can see he was a well respected guy and a true buddie. RIP mate.
  11. Steven McGarry would be a far better option than the likes of O'Donnell or Robb.
  12. I doubt it he gets into forward positions and can play wide as well as score the odd goal. Gus much prefers the injury prone or defensive holding mid-fielder.
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