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    barney reacted to dmc in New Manager   
    In all honesty, I hope whoever you guys bring in as new manager can do enough to stop the rot and keep you up this year. It would be a shame to lose the derby games after only one season!
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    barney reacted to Buffs in Next St Mirren Manager   
    This place is mental.
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    barney reacted to Sonny in Next St Mirren Manager   
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    barney reacted to Wilbur in Wee Clueless   
    This thread ???
    'Thinks' .............................. Lunatics and Asylum.
    Lennon and MacPherson were incompetents and both of them deserved to be relieved of their duties at SMP.
    The members of our current Board, several of whom courageously stepped forward in St Mirren's hour of need (effectively our hour of potential obliteration), and saved us from extinction by the asset stripper Reg Brearley should forever deserve our thanks. Thank you !!!
    But since then this Board's record in appointing team managers has been unforgivably bad. Perhaps the short-term success we witnessed under Tom Hendrie 15 years ago would could be regarded as the sole exception but even Tom's time in charge imploded in the end. Even the amazing league cup success in 2013 under DL turned out to be a false dawn, nothing but a flash in the pan.
    Ultimately this Board's strategy in selecting replacement managers has been flawed and the loyal St Mirren fans have suffered the consequences of their penny-pinching short-sightedness. Now that Ian Murray has (honourably) quit his post the BoD must get their act together and appoint the right person in the hot seat regardless of the short-term cost. Too much consideration of "well let's take the easy / cheap option as we will be selling up soon" has gone into the appointment of managers in the past. The cheapest option has been the preferred option every time.
    So, moving forward, NOT ALEX MILLAR !!!!
    The BoD have to wake up and think adventurously. They have to spend whatever is necessary to bring in the right person otherwise our spiral down the league structure will continue.
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    barney reacted to TopCat in St Mirren V Hibernian Spfl Championship   
    I admire your ability to move from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm Shull.
    Some might even call that a success
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    barney reacted to davidg in Bye Bye Spalding?   
    Not so sure.
    We finished 11th out of 12 with Danny Lennon and Ian Jenkins, Lennon got rid of Jenkins and lasted 3 more years and was pretty successful.
    As above, if it were that simple why would they need an assistant at all?
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    barney got a reaction from cockles1987 in The Apprentice 2016   
    the pipe fitting business in boom time then?
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    barney reacted to Tam M in Oops - St Mirren Crash .............   
    First three points of the season.
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    barney reacted to elvis in Oops - St Mirren Crash .............   
    Hopefully the damage is so bad they will need to pull the whole place down .
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    barney reacted to shull in The St Mirren Legend Danny Lennon Is Coming Home   
    On October the 3rd with his Alloa Team.
    I really hope he gets a wonderful welcome, that he thoroughly deserves.
    We never got the chance to say cheerio and thanks for this ............
    Magnificent applause and the singing of his name before the Match would be perfect.
    He is most certainly a St Mirren Legend who has absolute dignity and oozes class.
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    barney got a reaction from FTOF in So Ta Ta Then British Jihadists   
    Would Assad being over thrown not have just left a vacuum similar to saddam hussain in Iraq? was that not the main reason for a more passive approach to Syria?
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    barney got a reaction from saintnextlifetime in So Ta Ta Then British Jihadists   
    Would Assad being over thrown not have just left a vacuum similar to saddam hussain in Iraq? was that not the main reason for a more passive approach to Syria?
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    barney reacted to yani in So Ta Ta Then British Jihadists   
    Elements of this forum are beginning to read like comments on Mail Online
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    barney got a reaction from sally02 in How The Natsi's Work - From The Inside   
    This is an interesting article on the demise of British industry.
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    barney reacted to shull in St Mirren V Livingston Championship 29/8/15   
    At this time of the night ?
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    barney reacted to billyg in 1973/74 Team Photo   
    Back L-R , Henry Mowbray , ? , Graham Hart , Jim Herriot , ? , Tony Fitzpatrick , Paul Stewart.
    Middle , Johnny Fulton , John Dickson , Sandy Cleland , Brian Third , Jason Walker ,Ricky McLachlan, Wilson Lamb , John Jamieson , Dave Millar
    Front - Willie Cunningham , Bobby McKean , Gus McLeod , Billy Johnston , Jim Taylor , David Robertson , ?
    6 players there who played in the 4-1 victory at Ibrox in august '72 v RFC ECWC winning team :-)
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    barney reacted to shull in Andy Webster   
    Patience was and still is the word.
    Welcome to St Mirren Football Club.
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    barney reacted to Stuart Dickson in Not Anymore For Me Thanks   
    You're a customer. You're perfectly entitled to decide not to spend any more money giving your custom to St Mirren. No doubt others will want to castigate you and claim you are in some way inferior to them, but you are quite within your rights to do what you want. The people I feel sorry for are the season ticket holders who paid money in good faith expecting a side that might win some football matches, only to be delivered the worst performing St Mirren side since the days of John Coughlin - it might actually be worse, I'm not about to check.
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    barney reacted to The Real Zippy in Saints In Europe - Poor Show From Sunday Ranger   
    Not to mention scudding a very decent Slavia Prague side at Love Street as well.
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    barney reacted to pozbaird in Steven Thompson Legend Simple   
    My thought is simple. He simply doesn't have the engine or legs for starting up front on his lonesome. Impact player from the bench for me, sadly.
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    barney got a reaction from BuddieinEK in John Mcginn - Out Of Contract, Away, Farewell, Jacks Grandson Thread.   
    apart from thinking st mirren are similar to hibs in club size, i'm agreed on this.
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    barney reacted to Kemp in John Mcginn - Out Of Contract, Away, Farewell, Jacks Grandson Thread.   
    Hibernian are not a far bigger club than St Mirren, he will be getting a bit more money but nothing spectacular and there is every chance we will be in top flight before them.
    Jim Goodwin happily knocked back a move there to stay at St Mirren when they were in the top league remember.
    What has John McGinn done differently from others?
    1. Petty sniping at the club on twitter, a public forum, seemingly because his less talented younger brother wasn't given a first team place.
    2. Openly supporting Celtic, again on twitter, while employed as a St Mirren player
    3. Is developed by our club and through our youth system for 13 years then leaves to play for our biggest rivals in the league this season.
    4. Threatens legal action against the club to drive down the development fee St Mirren are due.
    5. Issues an apology for helping relegate us.
    None of this is crime of the century stuff but I'll certainly be amused if we witness yet another Hibs implosion this season, and having watched them ship 6 goals the other week we may well be treated to one!
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    barney reacted to shull in So Farewell Then... Stuart Baggs   
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    barney got a reaction from shull in The Abusers Thread   
    Summer is my favourite day of the year.
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