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  1. I'm still trying to pronounce that name...
  2. So, free drinks, free pins and free flags?! Not bad!
  3. Amazing, simply amazing!! Pitch invasion! Can't beat it!!
  4. St Mirren win today with a wonder strike from Wylde! Leicester City lift the trophy! https://www.youtube.com/embed/lFVjzDuPj2g Leicester Saint is probably pished
  5. A fine post, LS ! Come on the Buddies! Come on the Foxes!
  6. Ah, didn't realise it was Monday. Then even better! No distractions! I'm sure we'll see it somewhere on the news and in photos. Maybe the club will do some sort of live stream again, who knows? Watched the awards live and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anthony Knockaert was hilarious with his songs, Nigel Pearson was quite funny, especially when asked why the players gave him a nickname "headmaster" he replied "because I'm a twat" ! Everybody happy and merry, 'twas a good night. Anybody else thinks Nigel Pearson and Terry Butcher are twins?!
  7. Open top bus parade in Leicester on Saturday, enjoy and think of Paisley! ;)
  8. What a great idea Jim, and already being spread on twitter. Those who have tartan - please wear it on Sat, and those who have wee panda toys - take them with you to the game this Sat. It will be a nice touch by St Mirren family to pay respect to one of our own.
  9. During my last travel with North End Bus to Tynecastle, we had some good banter with John, he then bought us all a drink in the pub before the game. We beat Hearts then, what a great day it turned out to be! Next time we spoke at St Mirren park on Boxing Day and just before the home game against Hearts... Discussed how unpredictable St Mirren was winning and losing against all expectations!! He was always a pleasure and honour to talk to, a true gentleman, a dedicated fan. Absolutely devastated to hear of his passing, condolences to the family and close friends. A massive loss to the St Mirren family. May he rest in peace... Hope there will be a minute's applause in his honour at the next home game, least we can do.
  10. Into the Premiership in style and with the title! Well done the Foxes !!! Hope you celebrate long and hard !
  11. Championees!!! Championees!!! Ole ole ole!!
  12. Congrats!!! Was only a matter of time!! Great Saturday all round! Scenes at St Mirren Park today!! The repeat of the Great Escape! Enjoy Leicester City celebrations! Are your parents happy they chose this weekend..? ;) Just need to win the league now ! ;)
  13. Hope the Saints clan enjoy the games tonight and on Tuesday! Will try to watch some of the LS game tonight (clashes with Ross County game on tv, hope both teams in that game lose btw!)
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