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  1. a similar thing happened recently to a flash drive i've got - a friend had Bad Copy Pro on his PC and that allowed me to copy everything that was on the drive (any other computer I used wanted to format the drive). you could try that or search online for a similar product?
  2. Glasgow Airport (or its owners) were paying nothing towards the cost of the rail link. the improvements to the Glasgow/ Paisley route is a good idea but the extra stretch onto the airport was always a bad idea - wrong route, wrong price, wrong place. Only 10 passengers per train - costing £3million per year in subsidy! I can think of better ways to spend £3million.
  3. I use skype but only free if calling another skype number - can be used to call other phones (landlines and mobiles) but this costs (although cheaper than most other telephone systems. Quality isn't too bad - depends on phone and PC
  4. just got the 17" monitor from Somerfield (still to plug it in) now selling for £100 - only a few left!
  5. Depends on what experience etc - plenty of freebie WYSIWYG programs if you don't want to bother with HTML (altho a basic knowledge is useful). Try a google search for software. Also depends how much you want to shell out - you can also get free webspace from yahoo/ geocites and others the only problem is the mile long URL but going to a redirect service (www.cjb.net) can solve that problem.
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