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  1. You’re moaning on here, Pie and Bovril and Twitter about this FFS. Don’t go then and give one of the many other supporters that would be more than happy to take your place.
  2. Calm heads. Stop the ‘knicker-wetting’ and let the guy do his job.
  3. The West has segregation under the stand. No other stand does.
  4. North stand only for away fans. Disappointing that any supporter would want the South given to away fans. W7 has been great but this is in the area designed for overflow away supports.
  5. Grown men playing with stickers, hilarious.
  6. St. Mirren ultras at it again, eh? What's the point of plastering stickers in other club's stadiums?
  7. With any luck he will grow up now. Doubt it though.
  8. Pathetic performance from the team. Not impressed with the GK at all- all this fish nonsense is embarrassing. McGinn did well. Won't be going back for the for the foreseeable future. No passion, fight or imagination from this St.Mirren team. Craig, Murray, Rae & Ross: No wonder the club is in a mess.
  9. This is your account which is active and you last tweeted in July.....
  10. Dear Mr Dickson, Have you got a social media platform which is open for all to see? Kind regards, Fanny.
  11. It's all a big conspiracy Mr Dickson. If you think I'm the one who contacted your son (I'm sure you wouldn't make that story up....) you're wrong. Again!
  12. Wrong! But hey, you normally are Mr Dickson.
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