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  1. Sorry to butt in on this discourse but I think the you're both right if that helps, yes the mention of a referendum on EU membership was floated but it wasn't party policy for any mainstream party, the better together campaign were able to make this claim specifically because the French and Spanish stated that an independent Scotland would have to leave the EU and re-apply and may be refused. This was self interest of course because of Catalan and Basque claims. Both have now said that they would welcome an independent Scotland as circumstances have changed due to Brexit. Complaining now is a bit like complaining about the claim on the Brexit bus - it was lazy and partisan journalism that all claims in a campaign aren't necessarily tested.
  2. Unless Bojo builds his bridge between Scotland and N.I. and has customs border between Scotland and England
  3. the "gammon" leaning Daily Express is outraged... If this turns out to be true, every nation gets what it voted for except Scotland, England & Wales - Leave and N.I. - remain. Another gift to the independence movement.
  4. I've enjoyed this thread, though I haven't until now contributed, it has, on the whole been well argued and interesting. For the sake of stopping it going down the pan in an endless " he said, she said" pointless argument I would have to say that Slarti at no point said what people need, and Jaybee, you'll have to just accept that and admit it, otherwise let's crack on with one of our better threads. Probably about time for some Jung or Neitsche quotes.
  5. Mykey


    FFS, do you think he'll stay on here talking to himself all day, I suppose it'll get his post count and likes up.
  6. What happened to his self-imposed exile? He posted as Dr Rotund for 2 days, then he's back as Ricky. Promises, promises
  7. I think there is 2 ways of thinking, firstly the manager identifies targets and gives his targets to the board/dof/CEO, to get contracts signed. In which case I don't see the point in Gus, or secondly, the DOF identifies targets and pursues contracts and has JG as head coach in which case I don't see why we haven't signed anyone so far as a change of manager wouldn't affect recruitment. Maybe I'm cynical or maybe Gus's appointment is just jobs for pals, bottom line is that the current set up isn't serving smfc very well.
  8. Don't listen to the naysayers Flareybob, just keep posting the inside info.
  9. He kicked the bar towards the posts - no wonder he's injured
  10. Bowie's space oddity is 50 this week[emoji33]
  11. Reporting Scotland says ok has left the building
  12. STV new just said OK's future in doubt because of his commute, he travels back to NI every weekend. FFS does nobody proofread this shit. They've got video of him in Scotland every weekend since he got the job.
  13. I am not remotely ITK so this is just hypothesis, perhaps OK wants to return to Coleraine but has 2 years on his contract, Coleraine could not afford to buy that out. Is it then possible that OK is not trying to get a payoff but just to leave without Coleraine having to pay compo they can't afford. We would just need to see how far he'd go to facilitate that.
  14. I heard that OK is leaving in a huff because GLS wouldn't appoint Flareybob as chief scout.
  15. The crowd funded prosecution originally targeted the 6 pro Brexit politicians at the bus launch, but because of specific clams bojo made legal advice was to go for just him.
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