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  1. I was looking at coats last week, it is a beautiful building but very impractical, almost impossible to get any natural light in the place.i can only really see it as a church or a nightclub, maybe a venue like Oran Mor, but any of these would be cheaper and more practical to build from scratch, it's a prime example but the long slow death of religious adherence will throw up hundreds of lovely but useless buildings.
  2. Take the managers who have won a national trophy, look at the league position 4 seasons 2 8th places and a trophy, no relegations. Ricky McFarlane had the best league position ever but only once and won nothing.
  3. You can argue for Gus, Smith, or Ross as an opinion only, statistically Danny Lennon is our most successful manager.
  4. Hope the temperature drops some more and send Gus to sports direct "twenty pairs of Samba's please"
  5. Glad you've joined the forum Mr kpekawa
  6. If we're not getting Lewis back, maybe we're getting their new winger, Brenda says he's going straight out on loan, he's called Shved, if he's a right winger he'll be Shved 7.
  7. I think we have been very successful in getting a lot of not quite up to it players off the wage bill, also I trust the players recruited are up to the job though of course McAllister is the only one I've actually seen. It would have been great to get a left back and a striker in time for today's game but if we get them eventually I would say we've had a really good window. Great players are not available in January all you can do is get in better than you had.
  8. English premier and championship clubs don't even take the FA cup seriously now
  9. That Messi is past his best.
  10. Amber warning for ice over most of Scotland and certainly between Aberdeen and Paisley. Could be called off to prevent Aberdeen fans from travelling 🤞
  11. If you want to deal only in facts, a national trophy and 2 eight place finishes makes Danny Lennon the most successful manager in our history.
  12. Imho Gus had to go, the football was turgid and horrible to watch. The sacking (not offering a new contract to) Danny Lennon was, on the other hand a huge mistake. What happens to Oran remains to be seen. I hope we won't be too impatient.
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