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  1. These were on Twitter this morning and would be excellent imo.
  2. Reconstruction group proposal 14-14-16, doesn't say if short term or permanent
  3. I've bad news for you, you can still order paint online and get it delivered, unfortunately I know that cos Mrs Mykey did it yesterday [emoji24]
  4. We were going to mihas in Spain, I doubt flights will be back by then.
  5. Station to station - Bowie Jean the Birdman - Sylvian & Fripp Satellite of Love - Lou Reed Editions of You - Roxy Music 20th Century Boy - T.Rex Swing - Japan And she was - Talking Heads Penthouse & Pavements Heaven 17 Took me a while to narrow it down, probably change by tomorrow.
  6. Not much change for me, anger at the panic buyers and disappointment as had holiday booked for the beginning of June, but otherwise no real impact. Mrs Mykey has no uni to go to and Mykey junior works in a pub and his sister should be in college so they've been hit harder.
  7. If the season is abandoned as is becoming more and more likely, imagine the seethe at tanadice, all that money spent and no promotion.
  8. Following the success of original one-off, a series has now been commissioned by BBC Scotland. [emoji1]
  9. Ricky - I think you'll agree that I am not part of a pack. So this post is to help you. Oaky went in to his bank to do business. A member of staff in HIS bank talked about other banks. Oaky said that isn't relevant to him because he doesn't use those other banks. OAKY WAS IN HIS OWN BANK. Please re-read original post and apologise for all your subsequent posts. Thank you.
  10. Faraway and whydowebother, just finished Cobra, enjoyed it, just like several quality us dramas lifted and dropped in the UK, very very good cast, I think you'll like it.
  11. I see what you mean now, I get that, I just wouldn't describe that as an obsession. Whereas the actor in question did come across as self obsessed.
  12. I quite like some of oaky's contributions and I like that when he's shown up to be wrong he tends to hold his hands up and admit it. On this occasion he has given an opinion so I can't show him up as wrong but in my opinion we are not all self obsessed.
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