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  1. Don't listen to the naysayers Flareybob, just keep posting the inside info.
  2. He kicked the bar towards the posts - no wonder he's injured
  3. Bowie's space oddity is 50 this week[emoji33]
  4. Reporting Scotland says ok has left the building
  5. STV new just said OK's future in doubt because of his commute, he travels back to NI every weekend. FFS does nobody proofread this shit. They've got video of him in Scotland every weekend since he got the job.
  6. I am not remotely ITK so this is just hypothesis, perhaps OK wants to return to Coleraine but has 2 years on his contract, Coleraine could not afford to buy that out. Is it then possible that OK is not trying to get a payoff but just to leave without Coleraine having to pay compo they can't afford. We would just need to see how far he'd go to facilitate that.
  7. I heard that OK is leaving in a huff because GLS wouldn't appoint Flareybob as chief scout.
  8. The crowd funded prosecution originally targeted the 6 pro Brexit politicians at the bus launch, but because of specific clams bojo made legal advice was to go for just him.
  9. Oh gosh, your right, thank you for you insightful, well reasoned, and detailed argument. Please accept my apologies for not realising earlier how right you've been throughout, l must have been blinded by cynisism. Especially as you have clearly taken on board other people's views, I shall never darken your door again for I am not worthy of your consideration.
  10. To justify the position he's taken, just like yourself.
  11. There's no point in discussing this further, much like GLS, bazil85 has taken a position and is now trying to justify it so my last word on this is that better decisions tend to be made if you consider the different aspects before the decision is made.
  12. Miss-guided, and the likes, etc etc spin spin spin - you asked if he was a liar, and yes he is, your spinning it just like GLS is spinning the bigot brothers figures. he made the decision, rightly or wrongly and now he's trying to justify his stance.
  13. He accused fans of throwing coins and spitting on a man on a stretcher, which has since been proved to be false, so yes, he's a liar.
  14. To be fair, GLS lied in his last statement, and since he didn't offer an apology now his lie was found out he could easily be lying again, but since he used terms like round about and roughly I'm going to be kind and say he's spinning. Good chairman on the whole though.
  15. I was looking at coats last week, it is a beautiful building but very impractical, almost impossible to get any natural light in the place.i can only really see it as a church or a nightclub, maybe a venue like Oran Mor, but any of these would be cheaper and more practical to build from scratch, it's a prime example but the long slow death of religious adherence will throw up hundreds of lovely but useless buildings.
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