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  1. Seen about this lad today over here, plays local at Steve Mcgarrys club and he's going over to check out 2-3 clubs. From what I've read he looks like a decent talent.
  2. any buddie doing a live Facebook stream? if i canny see the game its going to be a long night waiting for updates. The team need to go out and get right at them, nothing daft from anyone but get stuck in and play with a tempo that Ayr won't expect. Its the last chance saloon tonight, fail to win and its league 1
  3. Game is live on Pars TV for any buds outside the UK, I'm swerving this one in the hope i miss a win
  4. just put me email in and it came up, i usually put my card details in etc but never even asked this week
  5. comes from another stupid f**king pass, this team can f**k right off, its an utter disgrace how horrendous this side is, embarrassing to be a saints fan and I've never said that before
  6. get another striker on, as much as i like seeing the young lads getting a chance, their decision making at times is horrendous
  7. the biggest problem is they try and play football in the wrong areas. We will really struggle to break this side down now they have the lead. Big Sutton needs someone right next to him, id stick Gallacher up there, he's plenty of pace and can score goals. We've not really made the keeper work yet apart from the scramble. And how hard is it to stop Dobbie from scoring against us, just mark tight and track runs but we seem unable to do that, massive 45 mins ahead losing this takes us another step closer to the unthinkable
  8. saints tv has taken the money but isn't letting me watch, wants me to pay again, no sure its worth that much
  9. Great seeing young lads getting a chance, especially when the older pros have been poor, but my god we are so lightweight in there, teams could bully us off the park without any danger of us getting stuck right back into them
  10. its fine, everyone calm down, today is the day. I had friends over visiting Paisley and they brought me back a Mini scarf thing for the car. Anyway i just realised since i put it in the car, we've no won a game, it was on the right of the dash board, I've moved it to the left now so things will be fine, our bad luck and lack of decent results is all down to where i put the scarf in the car, all sorted. just give us the 3 points now, I'm that confident I'm even going to watch saints TV again tonight, not done it for weeks as things are that bad COYS
  11. if losing today meant getting rid of Rae, i would take it
  12. Weird timing as i was having a bear with Jacks son Stuart last week over here and we were talking a fair bit about Jack. Well deserved and merited for everything he done at the club. If it wasn't for Jack i maybe wouldn't have got so hooked on Saints as he use to get myself and Stuart into the hospitality suit in the old main stand regularly. As many have said, he is very nice guy and deserves this recognition I'd like to think all the times i mentioned Yardley from div 3 to Jack, it had something to do with him joining us lol
  13. watching the highlights, yeah the fullback is caught out, but I'm going to hand blame to the keeper as well. I always think anything that comes into the 6 yard box in the air should be the keepers ball, punching or catching it. Whats the point in being able to jump and using your hands if you don't even try and do it.
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