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  1. 6 hours ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

    I hear we've got an Australian coming in on trial. Youngish apparently, so might be for U20s. Not sure how his cycling is.

    Seen about this lad today over here, plays local at Steve Mcgarrys club and he's going over to check out 2-3 clubs. From what I've read he looks like a decent talent. 

  2. the biggest problem is they try and play football in the wrong areas. We will really struggle to break this side down now they have the lead. Big Sutton needs someone right next to him, id stick Gallacher up there, he's plenty of pace and can score goals. We've not really made the keeper work yet apart from the scramble. And how hard is it to stop Dobbie from scoring against us, just mark tight and track runs but we seem unable to do that, 

    massive 45 mins ahead losing this takes us another step closer to the unthinkable

  3. its fine, everyone calm down, today is the day. I had friends over visiting Paisley and they brought me back a Mini scarf thing for the car. Anyway i just realised since i put it in the car, we've no won a game, it was on the right of the dash board, I've moved it to the left now so things will be fine, our bad luck and lack of decent results is all down to where i put the scarf in the car, all sorted.

    just give us the 3 points now, I'm that confident I'm even going to watch saints TV again tonight, not done it for weeks as things are that bad


  4. Weird timing as i was having a bear with Jacks son Stuart last week over here and we were talking a fair bit about Jack. Well deserved and merited for everything he done at the club. If it wasn't for Jack i maybe wouldn't have got so hooked on Saints as he use to get myself and Stuart into the hospitality suit in the old main stand regularly. As many have said, he is very nice guy and deserves this recognition

    I'd like to think all the times i mentioned Yardley from div 3 to Jack, it had something to do with him joining us lol

  5. 1 minute ago, TopCat said:

    Interesting line up. 3-5-2 with Irvine in midfield maybe?

    Either way, it's good to see Shankland finally dropped.

    Hopefully we send him back to Aberdeen during the week.

    Im 100% sure it won't be a 3-5-2, that would mean Rae admitting that what he's been doing isn't working and he's so hesitant on changing things. I hope it is a 3-5-2 but it won't be

  6. 9 hours ago, TopCat said:



    So you say you can't see how it's knicker wetting at the start... And end it by saying you will continue to wet your knickers :lol:

    I'm not criticising those who choose to wet their knickers, they have every right to.



    FFS Top Cat, you say anyone who is voicing concern as being "knickerwetting" so i will continue to get them soaked as what i post is judged as being in the knickerwetting category. I don't class it as being anything other than realistic and having my eyes open to the problems we have this season 

  7. I can't really see how guys moaning or getting into a panic if we fail to win this one is knicker wetting. if we have 1-2 points from these first 4 games then there is every reason to panic and be annoyed. We had ambition of being in the top 4, and i will guarantee that won't happen should we fail to win again tomorrow. If we had been playing well and been a bit unlucky then some reactions may be over the top, but the fact is we have been shite and are lucky to even have 1 point in the bag so far as Morton should have buried us.

    people can pretend things will get better and be happy with how things are going with Rae, but until there is evidence of some sort of turnaround i will continue to wet my knickers

  8. I'm not getting the kit this year as I've stated, but how hard is it for someone at St.Mirren to contact one of the useless twats in charge at JD and get a date set in stone. Fans here have been treated like muck, wheres Tony Fitz through all this, his big thing is getting fans on board any getting bums on seats. Why would anyone bother when all they will end up getting is regular kicks to the stones and treated like a clown. 

  9. its taken so long now that I'm giving it a swerve this year, me and the boy won't have saints tops to wear this season, thats 100 quid in lost revenue due to the incompetence of JD and the club. Why should fans buy a top that will be changed again in 8-9 months, How f**king hard is it to just bring a kit out every season on the first day of June, that way kids go out playing in it all summer. But i guess its the St Mirren way just now, everything done to a below average standard

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