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  1. I don't get the confidence thing when he's 26, he's old enough the know what reaction he will get, he should be professional enough to shrug it off and get on with things, anyone who has played the game as a CB knows the first rule is keep it simple, then defend the way your facing, Cheesy at times isn't capable of doing either. When he's at his best he is a good defender, when he is anything less than his best we are as good as a man down
  2. I said earlier we had to start fast and play a high tempo or we would struggle, after 5 seconds that plan was right out the window. I don't like slagging players off but Cheesy wouldn't get a game at the racecourse based on tonight. Strange thing is I think there is a defender in there, just not a footballer. Young Brown looked lost and it's just too early to throw him into a starting line up, Ball looks like a target man that needs to lose a stone, put 2 great crosses in, but what's the point in him doing it, he's the big CF. Kenny needs to get the head screwed on and do the simple things, looks like the hype has got to him. The formation was wrong from the start, a team like Accies will be stuffy and hard to break down, we played with no width at all and even when teale came on there wasn't much changed, even he tried to flick a fancy pass to Naismith that went astray from 10 yards, what chance have we got when that's the coach. Only positive were plumber and marwood, who looks like he could be decent off Thommo, not a 442 formation though, in the Gowser role( just wish it was Gowser, he should never had been released)
  3. Think we would be better to keep the same shape as Saturday and not change to the 442, I'd be inclined to drop McGinn into Goodwins role and put Teale into the line up, only worry about that is how much McGinn likes to go forward we could get exposed. Already though you can see the squad looks thin with a couple of players out, great that Drury is coming in, hopefully add 1 more in the next week. If we just go right at them from the off we will win the game, if it's played at a half arsed paced then we will struggle to break them down, there are a stuffy side who won't give much away when they have numbers behind the ball. COYS
  4. Never went today, just listened on the radio so I'm not going to criticise any players. What I heard and from what I've read I will certainly not be too worried about the loss, if we can get that number of shots on goal away to the team who finished 2nd last season then I'm pretty sure the goals will come, especially when the Hawk is back. Good to hear how well Plumber and Tess played and that McGinn was outstanding, he can certainly fill the Goodwin role during the week. Listening to the game it was clear we had a lot more attacking intent than we are maybe use to and that can only be a good thing. Hamilton won't be easy to beat, but if we take the game to them I've no doubt we will win, we have pace going forward, something they lack in defence, we could do with a win on Wednesday after this loss as we won't play again while the others get a game next sat, don't want to prop up the table early on with a young squad, that could effect them badly. But I'm confident this group will have a good season, 2 players added to the squad will help so hopefully we get them in, unlucky today for all the boys but get the heads up and get the points midweek and things will be going along nicely. COYS
  5. Was McKay at Inverness not brought from the lower divisions in England? Who's to say this boy can't do what he's done
  6. Good addition and hopefully the boy turns into a great saints player, certainly has the potential Now all we need is a CB and the squad will be pretty strong looking, a good year ahead hopefully
  7. Same predictive comments from the usual forum clowns. If we win, lose or draw pre season games it means absolutely nothing. These games are about fitness and sharpness and trying different things out. The most worrying thing going into the season was squad depth and TC is sorting this just now. I've said before that our starting 11 is as good as teams like Thistle, Dundee, Killie, County, Hamilton And can compete with any other side outside Celtic. When injuries etc kick in I would be worried slightly but getting guys like Tess offer good cover as he can play anywhere on the left. Anyone who thinks we have the worst squad in this division is a clueless moron who knows he haw about football, let's stop the negative talk of being relegated and just try offer something constructive,
  8. Agree with what you've said mate, I do hope the young guys do turn out to be good enough and if we go with them the risk pays off, I would be far happier with young hungry guys wanting to play than guys like Harkins who have no appetite but demand high wages. Just hoping we get a bit of cover with experience either way
  9. Yeah I can understand all that and I would never want to put our stability at risk just for a couple of good seasons. We lost 10 players and therefore 10 wages, I would at least expect us to get 6 players minimum into the squad, yesterday showed our lack of depth, I feel a couple of experienced players would turn us from being relegation candidates again, into top 6 challengers. Guys like Magennis, Cairney, Mcpake etc are guys that would have provided good cover to the starting 11, if we get through the season with our strongest 11 every week then we will do well, but losing a couple of players will leave us short in my opinion.
  10. Who gave you that info? I would be amazed if any of these 2 were demanding more than 3k a week in their current situation, I'm not saying that's what we should pay guys like this but if the figures that we are believed to have given Gowser and harkins are now available then why not try get a couple of better quality players in
  11. I certainly wouldn't say I'm nickerwetting but if having the opinion that we should be pushing on rather than treading water comes across like nickerwetting then that's fine. Pre season means nothing regardless of results, especially against very limited opposition, I will however say we do at least have a goalkeeper and back four already in place, although another cb wouldn't go a miss. As said before, I feel we need 4 players in of decent calibre, but I wouldn't sacrifice our financial situation to chase the top 6
  12. When you look at the starting 11 and the squad in general at the moment it isn't going to be a squad who get near the top 6 again this year. We have some very good players no doubt about that, but given the teams in the division this year we should be aiming for top 6 and building a squad that can achieve it. We've let 10 players leave, some of them were the bigger earners and we've replaced them with guys who are low risk but don't exactly have the fans excited. I'm not wanting us to go out and waste money but I do feel we could be making a statement of intent if we could bring in some proven players at this level, Clarkson or McFadden for example would be worth a shot and I don't think they would cost the earth. We've been treading water for years now while teams like the fakes and Inverness are top 6 now, I would love us to get there, and this year is a great chance if the club want it. We will without doubt bring in another 4 players but I hope they are players that get the fans excited
  13. Thought it was a missed opportunity for 7th today, but in saying that I remember turning tomy mate at the game against the fakes and saying to him at this moment I would go to the last day of the season and hope for a win against hearts at home to secure safety, we never needed that so a good end to a pretty poor season. Personally I wouldn't mind Danny getting 18 months to a 2 year contract, he must have learned a lot this season, we've got a reasonable keeper to start next year, the back 4 will all be there although we need a new CB, with Goodwin, McGinn, Wylde and hopefully Newton back as Newcastle have released him from what I hear and Thommo and Gowser (can't see him leaving) we will have a decent start of a squad, with a bit of help for Danny in the transfer market we could improve, but it's all about the summer, the fans know what we need and hopefully if Danny stays he will know what's needed. We play some very nice stuff at times and I would hate a new manager come in and turn us back into a bore fest. Overall it wasn't a great season but it could have and looked like it would have been a lot lot worse, Danny turned it around and deserves credit for the changes he made during the season. Onwards and upwards
  14. Great result and big congratulations to Danny and the players. Wylde and magennis are fantastic players to have coming off the bench, they just open the game up with their pace and directness, I actually hope we keep Josh after the summer and I never though I would have said that when he signed
  15. Spent time talking to John over the years when I went to the glenvale club, very sad news indeed and will a loss to everyone who knew him, at rest with his brother now, 2 pals united again but taken too soon RIP
  16. I could pick them up for you and meet you at the ground if it helps you out, just pm me if you want some help
  17. Great day yesterday, took the wee man and he loved it. First time in along while that sitting in the main stand there was a good. Number of people starting songs and joining in and that was all down to the start the players made. There wasn't a failure in the team and I must admit when Jim walked I did fear the worst as we've seen it many times before that a decision costs us, but the players all dug in and the subs played there part as well. I felt the work rate of everyone was superb and if anything we looked more likely to score in the second half than they did. On Jim's red card, I had a good view of it and straight away thought it would be a red, not because he caught that cheating fanny but just by how it looked. We can complain about it and hopefully will get it overturned, but the biggest question is why does Jim feel the need to go in like that in an area of the pitch that we can't be hurt. I like Jim and every team needs a player like him especially when we are in the position we are but tackling like that in that area of the pitch he always ran the risk of getting a card that wasn't needed. He never deserved a red but he's got to learn that players, managers and opposition fans will do everything to get him carded and yesterday it worked, but could have been avoided. Another performance like that at Thistle and we should win and I would say be safe, it would be hard to change a winning team after the effort yesterday and the fact there wasn't a failure, but maybe sitting in and hitting Thistle on the break would be the way to go, they have players that like space so we must limit it. Great win, great weekend and roll on Friday night and a big saints support roaring the team on
  18. Taking the wee man on Saturday, work I'd getting put back so hopefully a win of any sort for the saints, if we play with a bit of pace and adventure we will win, if we play anything like we did against St Johnstone then it will be a terrible defeat. Let's get at them and get the win COYS
  19. The team needs a severe change after last night, how magennis got 90 minutes is beyond me, Kelly was horrendous, McLean was far to keen to play the World Cup pass and Gowser was posted missing for large parts, and I've always backed cheesy against some of the ott criticism he gets on here but last night was up there with one of the worst centre half performances I've seen in many years. Wasn't just cheesy who had no ability to pass the ball but he kept giving it away in very stupid positions. A good few changes needed for Saturday, I would suggest we need a win in our next 2 games to keep thistle in sight as they have hearts at home before the split. Saturday team I would go with would be Kello ( if fit) Naismith Mcgregor Goodwin Kelly ( only left back we have) Mcginn McLean Wylde Campbell Gowser Thommo Inverness are a pretty direct team with some big guys, hopefully the width we could play with could hurt them, but I expect Danny to stick with the lump of wood magennis and newton as they seem to be indispensable
  20. No ifs or buts, we need to win this game, yeah thistle probably won't win on Wednesday and hopefully county lose to the dons but we must get a win on Tuesday, not just for the 3 points but for the spirit of the team. Watched yesterday and to be fair I thought we played pretty well and had good possession in the first half, we looked fairly solid even though we lost 3 goals again, but Tuesday if totally different, we should be going out and playing with pace, they are very slow at the back and in the middle of the park, if we score first I would be very confident of winning by a couple, if we go behind then I fear they would pack men behind the ball and we would be fooked. Get Campbell in for magenis as I think he will be a good asset and I think josh would be a good option later on if Thommo is fading. Either way the 11 who start must put in a shift and get the job done. COYS
  21. Our season won't be judged against United or top 6 teams, it will be judged against the dross around us, which is worrying as between hearts! Partick, county and Killie we have managed 4 wins. You can dress it up all you like about the first goal being offside but I would expect the players to fight even more to make sure it didn't matter. There seems to be no back bone to our team, gutless if you like. We've had leads in a number of games this season and came away without the 3 points, and doing that twice against hearts and the capitulation today is why I just can't see us turning it around. I think we would have enough to beat any team in the playoffs but we would have to turn up in the right frame of mind. The biggest disappointment today was making the change when we were comfortable at 2 nil, unless Naismith was injured I can't see why he tinkered with things. Would love to be optimistic but it's pretty hard at the moment
  22. Not sure if its the way Danny sets us out to play or just that the players seem to be lacking spirit and confidence. Not beating hearts must have really got to the players as we are the only side that hasn't beaten them in a long time and that would have them questioning themselves. The most concerning thing at the moment though is the complete lack of options we have, the guys on the bench on Saturday don't offer a great deal. Teams around us have already went into the market and brought in a couple of very good players and they have improved and picked up points, we've shipped players out, brought in an untested striker and have went backwards again at an alarming rate. Saturday will be another very tough game and one we will lose unless the squad gets a lift and a couple of good players are added, not just added through panic (bahoken). Guys like Taylor that partick got are the guys we should be aiming for, he has proved he can score goals in division 1 so would have been worth a punt. I would hate to think that going into the last week of the window we are sitting with the current squad as that isn't good enough. Teams around are improving and we must follow suit or we will end up in the playoff no matter what philosophy we play with.
  23. 10 quid for all would have been the better option as it might have got a few non ST holders to come along, but asking 15 for a midweek game likely to be played in horrendous conditions seems a bit much. I'm all for ST holders to get rewarded in some way but also don't want to see other fans paying 50% more to see the same product. It is always going to be hard to keep everyone happy, I'm not a ST holder as I've been in Australia up until October so I'll be missing out on the decent price, I'm sure other guys like myself have reasons for not getting a ST but making us pay 5 quid more is a bit unfair, Still be going though
  24. Give me a break I've had a busy weekend and I'm tired, anyway I would have no idea how to post a link. Seriously though, many thanks for posting that
  25. Thanks, at least you mentioned the charity, I never even named it in the OP,
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