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  1. Hands up, I'm pished and only looking for updates but the general feeling this year is pretty negative, and friendly or not losing to Morton will be un acceptable. We have known for 2 months our squad would be weaker this year but the lack of new faces has got the fans down and no doubt the players as well. I've said it before that I don't want us wasting money but just to be competitive we need a few more faces in. I'm heading back to the uk in September and I just hope we have a team worth watching,
  2. Thank f**k it wasn't imrie as he is probably the one payer I would have kept this year
  3. Did imrie score? I hope to f**k not
  4. Get the updates flowing, I'm up late over in OZ the only thing keeping me going is the vodka I have left I might just last until half time, hang on the golf is on so I'm up all night, lets get a goal saints
  5. Friday has came and gone, lovestreet said there would be a new face, it hasn't happened but on the brightside it does show that some people will believe anything they are told. Lovestreet should start one of those pyramid schemes where gullible idiots invest money with the notion that they make loads in return, he could make a fortune from folk on here
  6. It's been going on so long that love st is actually believing what he is saying
  7. The man with the inside info said there would be a player in by Saturday, time is running out
  8. I certainly don't want us to over spend, I just feel that with the number of players moved on and the cup win, there should be income there to have sorted things out by now. If we are cutting the cloth then that is fine, but how far do we go? We had a small squad last year that come the end of the season was completely shattered and in some games offered very little, my fear is that if we go into the season with a smaller squad with less quality this year then it is going to be a hard slog. It is just getting more and more frustrating seeing teams with similar budgets achieving great league positions while we keep slogging it out at the foot of the table.
  9. My knickers are starting to seap, it's only 2 weeks away from the start of the season and we still need a striker and a left back. Even getting guys in now doesn't give much opportunity to settle before the big kick off. Why are we waiting so long to get players on board, Danny identified the guys he wanted at the end of the season, I assume he wasn't only referring to 2 keepers and harkins. I think if we go with what we have just now we will maybe scrape 10th but it really is time to try and push on, we are established in the spl and need to show ambition to progress
  10. When you look at who we have brought on it hits home how much we need to get another few players in, starting 11 looked reasonable although the midfield never had much dig in it, although without playing the young guys like Brady and Yakub we won't know if they will be good enough or not
  11. I rate harkins and think he is a very good addition, but I always thought he would be brought in as a replacement for gowser so not sure how it will work out, to play asa left mid you need to have a great work rate, don't think harkins has that. He is a very good user of the ball and is clever at brinining others into the game, but just have doubts over him playing as a left mid like he stated. Good luck Gary, welcome aboard
  12. Someone on P&B saying Akinfenwa from Northampton has been offered 2 year deal, any other buddies know anything about this
  13. To all the fans going today I hope you get the performance we all hope for and one that you deserve, I'm 10,000 miles away but my heart is at Hampden with the saints, got it on live here it's early morning and if we get a result it will be a lonely drinking party for 1, COYS
  14. It's another early start for me, 1.30 am ko, win or lose I just want every player to give their all, no hiding and just getting right into them for 90 mins, no player should be left standing in black and white due to the effort they give. If it was all down to money, skill and ability them we will get pumped, but if players are committed and fight for everything then the rest goes out the window, we as fans would give anything to play in the black and white, it's time the players showed the desire and commitment that us fans have. They have a chance to become legends, they must take that chance
  15. Free tops? without soundin like Shull how do you get one of these, was it with a season ticket for kids?
  16. The whole takeover is based on hope rather than sound financiall planning. we need, say 1000-1500 fans to be giving a direct debit every month, we need 87 pledges of 3000 quid again for a few years just to clear the debt the takeover will bring, now times are hard and we as fans are already looking hard at how we spend our money now, personally i pick and choose my games as i have a familly that i support, at the moment i have given my details for the Direct debit, however if i attend 2 homes games a month with my son and have the direct debit that's 70 quid a month, should my situation change i either stop the DD or miss a game, either way the club loses money there will be guys out there who are stretching there money as much as possible to support the club and at some point something may have to give, my point is in these financial times and with no sign of things getting any better any time soon, is it fair to expect the fans to stump up no matter what, i am slightly worried about the takeover as if we don't get the pledges in when needed then who fills that gap?
  17. watch out fo Glens Diamond over the next few months, £100 quid on it today nice wee horse, was a cert, might spend the money on a trip north tommorow

  18. that's me signed up but no conformation through the e mail. not being a ST holder means i can now put something into the club each month if i can't attend games each week. get signed up
  19. looking forwrd to the night, first time at the football since the baby turned up. was a good sat, baby home from hospital, saints win, only thing wrong was those Arsenal BA****DS who let me down for £300

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Arsenal also let me down, not quite £300 but still enough for me to have a wee greet!

    2. Mr Panda

      Mr Panda

      All you do is greet ya fanny

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Get the club to sponsor your baby, free entry for the childs Dad? ;)

  20. I thought Jack Ross retired 2 year ago
  21. David, this whole problem could have been avoided if you followed Shull's lead and just took in your own lager to save paying excessive prices. Shull of course didn't even pay for the carryout, he would probably just see what the local down and out had sitting next to him and swipe that. back on point the service was poor David, you were right to take yor custom to another establishment
  22. no names were mentioned in the bullshit bracket, think they know who they are
  23. Had no idea that was possible all this star rating stuff, anyway somebody want to gee me a star, not got a clue on this site, just went into ma profile to find out i had a message from WHYDOWEBOTHER, i must appologise to you for not returning that message from September, I also have a friend, thanks SANDMAN, i assume you add everyone, well maybe with the exception of the bud from london. this would be a really good site if the bullshit merchants pissed off
  24. is barrhead sports centre having a free open day?

  25. Lennon re-signed Robb so there goes your argument, i agree with McGregor being a good move but if you belive Lynch, Vanzy and Travner have been decent then you better take your black and white tinted glasses off. I hate seeing how poor we are this season but i won't be blinded by loyalty and say he's doing a good job, lets be sensible and see that DL is struggling to find players and get a decent team out on the park
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