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  1. arguing over parking at home games, theres a bloody thousand places to park in the industrial area, if folk canny be arsed walking a few minutes, how the hell can they be arsed watching the dross we are being served the now.
  2. Webster just watched as that ball was flicked on to Graham, terrible terrible defending, from a guy who has played at the top level he is just going through the motions every week.
  3. That comment applies to every player in the saints tops, guys with the big billing on decent money playing like they don't give a shit
  4. thats obvious, they do very little and instead want to watch Re runs of The Rangers games at the weekend lol
  5. ohhhhhhhhh fffffffffsssssssssssss, get Rae to f**k, he continues to play guys who are not up to it, has the team playing like they've only just met each other and has us playing football that would get the game stopped. We are in a complete mess just now, as bad if not worse than anything i watched under Murray
  6. Carey just scored for Plymouth, jesus how far we've fallen when he would be a first pick in this side
  7. I'm watching it now, for some reason its free on saints tv, not had to sign in or anything
  8. not even going to watch tonight, the last 2 weeks have been stinking yet the shape and game plan looks like it won't change, soccer saturday it is
  9. Going on last seasons performances id say 200k is too low. But the way Rae has him playing so far this season i would be tempted to take it. Yeah he's a young lad and I'm sure he will improve, but only if he gets to play in his best position week in week out
  10. sutton should have scored and another stonewall pen turned down
  11. Webster is as much to blame for the 3rd as Langfield, as the last man he should have just cleared his lines, couldn't give a f**k what Rae has to say, he's picking this team, he's brought the players in and we look every bit as bad as we did last season, so bad in fact that Agnew is very close to actually being missed in the side
  12. shambles, we go from having a corner and again looking dangerous without finishing it, to going 2 down with a swift break, Rae can blame players all he wants, he's not using the right players
  13. we should have had a pen, but they have had 4 very good chances and should be out of sight. Saying that, we have looked a threat from the corners we've had, get Sutton on and he will get a goal against this defense. Midfield is again lacking which is poor. The Raith Tv is very good, they give replays while staying with the game itself, so you don't miss anything, also have a comments section in running which is pretty good for fans to give varying opinions, worth a fiver, although watching saints is going to drive us all mad again this year unless things change very quickly
  14. I've requested a refund, we cry out for a target man, yet Rae has one of the best in Division sitting on the bench
  15. no mate, but if you use a VPN you could maybe watch in the UK, but i wouldn't waste the time or effort as we are playing rank
  16. Just signed up for Raith TV, 5 quid for the game
  17. would have liked Sutton to start, we looked far more dangerous when he came on last week, he's a handful. Hopefully we will get a result regardless, Mallan, Hutton and Baird better be on form after there performance last week, hope the fans traveling up just a result
  18. This whole issue seems to be the way with the club at the moment. Revenue is being lost all over the place. I appreciate that guys have paid membership for the bar but this should have been thought out a bit better. The bar should be open for everyone, it could be heaving on matchdays, i remember going into the Wee Barrell and no being able to move for the fans in there. Going for a pint with friends is a big part of guys going to the game, why not encourage that revenue to be spent in our bar rather than in pubs in town or the west end. Then there is the obvious issue with selling the kit (i think we have a new one coming out), get it into the club shop again, lets start making things more supporter friendly and encourage folk down rather than driving them away.
  19. Aye, I've never heard that term before, every time there was a foul "the ref has pinged him for that". I loved the Saints TV last season and will continue to watch it but might turn the sound down a bit. But the coverage is generally very good. Maybe they are trying to make things a bit more professional by constantly offering different angles but it just didn't seem to work
  20. Maybe if he had changed it we wouldn't have lost the goal. Doesn't need to be subbing a player but just a change in shape. we were bloody terrible in the first 20 minutes and could have been 3 down very easily. The midfield was crying out for an extra body in there yet Rae was content to see us be over ran and played around. Thats why in my opinion he should have done something.
  21. Sutton should be ahead of Shanks and Clarkson, we have decent wide players, get the ball wide, fire in crosses for Sutton and have either shanks or Clarkson feeding on the scraps. He offered far more in 20 minutes than the other 2 combined when they were on the park. When Quinn is fit he should be in ahead of Mallan, he was terrible again today. Even the simple passes were outwit his ability today.
  22. Why not take Baird off and stick Irvine in there as Baird is struggling
  23. Jack Baird is a f**king tragedy of a centre back
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