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  1. Playing at home with 1 up front is embarrassing, Shankland isn't a lone striker. Langfield has had more of the ball than our midfield. No dig, no fight, no passion and no desire. The only thing on show is a clueless manager and severe lack of skil from us. Didn't think we could go backwards after last year but we are, and not just slowly
  2. f**k knows what Murray says to these players all week but there is something badly wrong when we can't compete for 90 minutes, how many stupid goals and penalty kicks are we going to give away. On paper I'd say we have a very decent squad, as soon as we get on the park we turn to complete shit. It's not working out yet again with another manager, he's playing a striker out wide when there isn't any need, but worst of all is all the fans could see the 3rd goal coming yet he done nothing to prevent it
  3. Playing pretty well, best thing though is Stuart Carswell doing the commentary on saints TV. He's kicking ever ball and being as biased as you want one of your own to be
  4. Nothing aimed at the support I'm sure from Thommo. He will know there's far more fans backing him than those less intelligent that slate him
  5. Home games against live, Alloa etc are the ones we will struggle most as they pack players behind the ball and we lack creativity, Falkirk will come and play more attacking which will help us no end, yesterday was a great win so let's build I it and move upwards
  6. Tuned in last night and thought it was very well done, between this and the TV channel the coverage I can get this season is superb, well done to the university
  7. Anybody know what's happening with the kids strips? My father in law went to get an age 8 to send over for the boy and still couldn't get one as he was told they'd been recalled, has the complete shambles of this problem not been sorted yet? That's the boy getting a Liverpool top instead this season as JD still can't supply the kit
  8. Can't see us winning any until fingers are pulled out arses, last season was terrible but this is even worse so far, on paper the squad should be good enough but it clearly isn't working
  9. The managers comments after the game were terrible, said we started the 2nd half well then had a drop that we knew would happen. FFS if the players you select can't give their all for 90 minutes then get them to f**k and if you can't get 90 minutes out them, then your doing something wrong.
  10. Just not acceptable, the midfield is just horrendous, could count on one hand how many passes they completed in 90 mins, Murray had 2 strikers to start but chooses to play one as a winger, it's livi at home FFS let's just go at them Baird tried but again he shouldn't have been put at right back, Morgan came in and does the same thing over and over, runs straight down the touch line, needs to mix it up a bit. Where do we go from here? Today was the time to start our season and all that's evident is things aren't going to get much better, 4 league games 3 cup games and we've been piss poor in them all, how long can fans be asked to put money in and be dished up this rubbish. I am all for getting behind the team but they need to give us something to shout about, god knows where a win will come from
  11. Lack of urgency is embarrassing, if we have any ambition to do anything this year these are the games we must win, Agnew and mallan are totally missing
  12. If your going along today get right behind the boys, it's time our season started and the only way to move forward is with the fans right behind the team. Yeah the players need to do there bit but it's easier to perform knowing you've support from the fans. I will be tuned in to saints TV and hope it's positive all round today, time to move forward COYS
  13. Looking forward to this now, hopefully the whole squad is in a high now after the new additions Langfield Watson. Webster. Baird. Kelly Goodwin Mcmullan. Agnew. Mallan Shankland. Gallacher Thommo will be an impact sub when they tire from chasing shadows for 60 mins
  14. Get this game on tomorro, $10 isn't to bad for it, hopefully the feed is as good as the Dumbarton game
  15. Good addition without a doubt, hopefully he's been worth the wait, welcome aboard Andy good luck And well done to the manager and board for getting the 2 deals this week, should really help us get the season started
  16. Horrendous start to the season now, if we don't win on Saturday, even at this early stage the board should be asking the manager what's going on. Pre season was a time to get organised and sort the squad and formation etc, we still aren't anywhere near settled. I though Murray looked like a decent appointment but it certainly doesn't at the moment
  17. Yeah he did, I'm all for guys looking after themselves, short career and all that, sometimes feels like we just allow any free agents trot along to use our facility
  18. Hopefully your correct Div, I'm sure you will be judging by your last post. If he is maybe thinking long term and sorting some sort of coaching role then it's understandable why it's taken so long.
  19. Hopefully Shankland does join today, on the other hand Webster has had plenty of time to accept the offer, he still hasn't so it's time to tell him to find alternative training facilities. We seem to be a soft touch for guys looking to stay fit before joining other clubs. I would like him to join but already think commitment would be a problem for this guy, he has his eyes on another club and higher wages
  20. Get Murray on the phone to his agent, no doubt he will head to the SPL though
  21. Just move onto other targets, we seem to be going around in circles with this pair
  22. Decent point in the end but poor decisions cost us, mainly just going with Thommo up alone. He needs help or we need width. Howieson plays far too central, we need someone to stick right out wide and swing crosses in, otherwise having Thommo is pointless. Conlon, well bit unlucky with the red card but his overall game is rotten, positioning, tackling and passing are junior level at best. Get Kelly back out there if Webster comes in Langfield and Goodwin were superb, their experience could be vital getting us back on track, we need points ASAP before we give ourselves too much to do for a top 4 spot
  23. Our forum is descending into a complete mess, bickering, sniping, name calling and post after post with no relevance to the club
  24. All ticket for us was stupid, we were never going to take 3000 down there on a Friday night while the games live on TV. There will be 1800 tops going down, hopefully all enjoy there night, god we need to get the season up and running
  25. Good business if he stays fit, 100 odd games for a top 6 side says he will be more than decent for us
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