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  1. Boyle is a total wanker If he really wanted a player he could dip into his own fortune to pay for that player
  2. Martin Gilbert £20m - Aberdeen Director Geoffrey Brown £21m - St Johnstone Chairman (Geoff Brown is now the longest-serving supremo in Scottish football.) John Boyle & family £45m - Motherwell Chairman Sir Tom Farmer £115m - Hibernian majority shareholder (90%) Stewart Milne & family £140m - Aberdeen Chairman any of the above could bank roll move for any Dundee players Also like to note that Calum Melville is worth £60m down from £124m last year
  3. Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Scumdee Utd and maybe even the fake Saints would be able to offer more than us Edit: Just look at Alan Gow we offered more money and he still went to Murderwell because he had a chance of playing with more established SPL players Also like to add all this is at no fault of DL
  4. Us and 9 other clubs that are in SPL and most have more money than us
  5. for the blue scum they put out a reserve side They got beat 2-1 a think
  6. As would be expected at pre season games
  7. Just the thing we could do with at GHR pity its a non starter (in the eyes of the BOD)
  8. So like every other team we have played they should be ahead on the fitness levels
  9. Same as Robb why not its win win all the way Edit : If he's that good he might stolen after the short term deal its a risk both ways a guess
  10. A thought Cregg moved down to england to play not sure who with not got a clue what Kissock is up to these days
  11. naw its just us it can't happen to
  12. just because a dont want them in the top 6 something we have never look liked doing in 4 years and they are very close to doing it in there first as st mirren SOMETIMES lets us down its always good for a team that a truely hate to get good pumping off someone(one day maybe us) makes you think things could be worse and a think we look good for 8-9 points out of the nexted 21(7 games) if we play the way we can and will play then we should be safe a cant see falkirk picking up more than 6-7 points lets all stick with them and keep the faith
  13. The fakes done something we couldn't although at the start of the night a wanted the manky scum to win :Pbut none the less stull have a good laugh
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