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  1. Outwith the "little England" mentality over brexit, a lot of the problems at the last election were driven WITHIN the labour party. The "Blairites" never accepted the leader and his direction. They openly criticised their leader. It was, and still is, a fractured party. Better to look at the election before and the massive gains Corbyn made to see how a level playing field showed that a "real" Labour party could benefit from real labour policies. ETA. Not that I helped their cause because I will always vote SNP UNTIL we get independence. It's only after this I will choose which Scottish party will deserve my support.
  2. One that actually reflects the original aims of the labour party.
  3. Except it's only crap if the agent doesn't get him more money. Either with us or at another club. An agent relies on getting more cash in his charges pockets as that's what drives his income.
  4. It more appears he still talks a load of bollocks. I suppose he thinks the virus sits on the touchline watching the game then goes into the dressing room afterwards before getting on the bus with the players.
  5. I agree we shouldn't contemplate dropping a player who is so important to the way we play but I think you're being a bit harsh on MacPherson who has only had a couple of sub appearances recently.
  6. No. There's not a proper one in England either anymore.
  7. OK. I thought clubs had to test twice a week now.
  8. That's the lower league teams who aren't usually compelled to test at all.
  9. If ever there was a case against these pitches it's this. It makes a nonsense of any excuse for having them for football reasons.
  10. Bought especially for our Saints memorabilia. Newspapers and books in there too.
  11. Category 6 numbers? What happened to the other 40 million or so? Turns out the scaremongers were right. Covid must have been worse than we thought.
  12. And once again he comes out with veiled threats.
  13. Explains why he thought Morias was, "huge solid beast of a man"! ETA: Sorry Sue Denim. I thought he meant Oakie was on the right.
  14. I have a couple of bits n pieces and a few souvenirs and newspapers not included'
  15. I'm not sure the home side would be too happy to give up possible revenue so no club is likely to cut their nose off.
  16. What surprises me is that celtic announced it openly that they were going straight after the the rangers game so why didn't the powers that be, Football authorities and/or the Scottish government get involved at that point? Not one official said boo at that juncture
  17. I've watched it a few times. My first inclination was what you said but I'm not convinced there was any contact. Looked like a dive to me. As I said. I thought we did enough for a draw but I don't think the penalty was justified.
  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Eh? You decided it was betterr to lie than tell the truth? Yep. Your usual tripe.
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