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  1. I'm not sure the home side would be too happy to give up possible revenue so no club is likely to cut their nose off.
  2. What surprises me is that celtic announced it openly that they were going straight after the the rangers game so why didn't the powers that be, Football authorities and/or the Scottish government get involved at that point? Not one official said boo at that juncture
  3. I've watched it a few times. My first inclination was what you said but I'm not convinced there was any contact. Looked like a dive to me. As I said. I thought we did enough for a draw but I don't think the penalty was justified.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Eh? You decided it was betterr to lie than tell the truth? Yep. Your usual tripe.
  5. You do know flu is a virus and you don't get it from being cold. There endeth the lesson. Well not quite. ETA: Why is the flu more common in the winter? ANSWER Many things play a role in making the flu more common in the winter: The virus lives longer indoors in winter, because the air is less humid than outside. While it's alive and in the air, it's easy for people to inhale it, or for it to land on the eyes, nose, or mouth. We spend more time indoors and have closer contact with each other, which makes it easier for the virus to spread. But I'm sure, since you're an expert in viruses, you will know this and realise your post is just your usual sh!te.🤣
  6. On the strength of the last few games I thought young Erhahon should have been on the bench at best. He has become a liability in the midfield as he refuses to tackle and is now, in the main, sitting too deep to affect the offensive part of the game. I can only assume the likes of MacPherson must be dreadful in training to warrant Ethan starting in front of them. As for the game. We just about merited a draw but the way we got it was a bit embarrassing. Erwin went down in stages after his sleeve was brushed. If he has a conscience he'll be hiding behind the settee when the highlights are shown today and I'm pretty certain Michael Stewart will have a field day.
  7. No it's not. We played Killie just before our outbreak. I believe it's actually more likely that would be the cause.
  8. As far as I'm aware, we admitted to infractions. We didn't admit to this being the reason for the calling off of games. In fact we couldn't conclusively say that's what spread the virus through the camp. Saints couldn't know that for certain. No one could.
  9. But, as it's a loan deal, we won't be spending money on a fee. Accies get nowt. Absolutely gutted for them... 🤣
  10. It's never a good idea to potentially strengthen your rivals.
  11. If they're still together, Quaner's other half isn't too shabby.
  12. I wasn't comparing the two. I was highlighting that Reilly wasn't the ONLY player in the 15-20 bracket and he wasn't some sort of super striker.
  13. Steven Thompson? ETA Reilly has had ONE good season as far as goals are concerned.
  14. Sorry. I didn't clarify. Obviously the games would need to be played under those circumstances. It was more to emphasise the detrimental effect the deduction of points would be to us as it would mean we were 6 points worse off in respect to ALL clubs in the league.
  15. I don't think there is any argument. What worries me is if the powers that be decide to be vindictive and attempt to take points off us and Killie. That would be even more detrimental to us.
  16. Like you do? I've just been catching up on the forum and can't help but see your, (or you're as you seem to think), maniacal rants. I think you should seriously take a break as you seem to be close to impacting on your mental health.
  17. It would be Saints taking a chance on someone who was good enough to be picked for the national team. He does well and we get clubs come a calling while he still has plenty left on his contract meaning we shouldn't lose him for peanuts.
  18. Given that this list of posts started with you replying to a post NOT directed at you, that's rich. But I'll leave you to figure out why you felt it necessary to do so. I'm not sure it was for fun, banter or serious debate. My emotional state is neither here nor there. but I assure you it is not likely to be as high maintenance as someone who deliberately Injects themselves into other people's conversations.
  19. My personal flaws? Are you really so stupid? It's certainly unsurprising that you're not answering a simple question.
  20. Is that the "royal we"? Because I only see one twat interceding right now.
  21. You are showing both pomposity and twattery right now.
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