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  1. I think it really works. The fact they've kept the stripes on the back and introduced the Paisley pattern is great. I was apprehensive when I read about the yellow piping throughout but it isn't too obtrusive. If I had one complaint it might be the boxed in logo but, that apart, I like it.
  2. Not yet. Sounds like we'll be playing them at least three times next season. Dundee ur doon though, so that's good.
  3. At least one of our squad got to play in Europe!
  4. As far as I can make out. Even with the bank declaring insolvency, Hearts are an asset and as such, there should be a delay while things are organised so they are more likely to start next season with a points deduction. I think the investigation by the SPL lawyers might be more to do with protecting themselves from repercussions from whichever way it pans out. As for the situation should they fail to last. I thought that, with Dundee already officially relegated, the vacant place would be taken by Morton. On revisiting the issue I have since realised that the situation with Sevco last year occurred AFTER Dunfermline relinquished their SPL membership so, unfortunately, that "technicality" means Dundee are still part of the SPL and would remain.
  5. I've been reliably informed that no one will pay that much for him!
  6. I've got the cabriolet and Clyde one's Galloway has a few tannoys to give away. I should be ashamed of the cabriolet but I'm too busy cringing at the thought of knowing one of Clyde one's presenters and segments!
  7. To those who advocate wholesale changes due to our final league position is the "right move" I would ask this question. Which was it that put us in the relegation battle? The dog or the tail? Almost to a man fan, we heralded this squad as the best in years yet here we are, debating the latest comings and goings with a few accusing the "best squad assembled in years" of not being good enough. Perhaps it's more to do with the motivation and utilisation of the crop of players rather than the abilities that need now to be questioned. I have never been a habitual Lennon berator but I have to admit to being astounded that, with this "best squad", we still end up lanquishing in the lowest position any team thought they would end up in with the cannon fodder of Dundee in the SPL. As for Mr. Gilmour's statement about extra season ticket sales reqiuired to keep our best players? The club didn't give much time to see if those sales would materialise! If I were Cantona I might say, "Give the dog a bone and he'll chew on it. Give him Freck all and he's liable to bite you on the ass Messrs Lennon and Gilmour!" I will wait and think very seriously as to whether I could stand, sorry sit, and watch the next "best squad we've assembled in years" perhaps underachieve due to coaching decisions.
  8. And it appears that "nobody" is who we are replacing those players with!
  9. I would suggest that the highlighted sentence would be more correct if the words "we expected" were omitted as he was never given an extended run in the team to shine. I hope he isn't "the one". The guy who comes back to bite us on the proverbnial
  10. I reiterate. Billy Mehmet is, at best, mediocre. He'd only be Thommo's perfect partner if they were both gay and Thompson was blind! Billy Mehmet took an entire season to score a goal in the first division. And that one was scored after we clinched the title as Saintees game had finished with a defeat for our nearest challengers prior to him hitting the net. Billy is the sort of player a lot of folk on here believe we should be chasing. An honest, hard working journeyman. He wouldn't improve the team.
  11. He could be just leaving his options open as he knows we're a cert. tyo take him on.
  12. The chant would be very similar. Almost an anagram FGS.
  13. Aye.... For the ten minutes he's fit enough to play. Then he'd be off for a smoke and a few beers................Allegedly!
  14. I was just wondering. Why is this in "General St.Mirren discussion" ? Is it because we've unearthed another Tottie Beck or another carrot headed superstar??
  15. We'd still need a keeper though. So, unless he's [email protected] a 6'5" amazon, get Samson signed up on a twenty two year deal!
  16. Not seen a decent Tottie since Beck in '64
  17. So. Let me see. RC look like they might struggle and good old Richie signs a precontract. Hmmmm. Ross County could finish above Saintees and good old Richard is longing for his favourite EVER club. Roy of the Ross's? Don't let the dooor hit his erse oan the wie oot!
  18. It's the region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth.
  19. Where do I start? Home and away. Neighbours. Eastenders. Coronation Street. Emmerdale, (Is it still farm?). Might be quite good though I doubt it. There hasn't been a decent programme on terrestrial TV since Juke box Jury and Pans People!
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