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  1. So now for the latest news: One shady character cons another shady character who cons the public purse and is conned by another shady character who in turn cons the SFA, SFL and more importantly, the old Rangers fans. If it wasn't so sad I could almost laugh. Oh. What the heck! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! The SFA and SFL MUST take action and rescind the membership of this sham of a club and get it out before the cancer spreads. "Green" and "Whyte"? Ironic isn't it. With "Brown" in the background and the "brown" stuff flowing like a "blue" and " red" and "white" sewer as the newco heads down the pan and the money the fans of oldco ploughed in drops into a "black" hole. Well. They did say Charlie was a colourful character! I've now "red" the book and can' t wait for the "blue" movie. And not once has the third division team on the park went through a "purple" patch! It really is comedy "gold"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't see a way out of this one. Please explain this one away Chucky and, remember now,..... NO LIES!
  3. Watch there isn't one left in your back then mate!
  4. This is great news. There goes the five bob they gain from winning the part time, bottom tier league then. Who's next for a hoax call? McCulloch? Black? Templeton? Who F*ckin' cares! And even more fun for the rest. The return of the Whyte Knight to spread more sh!te, manure! http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/4873912/Green-I-shafted-Whyte-to-get-Gers.html . Edited to add: The day after Newco announces the dismissal of an employee citing a secret recording as proof, they themselves are embroiled in an affair, the outcome of which might rest on secret recordings of business meetings involving the protagonists. As the song goes...... Isn't it ironic? You really couldn't make it up!
  5. He probably did the right thing as he'd have been found out a lot sooner down there.
  6. Then let the two of them share the blame. Shull could always stand beside them as an act of solidarity!
  7. Been reading the online accounts about our cup victory and the sun has started the ball rolling in the quest for everyone from in and around Paisley being at Hampden that day. “There were 20,000 St Mirren fans there and the atmosphere was unbelievable. Money can’t buy that sort of experience. It has been awesome." http://www.thesun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/4867308/I-knew-what-Saints-cup-win-meant-when-I-got-kissed-by-so-many-MEN.html#ixzz2PDBBEpnM Connor is some footballer but that still doesn't allow him add 4,000 to the tally. any advance on 20,000?
  8. More's the pity. One less cabbie pleading poverty and squealing for a tip would be no bad thing!
  9. THey better start thinking fast as it appears the stockmarket thinks things aint going so well. From a high of 90 odd pence the shares have fallen to 70.5p. That's 5p less than the starting price.
  10. It looks like Dungfermline are aptly named as they appear to be dune the pan!
  11. They have officially applied to go into administration. Another cheating football club attempting to squirm out of paying debts by foul means.
  12. Download and install expatshield and it'll mask where you are.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01rddd8/Sportscene_League_Cup_Final_Sportscene/
  14. And now to reality And so came the day, the team sheet read out, One change was made, from the Celtic rout. In came Paul Dummett, at the expense of Carey, And the first twenty minutes, were no less than scary. Hearts well on top, and a goal to the good, Missing chances, and hitting the wood. But still we clung on, and lo and behold, Our players stepped up, and scored their first goal. Thompson flicked on, with Teale in full flight He waltzed past defenders, down on the right. A quick look around, and he sees it so plain, And passes to Isma, to be the hero again. With the crowd going wild, the ball’s in the net, And the pain of the first quarter, we start to forget. The second half starts, the whistles just gone, Another goal for the Saints. Thompson’s on song. 2-1’s now the score, and belief is abound, You could physically feel it, in the West of the ground. There was better to come, as time ticked away, Newton passed to Isma, and continued the play. Goncalves flicked on, and in Connor stole, “Baw’s in the pokey”, Saint Mirren’s third goal. After Hearts got forward, and pulled one goal back, It was our hearts not there’s that were having attacks Lest we forget, it’s not just goals that you score, To win a league cup, takes so much more. Samson’'s save, and a Van Zanten block, As we watched from the stand, the tick of the clock. The whistle blows, it’s the end of the game, Goodwin walks up, the trophy to claim First Goodwin, then Samson, Thompson are there McGinn, Van Zanten, McAusland and Mair, Dummett, Newton, McGowan all go up To lift that elusive, Scottish League Cup Carey, McLean Adam, Parkin as well All get their chance, so proud you can tell. Then Teale and Goncalves, outstanding we say They’ll all be remembered, for what happened that day Last but not least, it’s the managers turn, Danny Lennon lifts, the bright silver urn. And as each of them lifted the cup and turned round Tears were being shed, by all left in the ground. So the cup comes to Paisley, the first time it’s been, And throughout the town, were incredible scenes. All I can say, to the staff and the players, Is thank you for answering, all of our prayers! Edited to correctly identify Parkin in the squad.
  15. A lot of people use this http://www.expatshield.com/ It allows you to watch BBC abroad.
  16. The thing I don't understand is, What difference will it make to "ra peepul" as their chairman is on record as saying they're new club are off if this goes through so they won't be there to boycott anything?..... Unless of course, Charlie is at the porkies and we know he doesn't tell lies. Isn't that what he said? Hmmmmmm. Maybe that was his only lie!
  17. A Buddies Dream East versus West, there’s a tale to be told, And 16,000 Saints fans, will watch it unfold. On Sunday, March 17th, The day of a Saint, We’ll be heading for Hampden, with scarfs and war paint. As that day draws near, anticipation will grow, We’ll all look forward, to a glorious show. And when it arrives, I hope we can say, It’s been a truly, magical and magnificent day. As the Saints on the park all played their parts, In ultimately defeating, the Midlothian Hearts. Back they’ll all travel, beaten, of course Returned to their chippies with their salt’nsauce While we celebrate, Saint Mirren on the podium, With chips and the help of, acetic acid and sodium A day to remember, a night of deep joy When the dreams of Buddies, be it girl, or boy, Became a reality and the Saints team walked up, To be presented with the trophy, the Scottish league cup.
  18. We managed to get the last two tickets for this bus yesterday. Hallelujah!!! No driving for me.
  19. I've been trying to get tickets for a bus,... ANY fukcin' bus, but, so far, to no avail. Looking as if I'm designated driver for the day!
  20. Much as I hate to say this. I felt Celtic were cheated last night. I don't know how much the paople are paid for CL duties but, if I were a cynic,...........
  21. Is the final Fcucked? http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/02/12/lithuania-bank-idUKL5N0BCCQK20130212?feedType=RSS&feedName=rbssFinancialServicesAndRealEstateNews
  22. Two things spring to mind here. One is the factMorton's ground MIGHT stop them from coming up. The other is, is their a bookies near the ground?
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