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  1. No. I was speculating. I didn't make anything up. Which is why I said, "pretty sure Dean will be" rather than Dean is. Get the distinction? I am sure no one, well apart from you apparently, took it that I had some insider knowledge.
  2. Something that might escape you. Logic. Most teams pay their No1 goalie more than their No. 2 goalie.
  3. The very good reason why the long deal is a good idea. I'm pretty sure Dean will be on less that Jak.
  4. 👍 Thanks Tommy. I'll let them know.
  5. It at least gives assurances that we won't be left in the lurch should Alnwick get a better offer elsewhere.
  6. Who did you phone Tommy? A friend of mine has been given an appointment for LJ.
  7. Dean Lyness agrees new deal (stmirren.com) Great news and a wee bit of a surprise. I thought he'd be looking for first team footballl.
  8. In fairness I was taking the interviewer on the channel at her word when she said it wouldn't be on SMTV due to it being shown on Sky. I'm pretty certain that's where others got their information.
  9. Irony? So you're allowed to say what you want when you DON'T pay anything toward his wages but those who do are "entitled brats" just because you pick a different time to do so? Calling you a fool is an insult.... to a fool.
  10. Look. Sometimes I see your ridiculous posts and have to comment. I know it belittles me but I just do. I correct your stupidity, then move on. #Hope this helps.
  11. I'm not a fan of Oakie but he is measuring the amount of money involved. If you recall, Setanta paid ridiculous, and ultimately, unsustainable amounts of money to Scottish football for the rights to show games. If that had went viral in a TV kind of way, it could have put Scottish football up there with the best. You could argue that Spanish/Italian/German football is far more appealing than English football but Sky's marketing has conned people into thinking the EPL is the best league in the world. If Sky walked away from English football that league would be decimated.
  12. An intelligent man knows the difference between the criticism and the critic. I'm sure you feel the same when you pay for something only to find out it's faulty. No one suggests someone can "say whit they want". There are limits but they are allowed to criticise a player's ability or endeavour at any given time. That doesn't "reek of entitlement". It is all part and parcel of a PROFESSIONAL footballers on the field life. The vindication knows no bounds.
  13. I am not trying to be facetious here but I'm confused by this ?question? I'm guessing here but, if that question was about whether we should be able to cast aspersions on the managers team and tactics, i.e. , his ability, then yes. He comes under the same criteria as an individual player. In fact. Ask any good manager and he's likely to request that we fire criticism at him rather than the players under his guidance.
  14. Any home game should be available to Saints fans. Definitely. And it most certainly open to ST holders who have already paid to see it. The club are stealing money from us if we can't get to see the game.
  15. This has always been my feelings on it. I've never liked hearing the so called boo boys at a match. No. I don't think it right to criticise the people who criticise the players who are paid via those people's subscription to the club. But I've now been doubly vindicated.
  16. Seems my post was accurate then.
  17. One post was enough Shull. He had a good run. No need to make a song and dance about it.
  18. They're professional footballers and, as such, are in line for criticism if they fail to deliver. As long as the same people can give praise where/when it is due then there is no need to criticise the critics. Only a numpty wouldn't see this as valid.
  19. According to the pundits on the Beeb website, Hamilton were the better team for most of the match so it looks like the stats are a true reflection. I hope it's a minor blip in Hamilton's surge to the bottom.
  20. Most of the first half was like watching amateur football. Killie might even have shaved it. The pitch probably had a lot to do with that. Second half we controlled the game and never looked like losing. Lyness will be disappointed that he couldn't prove he was a goalkeeper. In fact he should have paid admission fee as he was just a spectator. Not one failure in our side. Durmus is adding to his game. Week in, week out. Fraser was exceptional. Erhahon had one of his best games in a long while. I have to say. Obika had another reasonable game. All in all, tonight, it's good to be a Buddie.
  21. If he's still showing up in training and the manager thinks he's focussed it would be foolish to be paying his wages and NOT playing him. He needs to be showing his worth for clubs to be interested so it's in his interest to be playing at his best.
  22. It's a case of them wanting to havetheir cake and eat it too. New company, same club my F'n arse. The blue masses really jumped on that when the meeja started punting the idea. Still to win a top Scottish cup competition. As Shull said. FIRST top League title.
  23. Another rangers player allowed to finish a match when they should have walked during it. Two for two.
  24. Shull started a thread. It was neither respectful, nor disrespectful. It simply stated a fact. Everyone has a right to have a view on who used whom or whether the old man, Captain SIR Tom, to give him his proper title, was used at all. They have the right to have their say on a thread that was dedicated to him. As an aside. If it weren't for the BBC highlighting the old man's garden walk, we wouldn't even be talking about him. He was, as far as they were concerned, a novelty, light hearted, small story interspersing bad news. Fluff TV if you like. WTF anyone is getting worked up by others view on the story is beyond me. For my part. I agree the old man's death has been brazenly used as a political smokescreen by Johnson and others in an incompetent government. His family admitted he took on the challenge to give him exercise and they thought it amusing at the outset. He has achieved a level of fame far beyond his dreams. The amount of money he raised was astounding and unexpected. The NHS shouldn't need to rely on these donations. His death was sad but, realistically, not surprising. If he truly was a man who believed money was needed for the NHS then I think there is no way he would want money spent on a daft statue. All the comments, well most of the relevant ones, are true and valid. Also. While not in any way trying to belittle his intentions, there are many others, inspired by him, and highlighted on TV who have raised fair amounts of money almost entirely due to their more than 5 minutes of fame on the Beeb and other channels. Nonetheless. His intention to raise a hundred pounds was commendable. RIP .
  25. Jack Ross taking a detour?
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