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  1. Well that might explain why he didn't stay on the park last night. I thought it a strange decision. I hope he recovers too.
  2. Last night was a bit of a downer. Being beaten is hard to take but beating ourselves makes it harder. On the bright side, at least we didn't collapse after the first gaff by JDH. Alnwick can't be faulted. There wasn't a lot he could do. I don't understand why JG took Dennis off and left Brophy on. Not only does Brophy tend to go wide but Dennis has come into a bit of form and I would have fancied him to nick one. Their two goals though were, to say the least, avoidable. Poor defending collectively for the first and I'm at a loss to see what Fraser was thinking backing off. He would have been better fouling the player at the outset. For all I've been critical of Obika, he did well when he came on and the Saints' goal was another superb one. At least it looks like Lyness will be an able deputy going forward while Jak has his enforced absence. There was enough there to still be optimistic.
  3. Should have read the team sheet more carefully though. MacPherson also. Oh and McAllister.
  4. Ridiculous! I thought Shaughnessy was outstanding.
  5. I thought it was quite important to get a left footed left back in this window. Hopefully the one Goodie was looking at is a free agent and still available.
  6. Same game. Different opinion. That's what football is about. Not one player was a failure in the game. I felt Jonathon was one of the least effective in as much as tracking back to help. That's neither here nor there in the discussion about who'll be here at the start of next season. I think if Goodie really thought so much of JO he wouldn't have scoured the leagues looking for strikers such as Erwin, Dennis, Brophy and Quaner. AND he was rumoured to have been looking to add another in the window just closed. This suggests to me he's not confident in Obika.
  7. I think a comfortable seventh would have to be seen as real improvement.
  8. Fingers aren't in the right place. Unless the hibbees
  9. Given your obvious lack of intelligence, I think I can safely park this remark in the trash can.
  10. IF Hibs have scuppered his potential transfer then they will have one very unhappy player in their camp. It could even disrupt the dressing room. ETA The last bit is wishful thinking.
  11. A good manager never slates a player unnecessarily so I wouldn't take that as an endorsement. Did I miss where he said Jonathon was a standout? As I say. My opinion of what will happen at the end of the season is just that but AFAIC, It's telling that JG continues to bring in and seek to bring in players who play in JO's position.
  12. Are you sure you were watching the same game? I can think of only one time he got the ball cleanly. The very last seconds and he ran at goal and took a shot. The very last kick of the game. Yes. Unusual for him, he did win a couple of headers without jumping but I can't think of a single incident where he "held the ball". If you can, watch the game again and see how many times Obika is seen just casually going from side to side, or following a player with the ball with no intent to close him down. As for his link up play. I would argue that the other players we have are more adept than he. All I'm saying is we now have other options and the rumour is we are actively pursuing another striker and anticipating bringing through our home grown talent. This, again, IMO, means we won't need Jonathon.
  13. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate what he did for us in the last game of last season but, Obika saunters around middle to front without actually affecting anything. He very seldom wins a high ball and, recently, carries almost no goal threat so, in comparison to the newer lads and with the possibility of youth promotion and further newbies, IMO, he appears to be as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.
  14. If we bring another striker in I doubt we'll keep Obika. I think he, along with Erwin, will be surplus to requirement.
  15. Back on topic. The "Covid numbers" keep rising:
  16. If you see any retraction in that post, you're seriously deluded.
  17. Do you actually read threads before you interfere or do you just jump in blind? No need to answer. That's a rhetorical question. The whole premise of my post was suggesting that SHE was only giving an opinion I was accepting her opinion as being correct. This is an opinion of mine. Go back to simple emojis. They make more sense than your typed replies.
  18. Oh the irony. I said it was a true definition. She didn't.
  19. Where did I say it was fact? If you're going to continue to inject yourself into conversations then at least try to read my posts. Maybe even the words with less than 3 syllables would give you a clue.
  20. Typical of you you selfish ass. I'm not sure if you even read the article. She wasn't trying to give a solution. She was expressing an opinion. And a very true definition of the clown who has done so much damage to the UK.
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