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  1. So I posted a link that I clearly stated was for the UK, which was directed to the government website. I also posted that link directly a second time to get away from the other stuff within the link. I also posted a link to a video by Dr John Campbell. This video was him looking at reports/studies/pro’s/cons for ivermectin. So what am i? Extremist, racist, conspiracy theorist...... or all three........or just the “Cnut” as you referred to yesterday. You have gone from two peas in a pod (meaning. So similar as to be indistinguishable) to having similar traits, which in my opinion is a bit of back pedaling on your part. I also believe it to be a bit naughty to involve another forum member that had nothing to do with the discussion. Accusing and or insinuating someone of racism on a public forum IMO is a very cowardly and potentially damaging thing to do, especially with no proof whatsoever, nor any knowledge of me as a person. I believe that your use of the four descriptions mentioned above actually says more about you as a person than it does about me. As this is a public forum then I or anyone else are free to share/exchange, debate thoughts and opinions with others, unless a topic or what is written by a forum member breaks the rules of this site. Enjoy your footie.
  2. Ah, so yesterday I was an extremist. Are you actually accusing me of being a racist? If you are, I’d like the receipts please.
  3. I thought you were done? Deflecting, squirming? Nope, not I. You’re the one that’s making an arse of himself. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions Figures I quoted were from the above link. You may want to check this fellow’s video on Ivermectin. So you rubbish claims about Ivermectin saving lives because it’s only fit for animals (in your words) so I assume you wouldn’t take it. Do you see how stupid you’re coming across. You’ve totally dismissed a drug that is being used successfully but willing to take a vaccine that hasn’t been tried and tested. BTW. I’m not in the anti vaccine camp, I am however concerned that healthy people are dying after taking a vaccine and it’s not even making the news, hence the reason countries have pulled the plug until they’ve completed further studies. Here’s a scenario. You catch Covid and the doc says........ “Faraway. We have this drug called ivermectin which could help with your condition and we can monitor you for 48 hours,or you go into intensive care and we hook you up to a ventilator and put you in a coma”. What would you do? Apparently 6 care home residents in England died today with another 3 seriously ill. All had previously tested positive for Covid and all had been vaccinated. It’s said those that died, died from Covid.
  4. So the AAPS is a “Conservative” institution, well I guess that makes them shit physicians and surgeons 🤫 The FDA is an American body, so don’t have jurisdiction out with their borders (unless they have a partnership with other countries) Ivermectin is permitted for human usage and is being used against Covid in Latin America for those either with a positive Covid test or showing symptoms. It’s claimed that treated early, results in reduced hospital admissions and intensive care treatment. I guess I must be an extremist if I don’t agree with you? But as you said you’re done, I won’t hold my breath waiting on an explanation. For your splitting sides, i hear that ivermectin could help you with that. It may also help to get your head out of your are.......... 🤭 To use your common trait....... Bye bye [emoji8]
  5. Hmmmmmm. 1. What is a lie? 2. What extremist guff are you referring to.
  6. Here’s some information on ivermectin being used within Mexico City, but I’m sure you’ve already done some research and debunked it. https://aapsonline.org/covid-19-disease-hitting-a-brick-wall-in-mexico-city/
  7. It’s not the intention to scaremonger, I’ll leave that to others. Fact. The Covid vaccines only have temporary approval due to as you say, the rush to find a cure. What am I hoping to achieve? Heehaw is the answer. I’m merely shared an article WRT the amount of people that have died in the UK as a direct result of receiving the vaccine. We all want an end to this and maybe these vaccines are the best answer, albeit there will be collateral damage along the way. There is a forum member on here that said (along the lines of) that one Covid death was one two many, but no one is talking about the deaths caused by the vaccine.
  8. Oh dear, this is difficult [emoji849] IF you had bothered to read my posts, I’m referring to the part within the link (healthiactnews)that refers to the UK deaths. If you can be arsed, read down to the part where it mentions “Gov.UK 508 deaths” click on that and it’ll give you the full breakdown........ if you can be arsed. These stats are direct from the UK GOVERNMENT. You can also bypass Healthimpactnews and go straight to the UK Gov website. As for ivermectin, that has been used to treat Covid patients in various countries but at present it’s not licensed in the UK for that use.
  9. It’s interesting that some choose to pick details for example diet and ensuring that individuals have the required intake of vitamins (which if memory serves me well was one of the recommendations around a year ago) My point was, which again no one that has responded to my post has commented on. That point being that it’s claimed that 508 people have died in the UK after taking the vaccine. Now, that’s not to say that all 508 were in good health with no underlying conditions which the vaccine could have prompted an early death........ (I guess it’s the same for what the true figures are for folk that have died of Covid, and Covid alone) It’s been said that the vaccine (s) have been rushed through without the usual checks and balances and at present only have temporary approval for use. I personally find those stats concerning especially as other countries have stopped the rollout until further tests have been completed. If sharing an article on the UK figures which is straight from the uk government website makes me a “Spaceman”.......... then beam me up Scotty.
  10. https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/28-year-old-phd-physical-therapist-dead-2-days-after-being-injected-with-covid-experimental-mrna-vaccine/ Interesting reading, and pretty alarming if true. “508 deaths and 297.274 injuries” in the uk. I’m guessing this is happening across Europe hence the reason some countries are putting a hold on the vaccine rollout until further tests are done.
  11. On a more serious note, a different kind of Chinese takeaway
  12. Was that the missing organ? 🤭
  13. 55 weeks for a Podiatry appointment??? FFS, I’d tell them to take a hike 🤭
  14. One of my colleagues shared this with me last week, not sure if it’s genuine or fake but if it’s genuine then there should be a public enquiry.
  15. No wonder they got pumped 5-0 if he was on his phone during the game 🤭
  16. You can dedicate this to the said flakes of snow chap.
  17. I wouldn’t mind seeing that again, but from the replay it looked like Obika had his foot clipped............or maybe I need new specs.
  18. No, but he was all shook up, and fair to say..... it’s probably always on his mind.
  19. There’s a Labour Party in Scotland? [emoji15]
  20. That Poalo’s a “Chip” off the old block.
  21. That must be for viewing from the main stand cameras.
  22. Credit where credits due. I thought your prediction was way off the mark.......... but here we are.
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