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  1. So are you saying that only white folks are/can be racist? [emoji848]
  2. What has he posted that offended you and hurt your poor wee feelings? So without actually calling me a racist, I assume that’s your assertion and I have no issue with that, because you are entitled to your opinion. In my defense, I’d say the fact that my wife is Indian Hindu and the father in-law is Muslim, I must be really bad at being a racist. 🤫
  3. I’ve watched a few of the posts Shull has put up and I don’t find the content racist. The likes of Candace Owens, even some of the Katie Hopkins videos and Nigel Farage. You may not agree with their political views, but that doesn’t make them racists, nor Shull for sharing them. He obviously doesn’t support the BLM movement, and neither do I. He doesn’t support players taking the knee, I personally couldn’t care less if they do it because it won’t change anything. If they feel good about it........ then crack on, but I believe it’s run its course. You basically called Shull a racist but without any justification IMO, which is a helluva accusation to label someone with.
  4. It wasn’t that long ago he was seen as a potential for the Northern Ireland job. Surely he hasn’t become a shit manager overnight. Maybe he was working with one hand tied behind his back....... so to speak.
  5. I’m sure if it was the cleansing company then someone would probably have a lot of explaining to do. May be worth a discrete phone call though.
  6. Not sure what kinda deal he’s on...... I hope it wasn’t a two year package.
  7. Cmon chap......... Donny be getting her pants in a Twirl, don’t want you going nuts on me. All the best for 2021 ......... will you be partaking in any NY celebrations? Ok, I’m out o here. You won’t hear another Wispa from me on the chocolate front.
  8. Just listened to Gerard’s post match interview. He described the Saints as a “Well organized physical team, get in your face and put you under immense pressure” I’d take that as a backhanded compliment.......... considering what he said about Motherwell.
  9. To be honest, I thought the chance in the opening seconds was an easier one.
  10. I’m sure it’ll look a lot nicer when they fit the gyproc and give it a coat or two of emulsion.
  11. I hope the players are thinking the same WRT beating an OF team twice in as many weeks....... what bigger incentive do they need.
  12. I don’t read any tabloids chap, I just did the googly thing to find the information across various sources. No idea how many of the 47.000 were medically qualified (bit of a loaded question but I’m assuming you were including non medical posts) but I can’t imagine too many plumbers (unless they were volunteering for the Urology department) flinging their hats in the ring. WRT complete lockdown, I agree with you there as it’s an easy get out for Boris and Sturgeon. If there are no significant rise in deaths, they’ll take the credit for the full lockdown. If there is a significant rise in deaths, it could be said that lockdowns don’t work. It’ll be interesting to see the stats over the next two to three weeks.
  13. What’s the chances of SEVCO getting a penalty now [emoji848]
  14. Maybe it was a bus. Hope you find the bastard that did it.
  15. Here we go [emoji849] I didn’t say it was closed, I haven’t been down in person to physically check the current status. I referenced a link that said it was closed. If they don’t have equipment and resources, then the Nightingale ExCel is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. Anyway, you have an enjoyable day and hopefully a good result for the Saints will give you some festive cheer.
  16. Dr Nick Scriven, the former president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said: "It is not 'just the case' of using the Nightingale hospital as there are simply no staff for them to run as they were originally intended. "They could play a role perhaps if used as rehabilitation units for those recovering but, again, where do we find the specialist staff - the NHS simply does not have the capacity to spare anyone." From the same BBC article that you quoted from, I guess you missed that bit. Let’s use the car engine scenario but change the car engine for NHS staff 🤫[emoji6] Maybe it’s time for the NHS to sound the bugle and re recruit the 47.000 that volunteered back at the height of COVID....... 42.000 of which that were never used. (Figures from the Daily Mail 30-12-2020)
  17. So. As stated in many media outlets (including the Telegraph, The Daily Mail and the Mirror) The Nightingale ExCel in London has been dismantled with many items including beds and ventilators being removed completely and distributed elsewhere. Partition screens, desks and chairs have been moved and piled up within the building, so in theory it is still there. (It’s a bit like taking the engine out of your car and saying the car can still run....... it most likely will if you put the engine back) It has also been stated that the NHS does not have the staff available to man the Nightingale as they’re currently struggling to cope due to staff (Doctors, nurses, admin, porters etc) that are off sick. Indeed....... the world has gone mad.
  18. The link to the video I posted from Richard Tice was where it was stated that it was closed. It’s amazing that media outlets can have such conflicting reports. I wonder which ones are telling porkies [emoji848]
  19. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/covid-patients-england-nightingale-hospitals-b538294.html Various other outlets stating it’s closed. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  20. Sorry to hear that chap. My father was a resident in Braemount until his passing many years ago. My mother is currently in Cochrane care home and so far she’s been dodging the COVID bullets. Haven’t seen her in any capacity since March 7th.
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