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  1. Funny enough...... she told me the other night she was going to ask you for a divorce [emoji87][emoji6]
  2. What I read was that (Philadelphia I think wanted to and I believed got there way) they were wanting to count postal votes that came in after the voting closed. It was also inferred that mail in votes would be counted with no post stamps. If that indeed is true, I’d say that’s a bit dodgy regardless of which side of the fence one sits on.
  3. Not 100% sure if you’re referring to the suicide rate per year and the fact that they come in June. So if the suicide rate is measured from January to December, I’d have thought they’d have a running tally. So I don’t understand why the figures are not published until 6 months later. For sudden deaths (including suicides) the Post Mortem is usually conducted within a couple of days (pre Covid)
  4. I’d checked online a few months ago for the suicide rate after watching an article which stated (but wasn’t confirmed at the time) that there had been 1000 suicides in August throughout England and Wales. The figures for the previous year are announced in June (no idea why that gap is)
  5. I find it strange that guys like Mike Yeadon are being ignored. Some big allegations WRT what the media are putting out there.
  6. This is well worth watching. Dr Mike Yeadon.
  7. Shocker. Apparently he’d been ill for some time, but to die at 36. I wasn’t aware he had an illness. Shame.
  8. Feck me, that’s a shocker. Didn’t realise he was 90.
  9. What was the Porpoise of it being so far up the river?
  10. Where did I accuse you of lying? My comment was “The figures don’t lie” your response was. “Your figures did and ALBIONSAINT has deconstructed your follow on effort” Swiftly followed on by. “Your interpretation of the figures is incorrect and still claiming they’re true, specifically the 0.6% death rate, after it’s been explained why that interpretation is wrong is IMO a Lie. Now. As I stated in the post yesterday, they were not my figures........ I even attached the link for the source of information. All taken from the the official channels I may add if you check the link. As for me being aggressive, I struggle to see where I was in any way aggressive, not really in my nature. You have your opinions as I have mine as do many others on the whole COVID issue. Some points we’ll agree on, others we won’t.
  11. As FS pointed out, I should have stated it was tests carried out and not people, as I know that some of my colleagues that travel offshore are tested twice every trip, one pre mob and another within their first five days offshore. However. In the grander scheme of things it matters not. The only figure that most folk are interested in are for those that die versus those that test positive, and the percentage that unfortunately die is still very low. For you to say I don’t understand what I’m talking about is a bit rich coming from you. Anyone that puts their point or opinion across gets the same treatment. Maybe you should offer your wealth of Covid knowledge to Nicola/Boris and the SAGE group.
  12. The figures I quoted were as of October 19th ...... so what figures are a lie? I have no idea if two or two thousand will die during that 14 day lag........ and neither do you.
  13. I get it that there’s a lag, but the figures don’t lie. Population of Scotland is around 6 million ish. We’re a kick on the arse off 2 million tested and only around 2500 have died from Covid with another 4,301 deaths have been registered in Scotland where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate. (Doesn’t mean they died from it) No matter what way it’s painted....... it’s not a lot of people dying....... lockdown or no lockdown.
  14. Total Covid tests conducted in Scotland to date = 1,983,230. Since the 5th to the 19th October there has been 100,348 people tested. From that 15,499 tested positive and 80 people have died attributed to Covid. That’s less than 0.6% of those that tested positive. Kinda puts things into perspective I’d say. Information taken from https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/
  15. There does seem to be a rise in suicides over the past few months, from what I’ve just read that’s three in the past week on the Glasgow to Paisley stretch of the railway line. I’d be surprised if these weren’t related to the impact of Covid.
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8845533/Coronavirus-Soaring-infections-death-rates-claims-justify-lockdowns.html Interesting [emoji848]
  17. Not sure how that’ll work. If businesses are going to the wall then it means more people will be unemployed, which means less tax going back to the government but more being dished out in benefits. This could lead to more people defaulting on mortgage payments meaning more repossessions leading to more people potentially out in the street. The economy needs people spending to keep the system afloat, more unemployment means less spending which again leads to more businesses closing down.......... repeat. What cuts would you like to see from the government to prop up a crashing economy? I believe that you mentioned scrapping Trident in one of your earlier posts. Between the military, civilians and local supply chain, that’s around 11000 people to take into account, plus the cost to decommission Coulport and Faslane, then there’s the question of the decommission of the submarines and the missiles ££££££££££££££££ I’m not having a pop at you but we need to find a happy medium. Why have the likes of Hydroxychloroquine been denounced when so many medical experts have said that it works for patients if caught at the early stages, potentially saving between 50 to 70% of patients. Is it because Trump name dropped it, is it because it’s very cheap, and readily available but means the pharmaceutical industry misses out on a bumper pay day? Personally I have no idea, but surely these existing approved drugs should be given chance.
  18. I did indeed, both excellent goals. If I remember a god few years ago we scored a goal I believe against Falkirk (but I stand corrected) where there were around 25 passes before the ball nestled in the back of the net.
  19. I’ll probably get a knock on the door from the PC Police for my comment.
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