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  1. We have few players in team , who came through academy Just wondering Where are others who came through same years as our first team players?
  2. No has to have been fan before played for club
  3. Does winner ,get chance to discuss tactics with manager??
  4. Just wondering how many fans that have played for club who have fulfilled boyhood dream of playing for club and how many fans that have came through youth system and played for club Obviously dream come true for many of us watching from stands I can think of Thomo Captained club and won cup Cheesy Came through Youth system Captained club and won cup Norrie McWhirter Came through Youth System captained club Steven McGarry Came through Youth System Come on there must be more?? Jason Naismith Came through Youth System, has he captained team Danny McGill Came through Youth System
  5. I know those who sit in Family stand are upset but shouldn't we try to get as much money of sevco as possible, every penny will count Y there is issue with way handled but hopefully fitz will learn lets all just move o
  6. interesting one for me is how distant he is at games watching from stands, which i don't have problem with but its fact everyone in stadium can see issues in team but he cant seem to change team/formation to change it I've meet him away from football and found him really shy, can a manager afford to be a shy person i would say no personally i will give him next 2 games a cup game we would like to win but wont effect league, although a win or loss could effect team liv game huge if was to loss next 2 fans will really turn and board will need to act
  7. just cant understand why we set up so defensively, today there were few chances for players to get forward but seemed to just either not have desire or have been instructed not to get forward there were also chances we just don't take them, shooting practice required Also Mallan has a decent free kick and corner but if he doesn't mix them up teams know how to defend them, need a change to tactics
  8. Don't be surprised if someone goes too
  9. So many people are negative of squad, surely youngsters on books are worth keeping and worth trying to develop further with the proper additions to squad
  10. From Official site squad players on books, who would should we keep/ let go?? from this maybe 8 youngster in contract and maybe goodwin still on books?? 12 Ridgers,Mark Keep 28 Kello,Marian Posted missing away 46 Wilks ???? 2 Naismith, Jason keep in contract 3 Kelly,Sean keep in contract 6 Goodwin,Jim keep in contract ??? what contract does he have now, not sure I would keep him 52 Genev,Viktor probably away 22 Tesselaar,Jeroen away (his words) 30 Baird,Jack Keep not sure about contract 8 Yaqub,Mohammed been here to long without breaking through away 20 Williams,Mark no sure 19 Brown,Adam keep in contract ??? 21 Teale,Gary ???? what contract does he have now 7 McGinn,John will be away but at least get compo 250-300k 8 Gow, Alan possibly keep but expect away 10 Sadlier ,Kieran keep if wants to stay 31 Mallan,Stephen keep in contract 32 McLear,Lewis keep in contract 34 Morgan,Lewis keep in contract 36 Cuddihy ???? 11 Wylde,Gregg away 14 Reilly,Thomas ??? not sure when contract ends might do turn in championship 15 Arquin,Yoann away 9 Tompson,Steven away 25 Sonupe,Emmanuel Loan 17 Dayton, James loan Players on books this year and already let go Ball Osborne Cheesey Caldwell Marwood
  11. He had said from about Jan transfer window that HE had decided enough was enough and hopes to try luck down south He bleeds black and white but was suffering from negative feelings as local lad and had some issues from some idiots when out in Paisley
  12. Sorry to say that tonight's performance has just sent us down, which I can accept but level of performance over last few weeks has been nothing short of shocking For a team to show so little fight has been unbelievable I truly can't believe these players can be proud of themselves, I've not given anyone pass marks Some on here have gave certain players pas marks but I don't Where clubs goes now is very worrying
  13. All I'm saying is bod have backed managers, maybe not all best choice but they have backed them I'm curious for someone with more time to count the number of players signed which have been value fir money and those which have not been And I deliberately don't punctuate posts as know it annoys people on forum Got to have fun winding people up life to short to be so serious
  14. The body is in general getting stick fir doing things in cheap but personally I have some sympathy for them granted do think TC was mistake but to say penny pinched is not totally accurate, over last few years player budget has been badly spent, the body have taken managers recommendations to sign players and if someone was to count players bought where we could say money well spent there is nothing a lot on other hand money wasted on signings I shudder to think So bod have provided funds which last few managers have wasted
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