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  1. It'll not let me add you, forum fool and jaybee have taken me to my limit. 

    Aww Fricky ran to Div a little while ago - and reported another post

    Think this did it ?


    Best say bye now as new pinned thread by Div called ‘Final warning’

    Ah well, possibly my last post which will save any more shite predictions

  2. Would that be ‘apart from the family stand?’

    We should set the trend ( with exception of 2 clubs ) to start mixing fans home & away in our family stand making the visiting families involved as well.

    Face painting for the kids : colours for us & visiting clubs kids get the away fans ( in our new mixed family stand ) involved in half time entertainment etc etc
  3. Blue pills?
    f**k that. I'd rather have a good night's sleep.
    There something deeply creepy about still wanting sex at 75.


    Ironically, if he has a few quid like he alludes to, he can afford them. What about the not so well off , hard up guys ?

    Hopefully the next semi is one we can all look forward to seeing

    Saints 3-2 Aberdeen
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