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  1. Mr Gilmour & 10000 hours - Quite simply - you just dont undertsand most of the clubs fans & the lower league clubs fans. This mess requires cleaning up - Div 3 is the correct resolution - nothing less will do. The SPL heirachy should face a vote of their own - a vote of "no confidence"
  2. Good to see most people being fairly consistent. There is no need for kneejerk reactions , sit tight , watch developments & make a judgement once all details/facts etc have been established. Still a good time to be a buddie
  3. Pot - Kettle me thinks. Naismith , Whitaker , Aluko , Mc Cabe & Bocanegra & Lafferty apparently now , so I would guess if Mc Gregor & Davis jump ship (which we should know before Thursday) then thats about it for the big players ? Nearly all over & I hope the do not get Div 1 that would be a disgrace.
  4. I would be ok with that , we have a good squad already , I would say as long as we dont lose anymore then we will be fine. 3 or 4 more players would be preferable , but like other teams we will look to our youth if required.
  5. Thats Naismith , Whittaker , Aluko , McCabe all refusing NEWCO contract & will not be reporting for training on Thursday - officially ! Anymore in next 3 days ? We dont do walking away , true, its more like running away
  6. Almost 99% of St Mirren fans polled have said their wish is for St Mirren to vote NO NEWCO There is no need to hold back on a decision for St Mirren , please go public & follow the fans wishes. Integrity must come first. This thread will contain NO NEWCO in each persons message - there is no grey area for us . Join Hearts & Dundee Utd , do the right thing , go public state our postions - loud & clear NO NEWCO Would be good if you add a reply to prefix your message with NO NEWCO / YES NEWCO so its clear where you stand & its visible to 10000hrs & Mr Gilmour. The debates can stay on the other threads let this one be NO/YES please , thank you
  7. KILMARNOCK CALL FOR SECRET BALLOT ON NEWCO ! http://www.dailyreco...86908-23896652/ Surprised ? Inverness to consult fans - http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/football/spl/inverness-caledonian-thistle/2012/06/13/inverness-will-consult-fans-over-rangers-newco-application-chairman-reveals-86908-23895353/
  8. I think when transfer window kicks in , it will only take one of their better players to go & other agents to nudge their players & then it will commence. I dont see many rushing out the door until the Newco / SPL vote has taken place in just over 2 weeks time early July. They believe there are enough votes to keep them in SPL Its been messy , but will be good for all once it has been finalised , seems though Green will have a short tenure , he done the dirty work so now the coast is a bit clearer for him to cash in. Div 3 has to be the outcome , surely ?
  9. Thats the kind of reaction I was hoping to see , I just want it confirmed they are Div 3 asap !
  10. My understanding os they need 8 clubs to say yes , only 4 to say no for them to be demoted.?
  11. The real concern I think is they will still be in SPL next season. I hope I am wrong , will they get 8 votes they need ?
  12. Now reported in BBC & other media .. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18464359
  13. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/football/spl/2012/06/15/st-mirren-supporters-move-closer-to-club-ownership-as-takeover-group-hits-target-86908-23896379/
  14. I could not go in at the level you did , however chose an amount I felt comfortable with
  15. If justice is to be done Sid , then Div 3 should be the punishment which in theory should appease fans of all clubs. I hope that next week is not the letdown as they are thrown a final lifeline.
  16. As Rangers are on the preverbial life support machine , which will be soon be switched off , should they not be given the "last rights"
  17. NO club are allowed to sign players while in admistration as a rule , however & heres the thing there are* circumstances* where it would be sanctioned. Its simply astonishing how badly handled this has been , bottom line is - the ONLY punishment that will be acceptable is the one Rangers agree to , as anything else will be appealed & they usually get there way. I think as I have said from the start , Rangers will be functioning as normal or as close to normal in SPL next season as that is how it looks to me. I hope I am wrong.
  18. If I was a creditor , I would be saying "Hang on a minute , if you reckon you have £10m guaranteed & claim another £20m is on its way , then throw that into the pot to pay us back" Seems they are operating as normal regardless of what is going on around them. The CVA looks like it`ll be approved according to them , they are in talks about players/budgets , they do NOT fear the SPL or SFA - Rangers are deciding their own fate/punishment , business as usual according to them. Beggars belief !
  19. Strangely enough , I was working in Bradford today & a Rotherham fan I know mentioned this to me in amonst other things we were discussing !! Rotherhams new stadium is stunning btw
  20. Was the case not due to be heard by the appeal panel again today ? I thought they were meeting to impliment new sanctions today ? Of course Rangers will decide if they are suitable as usual but if not today when is new date ?
  21. I will win euromillions this week , buy back Love Street & build us a nice stadium with fans input & supporters bars all stands A nice design , good for atmosphere & a FREE season ticket for every saints fan for 1st season *including Shull*
  22. SFA , AGM tomorrow & appeal panel sit Friday.
  23. So , here we are yet again, another week where the governing bodies & appeals panel will be sitting to discuss this situation. Does anyone think there will be a final outcome this week ? Does it make any difference as it will only be appealled anyway ? What`s your best guess as to the final outcome ? I think Rangers will be in SPL next season , functioning as normal or as close to normal as is possible , with the least sanction applied.
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