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  1. Well done lads! Bigger opening box office than Quantum of Solace!! Sold-out, eh?
  2. I think we ran oot o boffins. Sorry.
  3. Aye. Too much detail. Try thinking of stacking cans of beans in an unheated supermarket built on blancmange, in midwinter. (That won't get you any nearer the truth but it will help you take your mind off the subject. Failing that, go for a run followed by a cold shower.)
  4. GN SEXY SCOTWIMMING THREAD http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/in...23641&st=80 Post #85 CC discussing L Riddoch and someone called Toner (though I think it should be Tonner.) I hope this helps?
  5. 1. That'll please the boo-boys. 2. The Celtic fans look classy in their Orange away-strips. 3. The *** support does better harmonies on The Fields of Athenry than the ***** do. 4. Gus set the team up perfectly, today. 5. Peanuts! Macaroon Bars!
  6. Amazing rendition of Cocaine Blues by Keef Richards. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SutO9tW9k9g&...feature=related He can pick that guitar... and he sings as if he knows wot he's singing about....
  7. Mick Jagger - Old habits die hard (Feat. Dave Stewart) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=elutCfvhmzE Stumbled on this - never heard it before. One of the best 'ballads' I've heard from Jagger. From the remake of Alfie, I guess?
  8. The Flying Pickets - Only You http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qgDKtLPp46s&...feature=related
  9. Cockles may not be as wrong as he might jokingly think... Hitting items like a tv on its side.... ....can mibbe possibly make them work a wee bit for a little while. This is cos sometimes the connecting solders have fractured due to heat/age/movement etc. and the hit on the side temporarily 'joins' the connection up again. If you are bold and have a solder-iron (and solder) you could open the back up... UNPLUGGED/UNCONNECTED and check for fractured solders... you can also lightly hoover and clean it, and ensure that any valves (this would be in the olden days) are firmly inserted(NSS could help with technique, here). My TV is about 18 or 19 years old. So old it has run out of repeats to show. Mind you, I haven't switched it on since March 2007. I believe it still works. I hope this helps? But I'd be amazed, if it does.
  10. It is. Here's an idea... ...start a new thread entitled: Top 5 reasons why this is a funny thread. ps I must confess that I spent some time trying to think of 'celeb dead *** fans'. Dead being the sole way I could admit to them being anythinh appproaching 'Top'. I'm happy that CC dived in afore me. Good yin, Wilbur!
  11. Aesthetics still count. They tell me that when you get old that 'abilities' may dwindle or be lost. It wouldn't stop me hanging around 'invisibly'....
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