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  1. Great to see Monty back and bowling beautifully. 6-62. Many cricket fans among us? I think I know of at least one.
  2. When you say heavily populated do you mean for that era? I would have thought putting figures to any population in those days could be no better than a guess. How did they spread the word? I know they were literate but what about the Scots? If it's word of mouth, how was it done? Nice to see you're back. Were you away or no weel?
  3. Sid, I've never believed the Irish first brought Christianity to Scotland. I thought I hadn't even mentioned anything about religion but I see I did make a whimsical remark about what might happen to you if you didn't go along with what some of the so-called saints suggested.Many of these guys were warriors and trouble makers. If you take St.Columba,we were all told at school how he came from Ireland out of the goodness of his heart to convert Scotsmen to Christianity. There's plenty evidence that he'd been a bit of a troublemaker and he probably got out of Ireland just ahead of the posse. One of his ancestors was Niall Of The Nine Hostages and he was quite a lad. Getting back to Mirin, I think there is fairly strong evidence that he came from here and was known as Mirin of Benchor, one of Bangor's old names. He was also rumoured to have been Greek. Anyway, it suits me to believe he was from here and unless firmer evidence surfaces you won't change my mind. It would be nice to think Mirin was a really good guy but he was probably as bad as the rest. It's impossible to know how much Christianity they brought with them. I don't know how Columba could spread the word from a tiny remote island. I've always wondered how Columba and his men spent the long,cold winter nights on Iona. I'm surprised they didn't come up with Buckie before that other lot. I suspect they had to cuddle up for warmth. And have you any idea how missionaries discovered that African people didn't have sex in the missionary position? I can assure you that the sectarian nutter brigade hoodwinked me about nothing. It was listening to all their crap that made me look at the history of the relationship between Scotland and Ireland.
  4. You're absolutely right Dumbarton_Bud. It was some kind of religious community. I didn't mean to say the Abbey. His community was apparently somewhere around the Hamills on the Cart. There's a model of the community where Mirin was educated in Bangor and he is supposed to have based the one in Paisley on it. Bangor Abbey is built on exactly the site of the old community. Despite what Sid says, there's a fair old amount of documentation over here which appears to completely back up the fact that Mirin was born over here, possibly in the north of Co.Antrim. Most 'scholars' believe he was definitely Irish and studied under St.Comgall in Bangor.
  5. Bollocks, you bollocks. Were you on the juice this evening?
  6. See if this helps. Do you know where Mirin came from? Bangor, where I live. Nobody is sure where he was born but he was believed to be high born from a well-to-do family. His mother brought him to Bangor Abbey when he was very young to study under Comgal and in time he became prior of the abbey. Later he travelled to Scotland and founded Paisley Abbey. It's believed he was chummy with Columbus and of course in due course they became saints. These guys were not to be interfered with. When they said you better become a Christian, if you disagreed you could be in soapy. They used the bible in one hand and the sword in the other. Sounds vaguely familiar. An early form of terrorism. When I found that out when I moved over here, I told the guys over here I was doing the reverse journey to bring some badly needed culture. And do you know what the wee tinkers said? They said 'F**K away off back to Paisley ya Scottish twat!'
  7. I couldn't swear to it but is a fud not supposed to be a useful thing? Were you actually complimenting us? What am I saying!
  8. A real slum would have been luxury! Real luxury! The holes in our cardboard box only had........ Sod it! Just watch Monty Python.
  9. You had windae panes? Ye mean real glass? In the 70s? Luxury! Sheer luxury! You must have lived in Snobsville.
  10. I had similar problems this morning between 6am-7am.
  11. I spotted two haggii in Marks and Spencers this morning. They're in my fridge now and I'm looking forward to getting my gnashers round them tonight.
  12. Well that's OK, if the CIC goes ahead we'll have to make sure it is enshrined. With the fan involvement that is promised there should be no difficulty.
  13. Thanks for that,Sid. My only criticism of the CIC bid was that far too long period where there was only total silence. I had always said I had no strong feeling one way or another thing. The funny thing is, as soon as it was confirmed that the CIC as was originally envisaged was no more, I had one of those what you would call an eppy fanny moment. I suddenly, and I don't know why, felt that just possibly a great opportunity might be slipping away. Absolutely illogical but there you are. That doesn't mean that I am now 100% convinced, but more sympathetic. However, I still think that what is unveiled next week has to be good. If it's airy fairy or in any way unconvinving it could well be dead in the water.
  14. Can someone tell me, if a CIC/Co-Operative type syndicate takes over, is it absolutely impossible for anyone to assign the stadium to cover borrowing?
  15. OK, Sid, I'm willing to accept this post at face value. I keep repeating this ad nauseam but I'm new to this forum and over the last few weeks it has seemed to me that you weren't prepared to brook anything that was even marginally critical of the CIC. Some of what was going on was bordering on personal abuse and I'm not particularly pointing the finger at you. There's little doubt that CIC/Co-Operative type plan of some sort has the support of a lot of Buddies. Getting almost 900 on board was a creditable performance and I get the feeling it may have been higher if things were handled a bit better. I think Richard Atkinson's 'team' are entitled to be heard again. But what they have to say better be good. They won't get another bite of the cherry. So at the moment let's all stop the 'Is The CIC Dead?' stuff and set aside personal animosities. We all want the best for St.Mirren (apart from Stuart Dickson.) Let's keep an open mind for a bit. Sid, how come you're Mr.Nice Guy at times and then five minutes later you're such a bollocks? I suppose it would be less fun right enough if you were more consistent.
  16. If someone hasn't hijacked Sid's computer, is this not a u-turn of monumental proportions?
  17. I've seen reference to a document that the CIC issued at the start of the whole issue. Is it available on line?
  18. Oh dear! Are you sure there wasn't a link? Anyway, thank you very much. Right in the middle of 006 there's a blue thing looks a bit like a gate- don't know what the hell it was/is. Directly under it there's a young lad in a St.Mirren top. That's my son Scott.To his left you can see a slightly balding gentleman partly obscured by a bald guy leaning forward. I'm the only ever so slightly balding bloke. All the guys who posted got it in one.It was shite. I hate friendly matches and I only went because I don't get many chances to see Saints.
  19. Shull, thanks for that. I hadn't seen any of that stuff. I looked at the photos earlier and I think I'm in one of them with my son. But I just tried to find them again and your post is still there but the link for the photos is missing. Probably I've done something stupid. Could you be a pal and send it again? And thanks to Bluto too.
  20. I just don't see how you can say that all of the debate we've seen comes down to 'CIC is shit' and 'KMG bid is shit'. A lot of what has been posted has been perfectly reasonable with honest opinions having been given. You seem to think that any comment on the whole issue is hate driven. 'Sulk induced neurosis'. Take a good look at yourself,Sid. I keep asking myself, 'Just whose arse is Sid licking?' Are you looking for a seat on the board or something?
  21. Thanks for that. It explains quite a lot that I've been trying to figure out. Complicated things these CICs.
  22. Can you expand on what you mean by that? If St.Mirren are operating on a break even basis and the CIC do manage to purchase 52% of the shares, then that surely would allow them to use that as collateral. As I keep saying, I was late into this discussion and it may be that whoever has the remaining 48% might be able to operate some kind of embargo. The CIC might not want to use the stadium to borrow but surely it has a cash value?
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