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  1. norman

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    It would be nice to go into this tournament with the spine of a good settled side, but that just hasn't been possible with the situations we have found ourselves in during the last few pre-seasons, and that means results like this are going to happen. It's clear we need some better players to take us up a level, but these guys don't want to commit to us in July in case a better team comes along willing to pay them more money, or if it's a loan, the parent club might be waiting on a signing before they are willing to let them go. A lot of these guys were playing their first or second game for the club as well. They might need a bit more time. I remember last season several players being completely written off after some bad results in this cup and a pre season defeat to Dundee. It was stupid to do it then, and it's stupid to do it now.
  2. norman

    First Team Squad

    What did he say that was wrong? He's summed it up perfectly!
  3. Thought that was very encouraging. Midfeild and full backs were excellent, especially Coulson and Flynn. Smith played well in flashes too, but really should have scored. I thought up front Mullen gave everything. I can see why managers like him, he performs a thankless test well, and with gusto. Again, probably should have scored, but I don't think he'll be written off after last night, I can see him surprising a few folk this season. Main concern was probably the centre halfs who looked a bit weak at times, and dodgy under the high ball (an age old problem for us) and anything over the top or down the channels. Still, that can be worked on, and it was the first time they'd played together, all in all a very positive performance last night from the team.
  4. norman

    4 told they can leave

    Hippolyte was probably a bit unlucky. He was clearly signed at the last minute to cover the front 4, but Smith, Morgan, Flynn, Reilly and Mullen were always ahead of him, and pretty much always fit. At his age he needs to be playing every week, and he wasn't managing that with us or Falkirk in the championship, so it was unlikely that was going to change in the Prem.
  5. norman

    New Manager Latest Odds

    That Cathro guy completely flopped even with Levein holding his hand, signing the players and picking the team, so maybe Neilson was doing something right, though I have to admit I'm not sure about him either. I've heard him described as a "puppet" on many an occasion, and we won't have anyone to operate him! The Alloa fans on P&B don't seem particularly convinced Goodwin is ready for the step up either mind you. It'll be interesting anyway. I doubt we will be getting anyone of the calibre of Ross, that's for sure.
  6. norman

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Well said. Either a lot St Mirren fans make excellent drones who happily work for whatever they're given and never look to better themselves, or there are a lot of f**king hypocrites on here.
  7. norman

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    It can't have, a very reliable source on here who knows Sunderland really well said it definitely wouldn't.....
  8. norman

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    Somebody Stu Dickson will say is crap.
  9. I used to like it when Dicky made up elaborate stories about how he ended up at St Mirren games, like the mystery benefactor who used to post free tickets through the letterbox of his HD ready house, or the time he accidentally drove to Greenock at the same time St.Mirren were playing.
  10. Dicky quoting a parody Twitter account to back up his rambling nonsense is a hugely underrated comedy moment.
  11. Yes. Stubbs spectacularly failed and Hibs got lucky when Rotherham came in for him as it saved them having to sack their cup winning manager. Surprised Dicky didn't know that.
  12. Hopefully they do. Maybe the new guy can sign them Shankland and Walsh. They'll need those goals.
  13. So Shankland had to drop down a league to find a club who would sign him, and Walsh's team have been relegated, but they are both much better players than the ones we have now because Rory Loy was shite for Falkirk this year and Craig Storie plays for Brechin? Am I following this correctly?
  14. norman

    Get Jack On Gardening Leave Now.

    What a pathetic little rant that was. Imagine how monumentally stupid you'd have to be to actually want to get rid of the best manager we've had in years because he's done such a good job that bigger clubs want to talk to him (and pay us compensation into the bargain). We should just get Alex Rae or Tommy Craig back. They might have been shite but at least nobody else wanted them.
  15. Agree, I mean what kind of idiot would want Jack Ross sacked...... I do actually agree with you to be fair. If he was first choice it would already be done, and some of the fans really do need to calm down a bit, this is what happens when you have a good manager.