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  1. The pitch wasn't great to be honest. It was definitely very dry, which may have been on purpose, which made it very sticky, held the ball up, and made the bounce much softer than you'd expect. In saying that, I'm not sure it ended up being a huge disadvantage to us to be honest. At the start Livi played it better as we weren't used to it, but later on we were killing them dropping balls in behind them down each flank which were holding up each time. I also reckon the pitch was a big factor in them going down to ten men. On a normal grass pitch or a well watered artificial that ball rolls through to the keeper.
  2. Giving up on youth? We've had a 17 year old start in almost every game this season.
  3. It's funny how out of touch this place has become with the St Mirren fans I see and hear after every game. After the match all I saw was smiling, happy fans. Everyone I spoke to was delighted with the win and the way the team dug it out. Everyone agreed we deserved to win (because we did). Then you come on here and within minutes of the game ending the team and manager are being slated. No wonder there are fewer and fewer people posting on here.
  4. The club clearly don't want this anymore than the W7 guys. They don't want the police at the ground at all, let alone have the police there filming a certain section of the crowd, it's an expense they don't need. This isn't part of some conspiracy, the police are there, in increasing numbers, off their own backs. It is the police who have serious concerns. This has all gone very sour and you can't just blame the club for this. Things have changed within the people associated with that area of the ground. There has been fighting, there have been several unsavoury incidents. It's not like it was a couple of years ago. The boys I know who sit up there aren't hooligans, the boys I sat amongst (accidentally) at Falkirk and Dunfermline over the last couple if seasons weren't hooligans, they weren't big tough boys looking for trouble. Something has changed this season and if the boys in W7 want to keep what they had, it's in their interest to help weed this out, because if they don't, they will lose it.
  5. Got to say, I agree, we should have taken off one of the strikers, it was obvious 5 mins into the second half we were being overrun in midfield. Even at 1-1 he could have done it and settled us down a bit. That first 15 minutes of the second half we were a shambles, which is a shame as it was the only point of the game where we weren't at least as good as Killie. It cost us heavily.
  6. I see some people complaining about Danny Mullen looking for free kicks all the time. I don't know why, our goal and our two best chances all came directly from Hammils free kick delivery. They should all start playing for them!
  7. I thought Kearney made a mistake early in the second half by not taking off one of Jackson or Mullen and putting on another midfielder. We were being over run and the game was lost in the 15 mins at the start of the second half. The rest of the game was pretty even, but the space Killie got in midfield at the start of the second half killed us. It was all way too easy.
  8. This is exactly how I saw it as well. I genuinely thought MacPherson was lucky to even make it to half time, but his second half performance was excellent. If only he hadn't missed that sitter it would have been even better. I also agree that Flynn (and McGinn also for me) were good in the second half. Surprised at the negativity towards them when they were the ones driving the midfield forward in the second half and creating the chances.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's because he's still massively unfit and doesn't have the legs to run back.
  10. I just thought the Celtic fans behaviour was quite weird. The ones in the family stand didn't actually sing a single football or Celtic song as far as I could hear. They never actually backed their team the way we did. I don't know how much that would affect the players in reality, but if you are going to support a team, you might as well support it rather than turn up and spend 90 minutes singing about things that happened before you were even born in a different country. It's just odd as much as anything else.
  11. To be fair, he did pre season and most of the rest of this season's training with Hearts, not us.
  12. I know it's a highly controversial opinion on here, but I quite liked having them in both stands. Thought the atmosphere was fantastic last night, the whole West stand was singing for the whole time and it looked like a similar story in the main stand. Just a pity the Celtic fans didn't actually sing a football song for the whole 90 mins.
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