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  1. I have no idea what you are expecting from me here seeing as how you've posted a huge scrambled link that doesn't work and seem to think you are making some killer point with it.
  2. We couldn't afford Shankland. Dundee United are a big club who are paying him a lot if money. He isn't happy to be hanging around the championship, but he expects to get promoted with United, then do well when they get up to the Premier. He certanly didnt want to sign for any club that would be fighting rekegation. Shankland is 24, he's not a young kid anymore. He lost a couple of seasons due to some bad decisions and now he needs to make his money and kick on. Good luck to him.
  3. Possibly an unpopular opinion, but is there an argument to say that we don't always need Flynn and Foley in the midfield? I know they are both playing well, but while it's very solid and covers the back 4 well, that pairing really doesn't offer much in terms of forward energy or creativity. Magennis doesn't strike me as a lazy player so if we put him in there with one of the other two I don't think we'd lose too much in terms of work rate, but we could gain a bit more going forward. It would also allow us to play one of Mcallister or Djorkaeff, and maybe offer a bit more threat from midfield, and maybe rely less on the fullbacks for our width. The strikers get a lot of the stick, but there isn't much there for them at the moment.
  4. He isn't dismissing him, it's not an either or position. Would we have done better in the league cup with Foley, Durmus, etc, yes probably. Should we have done better anyway with the players we had available at the time, yes, probably.
  5. Massive performance there. No failures at all. The business we have done in this window looks absolutely top notch. Once Obika and Durmus are fit they could be great players at this level. Foley is just what that midfield needed and Andreu is a class act. Waters gave a good first impression as well, and Mcloughlin looks a great player, better than Popescu if you ask me.
  6. Did he miss many games injured? I'm probably wrong, but I thought he pretty much started every game after Dreyer was injured. Dreyer fitted the 5-3-2 better and seemed to be keeping him out the team.
  7. I know what you mean, but often it can't be helped. I don't think it is us that leaks it to the press (the Verheydt one for example was definitely the player and his agent who leaked that one). To be honest, we haven't been bad for it this season. Worth remembering a couple of weeks ago this place was in full meltdown because "there isn't even any rumours!!" and were wanting a daily briefing from the club on every transfer deal that was in process.
  8. Craig Samson is definitely up there, low key signing at the time as a backup keeper, not highly rated, yet he became an absolute legend, league and cup winner and penalty hero. Andy Dorman as well. I'd never heard of him, came from the American league, yet was a brilliant player for us. Conor Newton is another candidate, especially after his honking debut. Overall though, I think I'd go with Yardley.
  9. MacPherson and Lennon are easily the two best managers st mirren have had since the 80s in terms of what they achieved at the club. If only we could have the stability we had under those two again....
  10. Yeah, and all this resurfaced the day they announced they'd been refused permission and were not pursuing the Dundalk guy any further.
  11. I can't confirm it, same way you can't confirm any of your theories. I do think mine is slightly more plausible than a media conspiracy led by Gordon Scott to get rid of a manger for reasons unknown, but you are free to believe what you want I suppose.
  12. That Kearney didnt want to remain as St Mirren manager and wanted to go back to Coleraine and his teaching job, both of which are currently open for him.
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