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  1. Agree on Durmus, but not do sure about MacPherson, I thought he had a poor second half and was a wee bit lucky not to be sent off in all honesty, with a deliberate handball and a stupid lunge both after he'd been booked. Also, that bit where Obika gave him, an admittedly very poor, pass and he stood there doing the hand on the hips routine instead of just getting after the f**king ball was serious "Biggest dickhead at the fives game" vibes. All in all though these are minor complaints after a great team performance and an excellent result.
  2. I imagine a combination if us needing him and him needing a club far more is what has changed.
  3. I don't know how anyone can say the ref didn't have any impact on the game and was the same for both teams when Hamilton should have been down to 9 men, scored pretty much straight from the incident where their goalkeeper carried the ball three yards outside his box, and we spent the last minute of the game defending instead of attacking because the ref refused to give a blatant foul because he was in a huff.
  4. Nope you just spouted a big fat "gonnae no dae that" it's been done successfully at worse venues. That is irrefutable. You don't want it, fine. The club however wont survive and thrive unless additional revenue streams are created. This board have created a single one! That's not true, I'd be right up for concerts being held in Paisley, I just understand the difficulties in getting it on at St Mirren park, especially with the local competition. You think there is no issue and the reason there are no concerts in similar stadiums in or around Glasgow is because all the clubs are badly run. Fair enough. Btw, just looking to see if I can find out what all these huge moneymaking concerts at McDairmid park were and see they've lost the Jehovas witness convention to..... the Hydro.
  5. My answer was considered and fair. You are the one who is getting angrier and angrier. Like I say, if you think there is demand for, and money to be made from, concerts in small football stadiums around Glasgow and every single club is wrong and you are correct, then you are totally entitled to that opinion. I gave you reasons why you are wrong, you don't have to accept them.
  6. My arguments aren't laughable I'm afraid, that's why you are getting all upset. To have a concert at St Mirren you need to pay to hire the ground. You need to pay enough that St Mirren can repair any damage to the pitch. You need to provide and build a stage, lighting, rigging, big screen. You need to bring facilities such as changing rooms, staff catering, probably another 100 things I've not listed that Hydro already have, not to mention then dealing with the police, getting a license from the council and all that. There are no stadiums in or around Glasgow right now having these events for a reason. I'm all for using the stadium to make money out with match day, but let's not be f**king stupid about it.
  7. No... the only way it will work is if we get a board that arent bone idle lazy and refuse to do anything but kick kids and families out of their seats for the racists pound. The club own the stadium they dont need the council to hire it! Well they need somebody to hire it, which brings us back to the first point I made, promoters aren't interested in hiring a small football stadium on the outskirts of Paisley for concerts when the biggest city in Scotland is just down the road with multiple custom built facilities that are not only better suited, but cheaper as well.
  8. I know it's the promoters, I said that in my very first post. Falkirk is worth the risk because they are paying very little to use the venue. As for working with local stakeholders and the community, yes all for that. You are correct, the only way a concert at St Mirren park is going to happen is if the council want it to and are willing to subsidise the bill and make it attractive to promoters whilst making sure St Mirren make money out of it.
  9. If there is in Perth & Falkirk then it stands to reason there will be in a much more densely populated and better connected venue. So why are Hamilton, Motherwell and Partick Thistle not having loads of concerts? When was the last time Ibrox or Parkhead had one? Falkirk stadium is owned by the council, who are heavily subsidising bands to come there once it twice a year. When was the last time there was one in Perth? If you think there are loads of bands knocking down St Mirren's door to give us stacks of cash to host concerts at our stadium and we are knocking them back then you are entitled to think that. There isn't though.
  10. Well, if you think there is a huge demand for medium sized outdoor concerts on the outskirts of Paisley that mean promoters are willing to pay good money to host it there instead of just in the multiple venues in the biggest city in Scotland just up the road then fair enough, nobody can change that point of view.
  11. You don't understand why stadiums in Falkirk and Perth, many, many miles away from other suitable venues occasionally get used for concerts, but St Mirren park, on the outskirts of Glasgow, with dozens of suitable venues, including a custom build indoor arena made specifically for concerts just minutes up the road isn't quite as in demand?
  12. St Mirren park doesn't have anything to offer as a concert venue when there is a custom built indoor arena 10 miles up the road that holds 14,000 people. You'd have to basically allow the promoters to use it for free to get anyone choosing to hold a concert there.
  13. Ah sorry, I read it as either or both McGinns or Baird. Apologies...
  14. Paul McGinn has played every game he's been fit and has played 3 positions well enough. Why do you think the manager doesn't see a future for him? I think Buddie in EK has it pretty much right to be honest, though I can see Waters leaving if we get a capable replacement, especially with McGinn covering LB reasonably well. I also think Djork will stay. He's cheap cover for a couple of positions. We might mutual consent him if it's what he wants and someone else wants to sign him I suppose, but otherwise I think he'll stay.
  15. Yeah, I thought the same at the time, but seeing it again it's definitely not his ball and I'm afraid it's Glover who completely loses his man and gives him a free header. The one where I actually thought he should have done better is the first. Ok, mistake by Glover then Flynn, so he's probably not expecting it, but it feels to me that his positioning is off and he's made it too easy for the Livi player to hit that corner. Anyway, from 3-1 down to 3-3 means you can't complain too much, but I do think it took us way too long to adapt to the conditions. It wasn't a day for football, it was a day for humping it towards the box and making sure the inevitable mistakes happened in their half and not ours. Livi worked that out way earlier than we did!
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