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  1. 1270 now, that is amazing. As the wife said to me, it just keeps growing !
  2. Well I follow Morecambe as well as the Saints, lived there for 10 years, family still do and my brother in law sponsors some of the matches. I know they are up for sale, losing a lot every year and had their worst finish this year since gaining promotion, so may be there is some truth in there somewhere.
  3. Anyone know more about this Qatari bid for the club, where has it come from ? Please don't say Qatar !
  4. Morecambe do sell their kit in the club shop at the stadium.
  5. How can Morton have their fans vote on a number of options and strip selected following the initial fans revolt and we are still waiting.
  6. I wonder if there were more former players/managers who publicly supported the bid whether that would help our cause. We've all got our favourite players from the past that may entice those that haven't signed up yet. SMISA could ask them for their permission to publicise their names, or may be there is just Ricky. Imagine if Sir Alex signed up !
  7. Anyone know if it will stay on the same link when it starts again ?
  8. Elvis, could you ask them to give us some instruction on how we receive the live stream please.
  9. Can anyone tell me how I stream tonight's meeting, I'm hopeless with IT so need some detailed instructions please.
  10. For me it is a leap of faith, but I'm happy to take that leap.
  11. I've got two accounts and have been trying to merge them for ages without any success. Don't want to lose the contribution made under this account but would much prefer the name on my other account which has no posts, can they be merged ?
  12. Twelve e teams now in the league, room for a few more.
  13. Are we not good enough for you then ? #feelingbelittled
  14. If you clicked on the link at the top it should have taken you straight to it. However, if that didn't work the league code is 8117447, so if you log back in you should be able to add your team to that this Elite Group as you so rightly point out. Shull, please note .... Elite Group ! Edited: Ooops, realised it is sorted now.
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