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  1. Aberdeen link turned into Hibs v Hamilton link
  2. Does anyone know if / where I can get season's top with the "Championship Winners 2017-2018" embroidery?
  3. https://youtu.be/bZoFRKxWuLc Tail end of this is interesting.
  4. Sunderland manager Jack Ross signs Paul McGinn for St.Mirren. Happy enough with this as the McGinn family have a good track record. How did he do last season playing for relegated Partick?
  5. Oooof the posters on here won`t like this....no need for statements and all that....
  6. Na, the posters on here don`t need any official statements!!!!
  7. Skullduggery indeed. If Ross has joined Sunderland then Gordon Scott has put on record that he has done this in a dishonest way. It would be a disappointing end to Jack`s career at Saints. Especially after we signed a non-league player yesterday, presumably one that JR endorsed. COYS!
  8. Usually a club will make a statement regarding speculation about an employee of the club. Nobody at SMFC did that. All we know is based on hearsay and rumors and tidbits...If it wasn`t for div and the like we wouldn't`t know anything. And we still have no official word....silence from May 10th to 16th. Fair enough - just thought there was supposed to be more transparency with fan ownership. I`m not a fan of refreshing Twitter every 2 minutes and relying on teasers for information!!!
  9. Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of information (silence) from within the club? We`ve had to rely on teasers from Twitter to have any idea of what`s been going on. I thought this was all supposed to change under new management. Or is it just me?
  10. Jack has a fantastic knowledge of the Scottish game. And good connections. He`s tapped into that by picking up a few real gems. It`s a big risk for Barnsley. Jack`s knowledge of the lower leagues in England has to be limited. Also, he has no transfer window to shuffle things around (as he did with us). In saying that, what sets Jack apart from the rest is his man-management skills. He`s sharp and he`s a winner. I think he will stay. Ross hasn't`t won anything yet. A Barnsley relegation on his CV could be harmful. If he goes now it could damage his long term future. If he plays the waiting game he can probably take his pick of a number of bigger clubs in the summer or beyond. Jack has to be looking at (or speaking with) McInnes. Sometimes England isn`t the best option. There is hope!
  11. The last time St Mirren came toe-to-toe with a Premiership club was the 5-0 defeat to Partick Thistle in the Betfred Cup group stage in July. Jack Ross knows the team will have to be at their best to prevent another defeat like that. The gaffer said: "We didn't play well on the day and Partick played very well, but I got some things wrong in terms of how I approached the game. That was good for me, because I learned from that. Would be interesting to know what he did that day as we were rank rotten!!!
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