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  1. "And that any attempt to relocate them - even to seats with a far better view of the pitch - is always going to be met with a huge amount of histrionics." Would argue against the better view due to season ticket holders in other stands it will be the corner of west or two in main stand and lower down. not the best view. also now that the rangers fans will be in both north and south. these corners might be areas for abuse received by rangers fans. Not complaining about abuse part of football, but is this a section where we should be housing the usual family section members with young children etc.?
  2. Agreed a refund should be on offer for family stand season ticket holders. Families sit in that section because it is a tame section for language etc. I don't feel other fans who do swear at football in west stand for example should be asked to change their behaviours either. They sit in that stand and are free to shout what they want. In family stand it is accepted there will be no such language and fans sitting there deal with it, find it hard myself sometimes as we have been all kinds of pish this season and last few. I don't know how the club will combat this and seems unfair to ask families to do it. General poor decision all round.
  3. Agreed must just be blinded by the money. Think they will refund the ticket price to fans that don't want to move
  4. Piss poor really also it's the family stand a lot of young fans there and generally very little swearing. Are they going to provide a similar section elsewhere? And are we just going to get stuck far end of West stand ?
  5. Dear Season Ticket Holder St Mirren V Rangers, Saturday 20th April 2016 Due to the unprecedented demand for ticket requests from Rangers Football Club for the last game of the season on 30th April at Paisley 2021 Stadium, we have decided after careful consideration and consultation with Police Scotland, to allocate Rangers fans full access to the South Stand. In order to accommodate this decision we would like to ask all our season ticket holders within the South Stand to contact the Ticket Office, where we will allocate you an alternative seat for the game. Requests for alternative seating must be made to the Ticket Office staff by 20th April 2016. We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience but would appreciate your co-operation and we thank you for your continued support. Yours sincerely The Board St Mirren Football Club
  6. see ryan stevenson has been released by partick. anyone think hes worth a shout?
  7. totally agree with this always a bad season when playing in the black shorts and socks.
  8. Anyone know of any buses heading down with a spare seat on it for this game?
  9. still get goose bumps every time I see thomos celebration.
  10. just turned on there good to see andy dorman playing. the rigmarole they go through at the start and the fact they are playing at a baseball ground is great entertainment.
  11. Knowing Ian and his family are all st. Mirren fans can be assured he will try his everything for the club and will do whatever's best. can only be a good appointment in my eyes. welcome to the club
  12. cant believe this is even a thread guy is a horses arse
  13. Counting renfrewshire cup thommo scored a brace in his first competitive game.
  14. Really exciting news. See the odds have now been slashed on the two mentioned.
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